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Simone's say MRAT!

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June 10th 2012 5:30 pm
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Whatever brofur typed about a butt biting incident... he's lying. Never happened. I'm clearly the sweet innocent one, who are you going to believe? My baby blues or stinky brofur lies? MRAT!


sorry we're late!

May 22nd 2012 1:41 pm
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Some of you more observant kitties might notice that today is, in fact, Tuesday and not Monday. You might also notice we promised a big winner on Monday. You know what? My mommy is a liar! MRAT! Sorry kitties, they were going to film one of us picking a winner but daddy worked late and they forgot between dinner and the gym. What can I say? They'll do it tonight, because the video is more fun and a better way to announce the winner. We'll put it up tonight along with the list of kitties who found ALL the kitties and so are getting a prize for all their hard work and the list of who all those mystery kitties are! Sorry for the delay. Again, blame my parents, not me, I'm purrrfect! (River's all right I guess...)


River says I have to give a few more *hint hints*

May 17th 2012 3:47 pm
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Hey there kitties!

So River told me to come online and use my cute little Moe Moe toes to type up a few more hints for all of you! Remember, the game is ending on Friday and we'll be announcing the winners on Monday! (If you get it in late over the weekend we'll probably over look it, but really, Friday is the cutoff date!)

Second Semi-Annual Guess the Catster Kitty Game

So remember kitties, here are a few basic hints.

1) Check out the comments on any page talking about this quiz, that's a wealth of information!
2) Check out the *hint hints*
3) Check out all family members of the *hint hints*
4) Check out the kitty models on our Facebook Page and on our Etsy Shop Page since there are lots of kitties there who you might recognize and then use to help find the answers!

And now, for some extra *hint hints* from the belly of the Simone! (by the way, sorry if we have any duplicates, it's hard to remember all the cuties we've hinted at before!)

1) Recently my brofur has been attacking shoe strings like crazy, this annoys me because shoes strings are TOTALLY my thing! I'm the ribbon girl! You know who else likes shoe strings? Little Dreamette Calie *hint hint* She also doesn't like sneak attacks from her stinky brofur! I can relate!

2) Now, adorable little ladies are pretty great, but like all adorable ladies, I love an equally adorable mancat! Am I right? You know whose a super adorable man cat with super wonderful baby blue eyes (just like me! hehehe!) That cutie pie Milo *hint hint* He's super sweet!

3) Speaking of blue eyed babies, did you all see this pretty girl was the DOTD a few days ago? She seems to be suffering the same thing I was a little while ago. The word "no" must never be used for kitties! Never! I'm with you Meshia *hint hint* No kitty is ever to be told "NO" Don't you agree?

Ok, three hints for today! Phew! I'm glad you all are having fun playing but man, will it be good when this is over so we can catch up with everyone on Catster! We've been like little ghosts recently haven't we? hehehe! BOO!


Mommy's day... not off to a good start

May 13th 2012 10:05 am
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Good morning mommy! HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY... BLEH!!!

That's right, for mommy's day, I puked on mommy while she was sleeping. It got on the comforter, on the sheets, on mommy's let, everything. She seems to be pretty upset about this, something about needing sleep, being up late the night before, blah blah blah. It's the thought that counts mommy, stop scolding me. You love my pukies and you know it! I think she'll get over it, eventually.

Anyways, here are some mommy's day hints for the game!

1) Mommy seems cranky at me that she's awake right now, I guess she'd rather be Sleeper *hint hint* hehehe! Just cause the sheets needed to be washed doesn't mean you can't sleep mommy, we have a couch don't we?

2) She's just mad that I was trying to snuggle with her when my tummy went BLEH instead of my brofur. She wishes I was snuggling like the oh so cute Marmelade *hint hint* and family. Aren't they precious?

3) I could totally be more trouble than I am though, have you heard about this little Canadian cutie pie called Ollie *hint hint* Man, he gets into EVERYTHING! He might be full of orange smooches, but he is TROUBLE with a capitol everything! hehehe! And SOOOO Cutes!


