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Simone's say MRAT!

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Oops, Moe Moe fall down! hehehe!

April 5th 2013 1:21 pm
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Turns out, I wrote this awesome diary entry last Friday and SOMEONE, I'm looking at you mommy, forgot to post it! So, I'm going to post it now even though it's a week old and then, I'm going to play the spring tag game because 3 awesome kitties have tagged me! hehehe1

Diary Entry!

Oops, hehehe, fall down mommy! hehehe! Roll around! Look Mommy! I have a BELLY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! Come pet my belly! Rolls over, Oops, where'd it go? MOMMY! I lost my belly!
Stands back up and takes a few steps, fall down again. Hehehe! Oh Mommy, I just feel awesome, I gots clean teeths and I'm back home, RUB FACE ALL OVER THE FLOOR! I don't smell right though, Gotta fix that without standing up, standing is hard.
Mommy? Where did you go? I can't mrat right yet... mree...mraaaa...mreeeaaa... nope, that's not right... MOMMY! COME BACK! Oh good, there you are! RUB MY BELLY!!!
And then carry me into whatever room you are in! Oh yes, carry brofur too, he's being really loopy! That's not a problem right mommy? You can carry us both from room to room with you all day right? I mean, you DID abandon us at the vets to get our teeths cleaned! I think you owe us. Now... RUB MY BELLY!

The good news kitties? I didn't need any tooths pulled (unlike River... hehehe) Of course, I don't have many tooths as it is, they were all pulled back when mommy and daddy first got me with that medical scare we had. I'm a little loopy, as you can see, but I'll be better in no time and up and MRATing again! Don't you worry kitties, for now, I'm going to go nap in the dark though because the pain killers make my eyes all blurry and the sun is too much, luckily, mommy put our heated pad on the bed and closed the curtains, ahhhh that mommy, she knows how to make a kitty happy!


I'm doing it kitties!

February 20th 2013 3:36 pm
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Oh kitties, my mommy is so super duper proud of me, and I'm pretty proud of me too! You'll never believe it kitties!

So, yesterday, mommy took me to the vets (boo! hiss!) I needed to get my dagger claws trimmed and I won't behave for them so off to the vets I go. Anyways, while I was there, they decided to weigh me. They took me into the back room to do all of this while they left mommy and brofur in the main room to wait for me.

Anyways, they bring me back out and the nice lady vet tech who did it checks and double checks my chart then looks up at mommy and asks
"Is she on a diet?"

Mommy is so use to hearing this question that she just sighed and shook her head. "Did she gain weight again?"

"No, actually, she lost weight. She's down to 10.8 pounds"

Mommy nearly did a back flip. At my heaviest, I was over 13 and a half pounds, I was in big trouble and not healthy at all. We've been trying for months and months to find the perfect balance of food so I lose weight but don't stress out too much. They were trying to get me to 10 pounds, I'm almost there kitties! Mommy is so happy. I'm not stressing and I'm slowly and healthily losing weight! It doesn't get any better than that. They say, if it keeps up, it would be even better for me to be 9 pounds (let's not go crazy here or anything though! I still like nom noms!) But, this is super good news!

Even better? River lost that half pound that he gained at our last visit. The one he stole from me. At our last check up, I had lost half a pound and River had gained it, they told mommy he had to lose that, and he did! Good job River! We rule! Good job Parents! Good job vet lady! Good job everybody!

Again, let's not go crazy though. After all, my Valentine called me his 'lovely largeness' and I don't want to lose that title! hehehe! I'm awfully fond of my BELLIES after all!


Be My Valentine

February 5th 2013 1:58 pm
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Who has 2 Blue eyes, 4 fuzzy brown paws with adorable toes, 2 pointy ears, and an amazing belly? Well... normally the answer to this would be me of course! I'm awesome pawesome! But this time... the answer is my super duper awesome pawesome extra special Valentine Monster!!! Isn't he just the greatest? He asked me to be his Valentine out of the blue about 2 weeks ago, I've just been waiting to make the announcement until I got those beautiful roses he sent me! MEOW! I'm one lucky Meezer lady this year!


Attack of the Meezer Dagger Claws

January 29th 2013 2:02 pm
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Hello Kitties Mine

Well, it's that time again, the time where my dagger claws are in full bloom and there's NOTHING anybody can do about it! hehehe! DAGGER CLAW!!!

Because I was declawed by some horrible no good very bad person who mommy says she'd personally like to return the 'favor' to before I was rescued, I'm very sensitive about my back claws. Super sensitive. More sensitive than any kitty mommy has ever known (and we all know how much we kitties love having our back claws clipped!)

Well, as a result, no one can cut them. It's just impossible, they've tried everything, and mommy has a flesh wound across the palm of her hand this morning that says last night, she tried again! hehehehe! NO LUCK! I am the great Simone and none shall touch my dagger claws! Actually, that's not even a little true, I don't even mind a little bit people touching them, just don't get the clippers or I go bazookas! The only way to get them cut is to take me to the vet because I mellow enough there that the vet and one of her techs are able to get them cut. This is fine, until we are overdue for an appointment.

