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A pretty house tree

December 11th 2009 9:36 am
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Mom finished the tree and we have all been good about not climbing it. I like to lay on the window and look outside and at the tree when the lights are on it. Mom said our fur cousins Lily and Ozzie are coming to visit for the holidays but Speckles will be staying home to keep her fur brother Bandit companty and because she bugs Ozzie while they are in the truck and their driver doesn`t need any distractions so I`ll have to wait until spring sometime to see her again. It should be a fun holiday with all the company & mom is thinking of adopting a black kitty but not definite yet so we`ll have to see.


There`s a tree in the house!

December 5th 2009 5:37 am
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Yesterday mom put a tree in the house, she said she wanted us to get used to it before doing stuff to it. I have no idea what she plans to do with it but will watch her and report back here. I went up to the tree with Cassie and we smelled it and it didn`t seem anything like the ones outside that Kit told us about so I don`t know whats up with that. Mom said she was going to add lights to it today so I will watch and see what she does. She did say we can`t climb this tree and hopes we don`t make a mess of it. I don`t know why she would say that since we never make any messes;)


Having Fun!

November 26th 2009 5:07 pm
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We are all on our road trip to visit mom`s family. Us kitties get the whole moving house to ourselves for a few hours each day and we have a good time playing and sleeping in the big windows. There is so much going on with people walking dogs by and in the camper next to us I even saw a cat in the window so I know there are other kitties here but we all don`t get to go out and meet. At night me and Cassie go in the big front window and watch all the colorful lights that mom said were Christmas lights but we don`t know what that is, mom said we would find out soon enough.


Chasing the uncatchable red dot

November 22nd 2009 5:24 pm
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Mom brought home a new toy for me and Cassie it`s a little red thing that can go all over and it`s hard to catch! Me and Cassie chase it all over but we haven`t been able to catch it and it can even go places where we can`t reach it. I can keep up with it pretty good because I`m fast! Cassie can`t keep up with it because she doesn`t run like me she hops like a rabbit and sometimes if I sneak up on her and scare her she jumps straight up in the air! Mom and dad laugh at her when she does that she`s so weird!

We are getting ready for our trip and Kit Kat is making sure all of our stuff gets packed for us since he and Simon are the only ones allowed to go outside. I hope our cat tree is coming with us.


I`m a cute little alarm clock

November 17th 2009 5:10 am
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I can`t figure out why mom and dad don`t appreciate my waking them up at 3 AM every morning you would think they would like to know when it`s time to get up! I also have been helping dad keep his work area clean since I heard mom say it was messy. It`s so easy to clean I just go back and forth and push everything off onto the floor and it`s clean! I found these little things that he makes letters on paper with and they are so much fun to play with and make a lot of noise too! I hid a bunch under the rug to play with later. There`s also a thing called a betta on the shelf in water he`s fun to play with but I get yelled at for that, I guess cats aren`t supposed to play with him. I got some more cleaning to do...


Another Road Trip!

November 11th 2009 1:09 pm
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We are going to spend Turkey Day in Virginia with our 2 legged sister and we get to go there in our moving house which I like because I can move around and play and look out the windows at all the new stuff. I just hope they save some turkey for me and Cassie and maybe Simon and Kit, we love eating mom`s deli turkey but this stuff I hear is better so we`ll see.


The sun spot came back!

November 2nd 2009 11:15 am
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Today the sunny spot came back and mom put the blanket down in it so I could take a nap it was nice and warm too. I wish I could go out like KitKat and Simon but we`re not allowed to but mom said she might teach me and Cassie to wear a harness and we can go out next summer she also said she might get us a kitty walk for outside to play in. I don`t know what thart is but hope we get one.


I`m a good Kitty

October 29th 2009 2:09 pm
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That`s what mom told me today, I don`t bother my stitches like Cassie does. Cassie got in trouble for pulling one out by licking it so she has to have icky tasting stuff put near it so she leaves it alone. I`ve been catching up on my rest today and have been curling up under a blanket since there are no sunny places to lay. I don`t know where they went but wish they would come back but mom said it was `That time of year` and we won`t see them much.


Home again..

October 26th 2009 6:56 pm
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Well, that trip was not at all fun. First we couldn`t eat then we got our tummies shaved and went for a nap. I was well behaved and didn`t give anyone a hard time but Cassie was not good she was hissing and spitting at everyone! I bet they were glad when she went for a nap. We both woke up and our tummies are sore. I was glad to get home and get food because I was really hungry then I explored the house and cleaned off dads desk for him. Now I think I`ll take another nap, I`m worn out!


Our food is missing...

October 25th 2009 6:32 pm
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Well, tonite mom took all the food away because she said we have to go to the vet to be fixed and so does Cassie. I know we play rough but there isn`t anything broken so I don`t know why we need fixing. Me and Cass have been trying to get mom to give us food by walking over her thing that she makes words with but she just puts us back on the floor! We get to ride in the car tomorrow but I like the moving house better, it`s more fun.

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