We have 3 winners so far!

May 11th 2012 12:48 am
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That's right kitties! 3 kitties have found all the kitties so far! We knew they'd start rolling in once we gave it enough time! hehehe! Lot of work isn't it? Well, if you need extra hints, you should be hitting up
Pipo and Minko, Hamlet, or Siggy because all of them have completed the game. Siggy's family got a solid 100% as well, he must have worked his mommy and daddy to deaths to get all those answer! WOW!

Well, for the rest of you, we need some more winners don't we, so here are a few more Moe Moe toes custom hints!

1) Do any of you kitties enjoy sleeping on your parents at night? I'm a HUGE fan of this, and so is my fellow dream girl Pinkie *hint hint* Her family calls her Velcro cause she's always there for snuggles! Also, she's a creature of habit, and I can respect that. Change isn't any good for kitties!

2) I'm pretty sure this tough dude is the kitty who had to travel the furthest (Well... over the internets at least) to be in the game. He comes from SUPER far away where he lives in Bangladesh, that's further than my mommy or daddy have ever traveled I thinks. So he must be one well traveled and cultured fella, the fantastic Tao *hint hint* Doesn't he have the greatest face?

3) Ok, this all American Dream Girl everyone should recognize because she's awesome, a constant inspiration to me. She even had her own birthday stroll for bellies. Is that not the greatest? She might be 19, but from the looks of the video on her page, she has got A LOT of spunk in her! The totally pawsome Jezebel *hint hint*

Well, that's it for tonight kitties! Good lucks!


Dictionary *hint hints*

May 7th 2012 11:40 am
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1) Samoa *hint hint* - officially the Independent State of Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.
or, more importantly, a delicious NOM NOM sold by Girl Scouts!

2)Snow *hint hint* - a form of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of snowflakes that fall from clouds.
Mommy swears to me this stuff is real and icky, but I've never heard of it, the only Snow I know is just a pesky little brofur to the tremendously fabulous Tink *hint hint* (P.S. ALL little brofurs are Pesky, it is a fact of life!)

3) Zelda *hint hint* - a high fantasy action-adventure video game series created by Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka on Nintendo.
What a Nintendo?


Brofur isn't pulling his weight, guess the beautiful lady- must pick up the slack

May 4th 2012 1:45 am
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Hello kitties,

So, I'm picking up some slack for brofur with some very important links and a few *hint hints* because, let's face it, my *hint hints* are clearly better because I am the Moe Toes and therefore, the greatest. MRAT!

First off, just in case you are missing the link, here it is! Can't play the game if you can't find the link! Let us know if you need to know the rules, and yes, just so you know, mommy made TWO goof ups and has TWO duplicates in the game by accident. Humans, they aren't purrfect, but we gotta love em anyways!
Second Semi-Annual Guess the Catster Kitty Game

All prizes will be coming from River's etsy shop
Happy River Dances Catnip Company

AND if you kitties are looking for a few extra *hint hints* outside of the ones we give I have 3 suggestions...
1) Make sure you check the siblings and family members of any kitty we *hint hint* we use up to 4 or 5 kitties from any family, so there is a treasure trove of kitties to check out way!
2) Check the comments sections of any diary entries we have about the game. Chances are kitties posted on the comments before we used their pictures!
3) If you want some other great hints, fish through the pictures on our Happy River Dances Catnip Company Facebook Page because the pictures of kitties testing their toys all have names attached to them and you might recognize a few gorgeous faces in there from the game!

and NOW for my Moe Moe toes *hint hints*

1) While I agree River has had some great Valentines, in fact, too great, I don't know why those ladies agreed to be his Valentine they were both WAY too classy for him, they don't compare to the mancats I've had as Valentine's! Check it out ladies, last year my Valentine was the super duper handsome Luke *hint hint* and this year it was the floof-tastic Finney *hint hint* Be still mine heart, what glorious mancats!