Even I have to admit, they are getting a little long. I'm getting stuck on stuff when I walk and people don't seem to like me snuggling on their laps or next to them in bed as much, evidently, I'm very pointy. What's a girl to do? I can't let them cut my claws, but I want my snuggles. Suck it up mommy and daddy! Cuddle the princess even if it means you bleed a little, it's not that big of a deal, it's just a little boo boo! Aren't my purrs more than enough comfort?


ME again???

December 21st 2012 12:18 am
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What? Me? Little old Me? A DDP again? Oh Catster... you shouldn't have! MRAT! hehehee!

Well, I've been chosen a whole bunch of times recently and I think my mommy should FINALLY get around to updating my page since, you know, Catmas is like... next week mommy!!! Sheesh!

Anyways though, I want to take my DDP and not waste it. I have something really important to say with this DDP, I want EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE to go purr for my friend Luke. He's not feeling well and he's awfully special, he's River's doppelganger after all, he was my Valentine one year, and he's just super special. Go purr for him kitties, he's not feeling well and I want it to be just a tummy bug he gets over right away. Please go purr for him, that's my DDP and my Catmas wish of all of you, go purr for my friend.

Luke's Profile



December 13th 2012 1:42 pm
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Oh my catness! What happened to my music! Mommy was FINALLY going to update my page for catmas, and I've got no music left! Mixpod closed down! MRAT! I guess I'll have to sing my own carols this year, who wants to join in?


That's Jingle bells done Moe Moe style! Enjoy!


I'm thankful, now where's my present?

November 25th 2012 12:44 pm
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Mommy promised me, she PROMISED me, that if she went away on my Gotcha day there's be a super big surprise for me when she got back... well, she's back, and there's STILL no surprise. I'm beginning to feel a little cheated here kitties, I might have to MRAT at her in the middle of the night until she remembers me! How could she forget my present?

She says she's been shopping online for it, so last night, I sneaked through her history and found a lot of links for a new heated pet bed (the one we've got is a little old and doesn't heat the meezer butt like it use to!) So I'm thinking... maybe that's my surprise! She's looking for one big enough for both me and River since he INSISTS on snuggling with me IN the bed... sheesh... oh look, this one has fishies on it!


So many balloons

October 2nd 2012 1:41 pm
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Oh my catness!

We had over 300 emails when we logged in yesterday! 300 emails! Mommy was a little freaked out! Turns out, it was all my super duper double fantastic amazing wonderful catster friends sending us lots and lots of ballons. We've barely been able to get through all those awesome pirate flags. Sorry we haven't been around much. Our internet provider (Comcast... MRAT!) has been dropping our service right and left. We've lost 3 days last month alone. What's up with that internets? I can't check in with my friends when you do that! MRAT! Here's hoping they get it fixed soon. So, everybody, thanks for all the beautiful balloons and the super cool pirate flags! You kitties rock! MRAT! (that was a good mrat not a bad mrat!)

Oh, by the way, I had a vet appt the other day (hiss!) but the good news is me and brofur are 100% healthy AND I've lost a half pound in six months! I'm dropping my weight kitties! Mommy can't call me chunky anymore! I'm gonna be super skinny by the next appt, I swear! I'll drop a full pound in a year, just like a gal my age should! No faster, no slower, WOOT! Go MOE MOE! GO ME!


All is Forgiven mommy!

September 10th 2012 4:25 pm
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Man, it's been a long time since I've written hasn't it? I guess it's just a very tough life being a Simone, I'm so busy napping and noming and such I just can't find the time to write a perfect diary entry! hehehe!

Well, the good news is, I have a fun story to tell. Fun if you are Simone, not so fun if you are mommy.

Last night around 4am I jumped up on the bed and promptly barffed up a hairball on mommy while she slept. She shot straight up in bed shouting "MOE MOE" and groaning and saying all kinds of bad words under her breath while she and daddy stripped the bed and put the sheets in the washer and then remade it. Oh man, mommy was so cranky. She kept looking at me and snapping "CAT!"

I'm sorry mommy... did you just call me CAT? That's not acceptable in my book! MRAT!

Well, then this morning when daddy got up for work, he felt bad that mommy and me were cranky at one another, so turned the ac down to make the house super chilly, I jumped up on the bed and burrowed under the blankets. Mommy... I'm COLD! I need snuggles! Mommy was barely awake, she stays up really late and wakes up much later. When she finally did wake up this morning, she was hugging me close and I was purring, I was snuggled against her neck and we were so comfy together. I forgave mommy for calling me CAT and she forgave me for my barffs! As if it were my fault... MRAT!



June 28th 2012 3:35 pm
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Hey CATSTER! We KNOW you're there! Why aren't you listening to us and helping us out! We STILL aren't getting email updates about comments. We feel isolated and cut off. We can't respond to our friends unless we remember to check EVERY diary we commented on! MRAT MRAT MRAT! When are you going to fix this??? MRAT!!! You've made the meezer angry! MRAT! Next comes the declawed smakey paw of doom and finally, the chompers! MRAT!

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