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A little brofur????

January 5th 2010 8:28 am
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Cassie told me she heard mommy saying we might be getting a little brofur, I`m not too sure if I`m going to be happy about that and I know KitKat won`t be, he only just got used to me and Cass. It`s sure going to be crowded when we ride in the moving house. I hope he doesn`t try to steal my spots!!


Great times!

January 3rd 2010 6:16 pm
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My first Christmas was catastic! I`m so thankful that I have a Furever home and a great family! Our cousin Ozzie went home yesterday and I think Sterling really misses him. I try to make friends with Sterling but he doesn`t seem to want to play, I feel bad for him being an only dog in a house full of cats and Mom said he has been sad since Salem & Duchess went to the Bridge he was raised by them since he was a pup.

KitKat has been an awesome big brother lately and he plays with me and we have so much fun chasing each other around the house. He even let me sleep on his cedar house that he got for Christmas, mom took a picture of me on it and will add it to my photo album when she feels better.


Eating dog food was a bad idea!

December 28th 2009 1:40 pm
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The night before last I decided to try Ozzies canned food since he likes to try ours, well that was not a good idea because it made me throw up alot and made mommy worry i hid under the bed but later on I started to feel better and climbed on mommy`s pillow and purred for her. Today I am back to normal and have been playing again with Kit and Cassie. I think I`ll stick to my own food from now on!


My first Christmas!

December 25th 2009 9:57 am
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Today is my first Christmas and me and Cassie were finally allowed to see what was in our stockings and when she took it down there were toys in it so we each picked a catnip one to play with. I decided it was more fun to chase KitKat around the house and he would chase me. KitKat is really a cool big brofur:)

I hope everyone is also having a great day!


A fun day

December 22nd 2009 7:26 am
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I had a pawsome day yesterday with being DDP and having an early Christmas dinner with mom`s human girl. Mom even gave me some real turkey!!
I want to thank everyone who left a treat or sent a gift.

The beautiful cross from Eddy & Family

The snowmen from Luke & Tully,Trooper & Dakota and Tate

The Stockings from my sis Cassie,Simon & Angel Reuben & Leo, Grace Casey & Frankie

The Jingle Bells from Muppet

Love & Purrs,



I`m a DDP!!

December 21st 2009 4:43 am
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I couldn`t believe it but when mom woke up to feed us and check mail she told me I was the DDP for today! That is so pawsome! now I don`t have to listen to Cassie telling me how she was picked before and I wasn`t. Thank You Diary Gal:)

It`s been really hectic here with mom`s 2 legged kids and their puppies here. We spend most of our time upstairs so we won`t get stepped on while the puppies are running around, they sure make a racket!! I go down everyday and hang out and Cassie will come down a few times too but I`m the bravest. Sterling is not happy I think he`s said he`s too old for puppy silliness!

I`ve been trying to see what is in the stockings that mom hung up that have our names on them but she sais we have to wait a few more days but I really want to know now!!

I`m off to tell Cassie that I`m the DDP and see what the pups are doing!


Kit is fun!

December 18th 2009 5:31 pm
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I`ve been playing with KitKat the past week and we have been really having alot of fun chasing each other and wrestling. He`s really a cool big brother now. At first he didn`t like me or Cassie but now he plays with both of us and he`s really nice and doesn`t get too rough with us. I guess he finally figured out we werent going anywhere so he might as well get used to us!!


I put my harness on

December 17th 2009 8:14 am
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Wearing the harness wasn`t bad at all and I was still able to run and play with it so I think mom will take me outside when it`s warm! The hardest part was mom kept having to take it off me a few times to let the belly part out and kept telling me I was chubby well I am not fat!! I`m just a big girl and hopefully mom will quit saying I`m chubby.

Cassie refused to wear the harness and was naughty with trying to bite and scratch mom. She is such a prima Dona. Mom is going to try Salem`s harness on her but I hope she doesn`t wear it then that would be more time outside for just me & mom.


I`m starting harness training today

December 16th 2009 9:55 am
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Mom wants to teach me to wear a harness just like Salem did. I`m not sure what a harness is or if I will like it but she did say that when Salem wore hers she was allowed outside with mom for a little while so I guess I will give it a try. It would be nice to see what KIt and Simon like so much about being outdoors. Mom said she has to let it out and hopes it will fit around my belly, I hope she isn`t saying I`m fat because I`m not! I think she means Salem was alot smaller than me and didn`t have my solid build. I have to go let mom fit me with this harness thing now!


Having fun with KitKat

December 14th 2009 3:37 pm
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KitKat and I have been having so much fun with his new tunnel! we were up at 5 AM this morning running and chasing each other through it and it makes such a neat noise. We must have woke up mom and dad and Cassie MOL! Kit loves to sleep in it during the day and I`ll come running and jump on him! This tunnel is so much more fun than our little one in the moving house! I hope mom brings it with us when we travel again.

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