2) So, over the years, I've come to really enjoy my Moe Moe nicknames. I think they are just purrrfect for me. You know what else is good about them? You are in good company when your nickname is Moe! There's the feisty little Tiny Mighty MoeMoe *hint hint* for one, and of course the every fantastic Monida whose nickname is also Mo! We are just the bestest ladies and you know it! MRAT!


Helping out brofur with some *hint hints*

May 1st 2012 11:45 am
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Can you believe it kitties? River destroys our curtains and becomes a DDP! HUMPH and MRAT to that! If that's all it takes... I'm off to Poop in their shoes!

Anyways, I thought I'd help out that brofur of mine with a couple of *hint hints* for his game. I figured it was the least I could do for him since I'm going to go chomp his ear to congratulate him on his awards today!

1) You know what my favorite mancat name is kitties? It's Simon *hint hint* and you want to know why? Because Simon *hint hint* is just one letter off from the most wonderful name there ever was! SIMONE! (I guess I could also *hint hint* there but if you all didn't see my BEAUTIFUL belly in the contest... you can't be my friends! MRAT!)

2) Of course, if you aren't going to name your kitty after the beautiful Simone, which you should, you should at least give him a classy name. I'm partial to French names myself since... you know... SIMONE!!! I recommend naming your kitty after a historical French figure for a touch of class like say... Napoleon *hint hint*

Ok kitties, two hints from the beautiful Simone belly today. Now... OFF TO THE SHOES!!!


Guess the Catster Kitty Game!

April 25th 2012 3:32 pm
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That's right kitties, at long last, it is here! The Second Annual "Guess the Catster Kitty Game!"

19 pages and 109 kitty pictures all waiting for your identification! Now, for those of you who played last year, you know the rules, but for the newbies joining us, here they are!

1) Look through the pages and pictures of kitties and identify them by name
2) All kitties are friends of River and Simone
3) All kitties are here on Earth, no bridge angels again this year, at the time the game was put together
4) No kitty is used more than once with the EXCEPTION of the last 4 pages of siblings. Those kitties may or may not appear elsewhere in the quiz as well.
5) In order to be entered in the drawing you don't have to get all the kitties or get them right. If you send us your answers and you only found yourself, you are entered in the drawing and will win a door prize.
6) Any kitty who gets them ALL right will be entered in the drawing AND receive a special prize for all their hard work.
7) If you find yourself, don't tell others where you are. It's a game kitties, keep it fun! Don't give away the challenge!
8) We will be giving out hints as the game goes on, but please don't give them away! This is all for fun!
9) Please share the game around catster so many kitties come and play! This is a great way to meet new friends and to get to know the ones you all ready have!

Thank you to everyone who let us use their pictures. If we used yours and you didn't want to be in, please forgive us, we misinterpreted what you said. Anyone who isn't in the game, don't worry, there's always next year! Finally, for BIG families, we topped out at 4-5 kitties each. Sorry guys, we wanted to get in as many families as we could. Enjoy!

Guess the Catster Kitty Game

Or if you prefer, dive right onto page one and start working your way through!

Page One

Let us know if you have any problems accessing the game, we'll find a way to fix them!


Guess the Catster Kitty

April 23rd 2012 5:09 pm
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Come one come all kitty friends of mine. This is the last call for being in the second (hopefully semi-annual) Guess the Catster Kitty Game! If you haven't told us yet, this is your last chance! Do you and your family want to be in the game? Let us know! We've got about 80 kitties in so far so there is room for 20 more or we'll do some repeats. If you haven't told us this year we haven't used you! (Sorry if we use anyone who didn't want to be in it and we misinterpreted what they said or forget anyone who said they wanted to be in, there's always a small margin of error, we don't make mistakes on purpose!)

Any hoo kitties, last chance! Anyone else want in? The game should be up within 48 hours and then will stay open for MANY MANY days of guessing! Phew! This is a lot of work but we love when it all comes together!

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