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Why thank you mommy... I am beautiful!

March 23rd 2012 12:53 pm
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Why did mommy put a song on my page where the lyrics are "You're beautiful but shut up"? Mommy... MRAT! MRAAAT! MRAAAAAAAAAAT!!! Oh that's it, tonight, Moe Moe dagger toes in your face again when you sleep, that's right! DAGGER TOES! Take that mommy! If it weren't for my beautiful MRATS you wouldn't be able to name your movie review column after me! So there! I'm priceless and perfect just the way I am! MRAT!

Ok kitties, not to sound like a broken record, but since this game is so big we want to run lots of warnings about it so everyone knows it is coming! We are still collecting images for the great big 'guess the catster kitty' game we did last year! I guess that would make this the second annual one right? As River would say....HOORAY!

If you want to be included in the game or don't mind us using your pictures and haven't let us know yet, please do so, otherwise, we'll be coming around looking for you all! This year, we're thinking of doing a 'snuggling siblings' page, so if you've got siblings you snuggle with and want to play, let us know!



March 11th 2012 9:11 pm
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Hi there kitties,

Last year around this time River organized this really big game. Do you remember it? He gathered pictures of over 100 Catster kitties and cut and paste them together with mommy's help to make a giant mystery game. Any kitty who came within 5 right of guessing all the pictures with their names on Catster won a catnip mouse and everyone who tried was entered in a drawing for a grand prize. We used it to create a bit of fun and to help promote our future shop which we opened in June.

Well, we were talking with some kitties today and seems lots of kitties really liked playing this game even though it was super duper hard. Would you kitties like to play again this year? Right now River is running a mini game to clear out some old stock, but we could definitely put together another big game for next month or so. It might take a little while, it is alot of work after all, but if there's interest, we'd love to do it again. So what do you think kitties?

Here's a link to the old quiz game in case any of you don't remember! Sadly, some of those kitties are no longer on catster or have crossed over the bridge, so that's a little sad, but we did have a lot of fun making it!

The Old Quiz Game


Dream girl? Me?

February 23rd 2012 8:46 pm
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Oh boys you shouldn't have! hehehe! Ok... maybe you should have! I am pretty special after all, I'm the princess! I'm the queen of belly shots! I have the sweetest toes in the world! Ok... you're right boys, I am a dream girl! I graciously accept this prestigious honor and all the loving admirers that will surely accompany it! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my Moe Moe heart! Just for all of you, no angry MRATS today, just Happy Meezer Purrs!


Alpha kitty my 'fluffy bottom'

February 9th 2012 1:23 pm
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That's right, River can take his Alpha aspirations and go sit on them! MRAT! Last night, we were snuggling all nice and warm on the back of the arm chair while mommy was writing when suddenly, for no good reason what-so-ever... HE BIT ME! MRAT! This whole, "I'm gonna be the new Alphas" thing he's trying is NOT working for the Moe Moe any longer, so I laid down the law! Oh kitties, did I lay it down! You should have seen the Moe Moe in action. I might not have any front claws but I can still smakey paw with the best of them, and I smakey pawed him good. Ladies, you'll be proud of me, I held my ground. Mommy was watching us carefully just in case we decided to turn nasty but she had to laugh when at the end of the smakey paw fest, River was cowering and I was towering above him proud and tall. River is easily twice as big as me (if it weren't for the, you know, 'fluffyness' of me) and there he was, cowering from Moe Moe! MRAT! Well, I laid back down, and he snuggled up against me, and we went back to sleep. I hope you've learned your lesson brofur, let's have no more of this alpha nonsense from you! MRAT!

On a side note, have you all seen my wonderful Valentine this year? Mr Finney, King of the bellies! That's right! KING OF THE BELLIES with that giant orange fluffy belly of his, I love a mancat with a good belly and Finney is absolutely KING of the bellies and I'm his Queen! The most important thing, of course, is I had a Valentine before River! MRAT! hehehehe! ALL HAIL THE ROYAL BELLIES!


