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The cruelest trick of all

February 4th 2011 9:07 pm
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So apparently for the last week, we have had a foster in the house, and I didn't know. I know, I know, how could a girl like me not know there was a horrible little foster running around her house? Well she is being kept in the foster kitty room and I haven't gone sniffing around over there, but on top of that, these calming collars really work. I haven't even minded the fact that there is a foster in the house! It's so weird!

We wanted to have a page up for her, but she is so scared. She really is scared of her own shadow. She looks a little bit like Lili, but much more scared. She must have been pretty badly abused because she is just so nervous about everything. Maybe we'll get some pictures up before she leaves. She's going to an adoption event tomorrow morning, we don't know if we're taking her for another week after that or not. She might not get a Catster page, mommy just doesn't want to torment her with a camera when she has to spend so much time convincing her to come out of hiding!

P.S. her name is Sheba!


Love is in the air

January 28th 2011 5:17 pm
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Well kitties, love is in the air. Can you feel it all around Catster? All the kitties with their pretty Valentine's day pages and their Valentines. It's crazy. What's more crazy... I don't have a page yet. That's right, mommy made RIVER a Valentine's day page and I'm not sure about this but I suspect he has a secret Valentine that he's not telling me about. I mean, sure he's my Valentine cause he's my brother and he's mommies valentine cause he's her baby boy, but I think he's got another one out there somewhere. I'm not jealous or anything (well maybe a little jealous) but why won't mommy make my Valentine page and why don't I have any secret Valentines of known Valentines? Why doesn't anyone love Moe Moe? Mommy... why don't you love me enough to make me a special holiday page? I know we both really love my current page, but I still want a holiday page!

It's not that me and River are looking for 'relationships' or anything, we're pretty much happy here with each other and mommy and daddy, but he's so smug cause he's got a Valentine that he isn't telling me about... This just isn't fair. MOMMY!!! MAKE ME A VALENTINE'S DAY PAGE!!! MRAT!!!

Humph... pouty face Moe Moe!


I've been tagged!

January 27th 2011 11:41 am
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My good friend Jezebel tagged me, so here it goes!

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Let's see how much humans annoy us all! hehehehe...

1) Putting me on a diet - what's up with that mommy? I need constant nom noms to stay this cute!
2) Bringing home fosters I'm not suppose to be mean to - This is my house mommy, let them find their own homes!
3)Rolling around in bed - I need to snuggle with mommy for warmths at night, if she moves, I might get squished!
4) Trying to cut my back claws - Don't touch the dagger toes mommy, they are my last line of defense! I need them!
5) Not answering my every beckon call - Hello mommy? I was given this beautiful Meezer squawk so that I could reach you day or night and you would come running to tend to my needs! I will not be ignored! MRATTTT!!!!

Now to tag some friends. We haven't read diaries yet today so forgive us if you've all ready been tagged!

1) Lacey (1127871)
2) Pigeon (1015796)
3) Julius (1000872)
4) Tigger (198865)
5) Tigger (990900)


Our Zoo Donations

January 19th 2011 1:29 pm
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I know I still have my thank yous to do but we are putting that off just a tiny bit longer because I have to tell you something great!

We got an email from the zoo lady today who mommy brought her bag of toys to. She says the animals love them. Want to hear the crazy part? River got to tell you all about how the were going to be given the bob cats, well turns out, they just got a baby mountain lion and she LOVES her toy. She carries it around everywhere and loves to play with it! We don't have any pictures yet but I sure hope we get some, I'd love to show you all what a baby mountain lion playing with one of our toys looks like! Our toys are mountain lion and bob cat tested... and APPROVED! YAY!!!


What a good day!

January 18th 2011 12:47 am
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Hello there kitties,

I just wanted to let you all know, I had a fantastic Cat of the Day experience. Poor River, when he was COTD Mommy was in Paris and couldn't spend time with him, she was here for me! hehehe! Lucky me! Aunt Elsie did leave tonight, but that's ok. Mommy did manage to update our pages today, FINALLY! Don't tell mommy, but our New Years pages were so ugly, I'm glad they are gone. I like this page more, the pretty pink is very Moe Moe sheik and the song is so me! Of course, she is super proud of River's cause he's her little boxer right now. He's going to be boxing the champ next Monday night at the Boxing Paws Arena so make sure you check that out kitties! I'm a lady trainer there but there aren't many lady kitty boxers, mommy says the same problem happens in people world too. She always has to box big men and they can be pretty scary! Lucky me, no scary kitties on here for me to box!

