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Simone's say MRAT!

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Helping Mommy

June 4th 2010 4:38 pm
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So I've decided I'm going to help mommy out, she is trying to make some decisions regarding kitties right now! I was wondering if anybody had some really great advice for all these little questions.

1) Mommy is looking to get us a new cat tree. We move around a lot between mommy's schooling and freelance writing and daddy's high demand skills, we move from town to town sometimes once a year. Right now they are considering a move to the Santa Clara area next year! I heard it is very sunny there!
Anyways, because we move, we usually rent our house. Now clearly they always make sure they can keep us! Mommy and Daddy would never get rid of us! But because they rent, they usually don't have as much space as a big house. Therefore, they like to keep lots of cat trees in the house for us to play on (and to keep River from scratching the rented carpets!) Our current home is pretty well sized for us, but because of the bigger size, there is one big room without a cat tree in it and we are always sad when Mommy is in there and there is no cat tree to play on. Anyways, price isn't a big issue, but they were wondering if anyone had good suggestions on where to find a good variety of cat trees? They want it to be pretty tall because River is a jumper, but they like lots of shelves close together and easy to climb between because I don't have front claws so climbing is hard for me. (Mean people declawed me before mommy and daddy adopted me)
We have two cat trees, anyone know a good place where we could buy a third or at least go looking for one? Any advice would be great!

2) Mommy is thinking about upgrading our catster account to the catster plus! We think it could be more fun! Do all of you kitties whose mommies have Catster plus think it is worth the 20$ a year? We'd love to upload even more pretty pictures of us. River in particular loves being silly and having silly pictures taken! So what do you think?

Thanks for any help you have guys!


Good News

June 1st 2010 10:26 pm
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Hello everyone in Catster land!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who offered me advice and kept me in their fuzzy hearts and purrs this past month. I am feeling MUCH better now. I haven't been naughty now for several days and I stopped ripping out my hair at last. I've been snoozing next to mommy on the sofa all night long before remembering I should tell everyone how well I'm doing.

I also wanted to say thank you for all the nom noms you guys have sent me! I hope I sent gifts to all my good friends as well, if I missed you, I'm so sorry, there are just so many great kitties out there and only one little me! What's more Mommy has been very focused on me getting back to good health.

Speaking of nom noms, mommy switched my diet. She is making the gradual shift from the old food from the vet to the wellness diet, she has heard good things about it. She is hoping this helps me with the weight problems I have. Stress or diet, stress or diet. Mom hopes to solve both problems! She has been mixing the dry food for a few days now. The first night she gave us wet food I ate it WAY too fast and WAY too much of it in one go. I got an upset tummy on the kitchen floor but mommy cleaned it up and it didn't happen again. I haven't had dry food in so long, it caught me totally by surprise! I love wet food so much though. Thank goodness it only happened once and then tummy accepted it afterward. It is so tough sometimes to make sure I'm happy and healthy! I'm a difficult girl and I know it, but I'm feeling so good now.

Again, thank you to everyone who offered help and advice and kept me in their purrs! And thanks again for all the good nom noms!


oh dear

May 26th 2010 12:03 pm
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Oh dear, I was naughty again on my pet beds. Mommy is so worried about me. I was so positive about being in the smaller room but a day after being out in the whole house, I did it again. Mommy is worried about my naughty behavior. She and the vet think I'm all right but just really stressed. If anyone has any advice on how to help me that would be really nice. Mommy and Daddy are worried about me and River is so sad I keep being naughty in his favorite bed. What should I do? I'm so scared. I know mommy and daddy love me and would never get rid of me no matter what I did, but I don't want to be so stressed. Please help me out!



May 25th 2010 4:07 pm
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Catster changed their page layout!!! I don't like change!!! I'm so scared of change... oh no... oh no... oh no...
I hope mommy figures it out soon so I can follow all my friends again.
I still don't like change...

The past weekend has been a tough one for me. I had an attack of severe stress and panic. I was so scared, I ripped out lots of hair, I peed on all my favorite beds, I was so sick and scared. Mommy was very tired of my behavior but she knew it was because I was sick and scared so she took it very seriously. After a vet visit to make sure I'm doing ok otherwise, Mommy moved all my toys, beds, and trees into the Master Bedroom. She washed and refilled all my waterfalls and put them in there, she washed all my food bowls and gave me and River our own and then she got new litter boxes, new litter, and put two of them in the master bathroom. She then locked me and River in there starting Friday morning. She was hopeful that if I was in a small space that had all my familiar stuff in it that the stress would go down. She replaced all my dirty beds with brand new ones, but before giving them to me she put them in their bed and mommy and daddy put their clothes all over them so they would smell familiar to me. I spent all weekend in there with River. After that she finally let me out into the rest of the house very supervised. I seem to be doing better now. I guess the stress has passed. She also gave me some kitty calming drugs the first two days. I had a very rough weekend. I don't know why I was so upset but it was really bad. Sometimes things just seem scary when you have a scary past. Lucky for me and River, mommy and daddy take VERY good care of us and would never think of getting rid of us just because we are acting naughty briefly. I'm a lucky girl. At least I'm doing much better now!


opps.... mommy caught me cheating...