Just letting you know I'm still here, and my belly is still- fantastic!

February 2nd 2012 3:17 pm
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First off, I want to start this diary by saying that every year I look forward to Samoa's list of dreamboats! Such handsome mancats every year! This year however, she's really let me down. I think she made a giant mistake with her list, I wish she'd sent me a message first asking me, I'd have told her the truth. RIVER??? REALLY??? STINKY BROFUR TOES??? How can he be on the same list with all those other dreamy mancats? MRAT!
Well, I guess he's not THAT bad. I mean, he is my brofur. I suppose I should be happy for him...
But still... MRAT!

Now, I don't really have anything all that important to update you about, which is good right? No news is good news? My belly is still fantastic! My MRATS are still loud! I'm 10 years old and doing great!

We did have a bit of a scare yesterday. Mommy came home from running errands and she smelled of 'other kitties' again. Uh oh! I thought we had run out that 'foster' kitty phase. She said she met a kitty named Toby at Petsmart who looked just like River and she held him for over 20 minutes and carried him around the store while she was doing her shopping. You mean... Toby smelled my nom noms and cat toys before I did? NOOOOOO! They tried to talk her into fostering him and she ALMOST brought him home, but she couldn't get in touch with daddy and didn't want to surprise him with a kitty so she didn't, man I hope he isn't there this weekend. I'm not a foster kitty fan! Even if he is a cutie pie who looks like River. Just what I need, two Rivers running around this house! You can see his picture in mommy's arms here hopefully, if her facebook settings on the picture are right...

Finally, can you believe it kitties, I'm without a Valentine this year! I know, shocking right? I'm beautifuls! hehehe! I guess me and brofur with be Valentine's this year, how icky is that? At least he doesn't have a Valentine either!

Oh, and for anyone who was wondering, I'm still alpha! River can try all he wants, but he's going to have to admit defeat eventually, nobody out MRATS the Princess!



January 18th 2012 2:00 pm
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Oh Nose! Intruder!

See kitties, mommy is a big Muppets Fan. Any of you see the new Muppet Movie? She's like that character Walter, crazy about the Muppets. Her favorite muppet is Gonzo and she's got a stuffed animal version of him. Usually, Gonzo lives with all mom's other crazy stuffed animals where I don't have to see him, but for some reason the other day she decided to put him in MY chair. I know, EVERYTHING is out to steal my spots!

Anyways, here I come, ready to find a comfy snuggle spot to snooze in. Unsuspectingly, I jump up into my big comfy chair and... HOLLY CATS WHAT'S THAT???

I puffed up big and scary and started growling and hissing. Mommy was at her desk and she looked up and started laughing at me, which only made me crankier. THIS IS NOT FUNNY MOMMY! There's an INTRUDER in my chair with a funny blue nose! Oh, I was so mad! I stayed all poofy and growly and hissed like crazy, finally, I bopped him! Nice and hard right on that big funny blue nose of his.

He didn't do anything.

That made me confused and mad, so I bopped him again.

He still didn't do anything.

Ok... now I'm getting confident. I stormed right up to him, chomped his big blue nose, dragged him to the edge of the chair, and threw him onto the ground. Humph and Mrat to you Gonzo! MY CHAIR!

Mommy is still laughing, I don't know why. At least now I can snooze in peace. I just hope when I wake up that he's still on the...




November 28th 2011 2:28 pm
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OH MY CATNESS! Kitties, did you see the picture Mommy just put up on my page? WHAT is up with this? Mommy won't let me have my desk, River won't let me have my heated bed, WHY do I even bother trying? There are STINKY BROFUR TOES in my face! My beautiful heated bed in the sun has a BROTHER IN IT!!! He won't give me my space!!! MRAT!!! CRANKY MEEZER ALERT!!!!


I guess we are just the 'day before holidays' kitties!

November 23rd 2011 1:47 pm
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Hi kitties!