Well I should really be tottling my little Moe Moe Toes off to bed now! Come on mommy, snuggle time with your Moe Moe of the day! hehehe!


Cat of the Day!

January 17th 2011 12:30 am
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Cat of the day? Me? Oh my catness! What a surprise, I don't have anything planned... let me just catch my breath. I'm speechless! Thank you so much Catster! Thank you all my kitty friends! Thanks to brother, and mommy, and daddy! Good things do happen to pretty kitties! hehehe! I'm going to make the most of today, mommy... bedtime! I want to snuggle!!!


Sassy Part 2

January 8th 2011 6:17 pm
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Hi kitties,

we know many of you have seen what is going on with Sassy now. We are very heart broken over this and we want to confirm the rumors about us having Sassy's address. We do. Tigger, Cali, and Sobe wanted to know about sending cards and we will work with them to help make sure everyone who wants to can get a card to her, but we aren't going to hand out her address willy nilly, that wouldn't be very nice of us! We can give out our own though and I think Tigger and his family are also willing to help collect the cards for her and then send them as a big bundle or something, if you want to try to work something out, contact us and we will help out in any way we can.

Sorry we haven't been around much, we are very busy. Mommy's sister flew into visit for a few days, so we are busy. The holidays aren't quite over for us I guess! This one is our Aunt Elsie, my catness we have a lot of aunts don't we? Some of them are real aunts, some of them are fake aunts, but they all come visit! It's because we live so far away from all our friends and family, they all come for the CA sun! Too bad it was dark and cloudy today. Boo!!!

Also, mommy wants to thank everyone who remembered Dinah's bridge day and sent her something. Dinah doesn't have her own diary or else she'd post her own thank yous, I decided I'd help her out a little. It meant the world to mommy that so many kitties remembered and thought of her on that day, even though you never knew her in life. You are all very good friends. Thank you so much from the bottom of my Moe Moe heart for making mommy so happy!


Has anyone seen Sassy

January 4th 2011 2:30 pm
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Hi kitties,

Do any of you out there in Catster land know what happened to Sassy? She was such a great friend on Catster and her page has gone missing. We contacted Perry and he doesn't know where she is either. We really miss her and want her back, does anyone know what happened to her or how to contact her? If anyone knows please tell us, we'd hate to find out she left Catster. We really hope this is just a little flea and she'll be back soon. Until then, we love you Sassy, please come back!


hey brother... that bed's for MY butt!!!

January 3rd 2011 2:19 pm
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Can you believe that brother of mine? He's been sleeping in MY heated pet bed. I know! Can you believe that? He's been sneaking into it ever since mommy moved it out into the main dinning room / living room area. She brought it out so we could snooze there while they are out there and so we can keep a better eye out for them when they leave. (Of course, the always unplug it when they leave, something about fire hazards and not wanting to burn down the house, silly parents, warm butts take precedent over fire hazards!) River's gotten all big and important feeling and he keeps sleeping in it. He loves it, he thinks it is the best bed in the world. A girl can never get any bed time when he's got his big River butt in there. Where does that leave me? With a cold butt, that's where! Poor cold butt Moe Moe... I better go grab it right now while he's hanging out on the top level of the new cat tree watching birdies before he comes down to warm up his fuzzies!


scary boom booms

January 2nd 2011 2:21 pm
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Where are mommy and daddy? Why did they go out tonight? Didn't they know these scary boom booms were coming? Who is going to protect me? These are so scary!
River, brother, help me! I'm going to snuggle up close to you, I'm so scared, protect me brother, protect me from the boom booms.

That's what my New Year's Eve felt like. Mommy and daddy went out to have fun and left me and brother home alone, when they came home, we were so scared. Our neighbors got a hold of some really big fireworks and they were lighting them off, they were exploding right over our community. It was so scary. Mommy was so mad at them for doing it.
When they did come home I tried to bolt out the door, I was so scared. I didn't want to be trapped near the boom booms any more. Mommy was prepared though and she caught me right up into her arms. I was shaking and making 'mrat' noises of fear. Mommy snuggled me close and I calmed down. She put me back with my brother and we snuggled close with our scared faces on. Turns out, I had an accident on one of my pet beds, I was just so scared. I couldn't help it. Thank goodness the boom booms are done now. I wish our neighbors didn't have those booms. I'm so happy mommy is back, I'm so happy daddy is back, I'm so happy the new year is over. Thank catness for that.

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