May 18th 2010 3:48 pm
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oh nuts, mommy caught me cheating on my diet. She has been doing some foster work for a local rescue group and there have been strange kitties in the office recently. I don't like this one bit, I'm a princess and mommy is all mine. You hear that other kitties? MY MOMMY!
Anyways, I started being naughty because one of the fosters got out and made the house smell like them so I started peeing on things and screaming at mommy. She got a little worried about this. She wanted to make sure I was just being naughty and not sick, so she took me to the vets. The good news is, I was in fact just being naughty and I'm feeling fine otherwise. Mommy replaced all my old beds and blankets that I had peed on and bought new ones after cleaning the house so I couldn't smell other kitties anymore.
The bad news?
Mommy and the vet found out I had gained back a lot of weight I had lost. They were so disappointed in me. They couldn't figure out how I had done it since they were so careful about my eating habits. Turns out, I have been jumping up and sneaking brother's food when no one is watching me. Mommy and the vet scolded me and have changed my eating habits YET AGAIN. Maybe cheating on my diet.... wasn't worth it in the end.
I sure hope I lose the weight again soon...


new pet bed

April 26th 2010 2:45 pm
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So to apologize for making the floor all icky, mommy bought me a new bed! I am very delighted about this change of events.
After the floor became all icky and all the changes which occurred recently, I started to be very naughty. Mommy became worried I might be sick so she took me back to the vet, turns out, I'm fine. But I am very stressed out. I had bitten off a lot of fur from one spot on my back and I kept making a mess on my favorite blankey in the closet. Mommy had to throw out the blankey and lock me out of the closet until I decide to be a good girl. However, because she was worried that I was so stressed out, she bought me a brand new bed! It's bright blue with black swirlys on it and very soft and fuzzy. The walls are big and foam and there is a really soft pillow in it for me. It's much bigger than my other bed which is just like a pillow and blanket! She put my new bed in my favorite sunny spot with a cool breeze that me and brother like to hang out in. This bed is big enough that we could both fit in it, but I don't share well with brother so he can keep the cat tree perch! Needless to say, I am doing much better now, the stress is almost all gone and my fuzzies are growing back nicely.
I think it's time to go put mommy's apology bed to good use!


ewwwwwwwwww water floor

April 19th 2010 1:31 am
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EWWWWWW Mommy and Daddy rented a really loud steam cleaner and cleaned all the floor and furniture. Everything is all wet and icky. The hallway in the living room smells like a wet dog. It's so gross. icky icky icky.



February 23rd 2010 2:06 pm
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I lost weight!!! YAY!!! I went from 13.3 to 12.12, I am on my way to being a skinny kitty again! The new food is working great and mommy is so happy and the vet lady is so happy and soon this will all be over! HOORAYS!!!


clean teeths!

February 22nd 2010 1:18 pm
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Hey, today's article is about cleaning your kitties teeth! Make sure you do that! When mommy adopted me the rescue groups said I had bad teeth, mommy and daddy weren't too worried, lots of kitties have bad teeth! They took me for the free vet check up the shelter gave, the vet checked and said I had bad teeth but nothing serious, should probably schedule a cleaning. Mommy and daddy brought me to their actual vet in town who said the same thing. They were planning on doing it but before they got the chance, I got really sick. My teeth shattered and sliced open my cheek, I got an infection and stopped eating and drinking. Mommy got so scared, she rushed me to the emergency clinic late Friday night and got me hydrated, they saved my life. It was really scary. I was scared and so sick, Mommy was so scared, she held me all night long. I slept in her arms, mommy was so scared. She had only had me for a month but she was really worried about me. They got me to our vet and I had dental surgery and got all fixed up, it was a very rough time. Now I'm all better, and that is of course why I gained so much weight. I REALLY liked eating once I had working teeth again! Remember to keep your kitties teeth cleaned, dental emergencies can be really scary and VERY expensive. Mommy and I were lucky, hope all of you are too!


please mommy, no more diet!!!

January 14th 2010 4:06 pm
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Mommy took me to the vets today to be weighed. I'm not making as much headway on my diet as they would like. I only lost .3 in the lbs after all this time. They measured me and weighed me and put me on kitty Jenny Craig. Mommy has a print out of all the stuff we have to do. She hung it up as a reminder of how over the next 5 months I have to drop down. I currently weigh 13.3 pounds, according to the vet my ideal weight is 11 pounds. Over the next five months they want me to lose 2.3 pounds and keep it off. I'm on a NEW diet, high protein low calorie by the same company that makes River's special food. The vet says it is the best food she has ever seen. The kitty who lives at the vets weighed 14-15 pounds and they put her on this food and she now weighs around 10 pounds. I get 3/4 a cup a day, I'm only allowed 181 calories a day. I guess I really was a piggy before, I'm hopeful that this diet works. I don't want to be a fatty kitty. I know mommy is really nervous about my weight, she keeps trying to help me. I hope it works. I don't want mommy to worry about me and I want to be healthy again... I just don't want to ever go to the vets again.

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