Thank you so much for all your beautiful notes and gifts and comments today! I guess me and brother are destined to be the 'day before holiday DDP kitties' because we seem to always get one RIGHT before a holiday! How cool is that? I think it's pretty neat! I also agree, the Diary Gal is trying to tell mommy to let me on the desk! All those paper marks, could have come from any meezer while mommy wasn't watching, so unfair of her to blame me!

I also just wanted to give all my catster kitty friends a heads up, we're doing some special discounts for the Black Friday weekend in our shop, mommy is finishing all the Christmas toys today! We have a new catnip candy cane that I, personally, think is great, I've tried to steal them all! MRAT! Now I should definitely get one, I'm a DDP! We'll put all the Christmas toys up today hopefully so you can check them out! Facebook and Catster are both going to get codes for our shop that will be good through 'cyber Monday' whatever that means... weird humans! The only good thing I know about 'Cyber Monday' is that's the day mommy bought our GIANT cat tree last year! Can you believe it's all ready a year old? Well, for all you kitties on catster the code is "MoeMoeToes" (no spaces!) in honor of my DDP and it will be activated at midnight tomorrow! So... don't go out and wait in the cold outside a store, stay home, stay inside, with your kitties, remain comfy laps, and buy our presents online! hehehe! The code will be good for 20% off!

Thanks so much for all the loves kitties, sorry I put an ad in my diary on my DDP, I'll post a better one that's ALL ABOUT ME tonight!


My desk!!!

November 16th 2011 4:21 pm
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Hi there feline friends of mine,

First off, let me say, Thanks for all the wonderful presents and for those of you who stopped by to help celebrate my Gotcha day and Birthday a while ago. We're still getting some and we just can't believe how loved we are. River wrote a very sappy entry about it so if you want to read it, you can, I'm too MRATy to be sentimental though! hehehehe!

Recently, mommy and me have found something new to argue about... her desk. I believe, and I think I'm right in this assumption, that it's mine, as is everything on it. That means, if I jump onto it and start chewing on the bills she has to pay, or important letters or books, I have that right. Mommy disagrees. Mommy is wrong. She keeps plopping me back on the floor and saying this weird sentence to me, it sounds like "NO Moe Moe! Bad kitty... Floor!" then she points at the ground. I think she's broken. Worst part of all of this, she won't even let me in her lap anymore because I just use it to get on the desk. She's home at that computer of hers typing away, and I can't even get any good snuggle time. She tried to compensate me by moving my heater bed right next to her desk so I can snuggle close to her, but River just steals it and what fun is that?

Oh... no... wait... THAT'S the worst part of it, she lets RIVER on her desk. Can you believe it? She says he's a good boy and just lays next to the printer with his head on the three hole punch as a pillow and falls asleep so he can hang out ON the desk, but I have to be happy with the floor! What is up with that? Blatant favoritism of the stinky brofur and discrimination against the Meezer I tell you! I deserve desk time and papers to chew! Come on mom... you don't even like the bills so what difference does it make if I eat them?


Like fine wine I only improve with age!

November 1st 2011 1:08 pm
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Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday beautiful Simone
Happy Birthday to ME!

That's right kitties, it's the Moe Moe Toes BIRTHDAY! I believe the phrase River is always using is "hoorays and happy River dances" but it's MY party over here... so keep those River feets on your own diary! Over here, just elegant dancing Simones!

Just like River, my Birthday is actually the day my parents adopted me 3 years ago. The records were really spotty about when I was born, so they decided to pick the day they adopted me. 3 Years ago, life got good and it gets better every day. Ever since the moment where I met mommy's eyes with my baby blues, I've had her hooked on the Moe Moe princess! I'm on her lap right now as a matter off fact, purring away like a little crazy lawn mower! hehehe! I'm completely 100% content with my life. Thank you to all my kitty friends who stopped by and sent me messages, presents, pictures, everything, you kitties sure know how to make a girl smile!

Now... What'd you get me to celebrate the big day mommy? Mommy? MOMMY? MRAT!!!

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