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Homed Again

February 25th 2010 6:59 pm
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We left the warm sunny place and are back home it took a long time to get home and there's no sun here and everything is all white outside the windows. Kit went outside and came in covered in that white stuff it was wet and cold! Mom said it would be a long time before sun spots return but at least we all have lots of room to run and play now and dad made sure he brought our cat tree in from the moving house right away so we wouldn't keep bothering him like last time MOL! Simon is happy he didn`t like the moving and there were lots of noisy bumps this time. Mom said we can get more exercise now and we all need to lose some of the fat we put on being confined. I liked my first winter trip but I like being home too.


Vacation notes...

February 19th 2010 6:17 pm
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Today it was sunny and fairly warm so mom left the big door open so we could look outside for awhile and sit in the sun. I decided to lay in the big window on my back and enjoy the warm feeling. I saw some people walk by and they came closer to look at me in the window I think they thought I was a fake cat like the 3 stuffed tigers that are in the window but I rolled over and looked at them and they said `How Cute I was, Of course I`m cute!! Cassie and Saber have been running all over and climbing up the windows those 2 are so bad mannered. Today I helped mom clean and vacumn to get things read for the trip home in a few days. I plan t lay in the window until we go home because mom said the sun won`t be around much at home so I Should spend as much time in it as possible. I`ll be glad t get home but will miss the sun!


The sun spot came back today

February 14th 2010 6:34 pm
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I found the sun spots again today and it was warm enough that mom left the solid dr open and I got to lay on the step, it was so warm and nice and the air smelled so nice. At night I have been sleeping on mommy`s pillow and she seems to like that and I can look out the window and watch the trees and stuff, she leaves the solid window open a little so I can hear the sounds and smell the air. I wish I could go out but mom says I am an indoor cat but she may bu us a kitty walk town and country outdoor thing that we can go outside and be safe. I hope she gets us one. We will be going home in about a week that will be nice then we will have lots of room to run and play because it`s a little crowded in here!!


Where`s the sun spots???

February 11th 2010 6:50 pm
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I had finally found a nice sunny spot to lay in and now the sun went and hid on me! It`s supposed to come back again. I`ve been having fun watching things outside and Saber comes up and lays in the big window with me too. We also play a lot but there`s not really a lot of room to get running like in our big house. I don`t get in trouble like Cassie does she`s been getting bored and tried to break mom and dads computer thing that they make words with and she got yelled at so know she sits on the bed and acts mad but she does come out at night when mom and dad go to bed and plays with us. She was a DDP yesterday and was a showoff because she got extra treats.
We`re supposed to go back to our big house in 2 weeks so we`ll have more room to play. I love when we move t`s fun to see all the stuff moving outside and everything changes so fast! Me and Saber are the only ones that like when the house moves everone else hides!


KitKat was right!

February 4th 2010 5:56 pm
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This place is everything Kit told us it was. I`ve been enjoying laying in the big front window and watching the birds and squirrels and I even saw a feral cat I didn`t know what that meant until mommy told me it lived outdoors and didn`t have a home or family that was so sad and makes me wish all kitties had a home like me. Mommy said we all need to go on a diet because we are getting chubby but we don`t have much room to run in this moving house but I do chase Saber back and forth at night so we are getting some exercise! Mom said it`s not as warm or sunny here this year as it was last year but it`s still better than seeing all that white stuff at home!


We caught up with the sun!!

January 25th 2010 4:14 pm
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We finally caught up with the sun and it made sun spots by the windows to lay in. It was so nice and warm to stretch out and feel how warm it was. Mom said we should start seeing the sun spots a lot more , I hope so because they are nice and there's lots of birds and squirrels outside to look at. I showed Saber how to lay in the sun spots too and he really liked them. Cassie was a bad kitty today and hid on mom and dad they thought they lost her somewhere, she`s not a very nice cat today and she kept rubbing on dad for treats but he said no treats because she was bad!! maybe she`ll get some tomorrow....


I got a pretty collar..

January 24th 2010 5:33 pm
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Mom went to a place called a Flea Market and she bought me and Cassie new collars. Cassie got a Hot Pink one and I got a pretty turquoise one with shiny things on it. I`ve been having fun laying in the big front window and watching people and dogs walking around, there are also these big birds that mom said were geese and they walk around the campsites and they are fun to watch too. Me and Saber sleep most of the day and we have fun playing at night but I don`t think mom likes when me and Saber do laps over the bed and her MOL!! Were going to another campground tomorrow and mom said there will be lots of stuff for us to look at. This is a fun trip and we have a few more places to go. Saber is really enjoying himself too!


Having fun!

January 23rd 2010 12:33 pm
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So far this long trip isn`t too bad, the first day of travel I didn`t like so curled up in mommy`s lap and stayed there, Saber came up too and I think we did a good job of keeping mom warm. The second day was much better and we were allowed to start out without being in our crates. I found a nice spot on a blanket on the kitchen table and could watch out the window this time Cassie spent half the time under the table on a blanket with Simon then sat up front with mom and she even got brave enough to sit on the dashboard and look out the big window. At night when we stopped we all got to play and run around and mom gave us some of our toys. We move again in 2 days then can play for a few days in a different place. We`re still waiting to find the sunny spots but they aren`t here yet, I hope they do come because it would be nice to sit in them...


Another trip..

January 20th 2010 2:52 pm
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Tomorrow all of us Kits will be going on a long trip, it`s our first but Kit has been on 3 before so he will teach us what we need to know. Dad took our cat tree out to the moving house already and almost everything is packed. Mom said dad is excited because he will be taking the moving house down a place called Fancy Gap Virginia so she said she`s going to sit on the couch with us and put the blanket over her head! I wonder why she wants to do that.. I love looking out the windows, mom has her camera and will take pictures as we go, she said first we`ll stop in Virginia but not where her human girl is then to a place called South Carolina for a Flea Market I don`t know why she wants to get fleas though, after that we go to Georgia and then Florida. Mom`s human girl is in Florida doing Navy stuff so we`ll visit her there. Kit said we`ll be able to sit by the windows and watch birds and squirrels and we should even see some sun! I hope so because there hasn`t been much here.


A little brother..

January 9th 2010 5:39 pm
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We have a new little brother his name is Saber and he is about 10 wks old. He`s so funny to watch because he puffs his tail up and runs sideways! I`ve sniffed him a few times and played a little with him but he gets a little wild and I have to hiss at him to remind him I`m the boss! Me and Cassie have a lot to teach him about the rules of the house. There is one thing I`m not real happy about and that is that he sleeps in my spot on mom and dads bed and if I try to make him move he wont! That boy can sleep like a rock!! I can`t wait until we can teach him about the moving house. We are supposed to take a trip the end of the month but mom has to see if she can get someone to watch Tuffy the horse.

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