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Silly Avail You Don't Have Opposable Thumbs

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Avail's Mommy Here

September 16th 2013 10:19 am
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The day has come for me to learn acceptance. Avail just had her fourth and final surgery today. The doctors believe that it has spread to her lymph nodes and there is nothing else that can be done. She had a massive tumor and part of the muscle in her shoulder removed today. She has to wear a draining tube for the next 3-4 days and her collar of shame for 10 days.

I never wanted to believe that it was even possible that Avail would not beat this horrible disease. If you even for a moment think that it's not important to spay early and do regular exams of your furbaby, then you are horribly wrong. I wish more than anything that I could have done more to prevent her from ever having to go through any of these surgeries.

This is one of the worst days of my life as Avail is like my child. Life is terribly unfair, so please, do whatever it is you can to help prevent something like this from happening to your furbabies. I've already lost my mom to cancer and now I'm losing her too.

Denial would be the defense mechanism that would normally turn on by now, but knowing how this is going to unfold makes acceptance the right choice for me.

Yes, this is hard.

Yes, this is painful.

Yes, this is devastating.

But yes, this is life.

I have to remember that I have given her all the chances in the world that she otherwise may have not had. I have seen her through so much in the 13 years that she has been in my life. I will see her through the rest of the life that she has here before I reluctantly let her go to the Rainbow Bridge.

I have loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you Avail. I have loved you every day that you have blessed me with in our life together. I will love you every day thereafter when you are no longer with me.

I love you so very much. Please know that. Everything I ever did, no matter how sad you were before and after surgeries, I did it for you. I gave up anything and everything to give you a chance at a longer happy life.

You have given me more love than I ever could have imagined. I am the luckiest furmommy in the world to have you as my baby.

I love you.


If you have it in your heart to help pay for this last surgery, we would all be so incredibly grateful. We can never thank you enough for supporting Avail's fight against feline mammary cancer.


Surgery Again

August 27th 2013 12:10 pm
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It's official, September 16th will be my next surgery. Looks like this will be number 4 in the past year.

It's looking to be 650$ for the entire thing (which is much better than the 800$+ last time). My mommy and daddy are full-time students that are barely making it by. They have maxed out all of their credit cards paying my vet bills. They have asked family and friends for help.

We didn't think that it would come back so soon because everything looked so well. They told me that they're still paying off bills from the past year.

If you can find it in your heart to help me fight this disease, please let me know. We are a forever grateful family that loves each other so very much. When we're in the position to help others, we do. Mommy is going to college to be a nurse so she can help people. Daddy is a Navy veteran who served 8 years with 5 of those as sea duty. They're good people, they've just fallen on hard times.

I know life is not easy, and at times it can be quite unkind. Just know that I love my mommy and daddy, who both live to serve others, including me, a formerly stray kitty with nowhere to go.



August 26th 2013 9:09 am
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So it strikes again. Mommy was rubbing my belly last night and giving me sweet loving and she found a new lump on my chest. It's on the left side of where the previous ones were found in my right armpit. I have an appointment tomorrow and mommy is going to have them do a biopsy and see if it's the dreaded C-word.

I've been feeling really anti-social lately and have been hiding under the bed. Just the other week, I got sick and was trembling afterward. Mommy figures it was my low blood sugar from getting sick. She rubbed honey in my mouth (which was sooooo gross!) but I felt really good afterward.

I really hope this is nothing serious, but we all know my track record. Mommy and daddy are still paying off my medical bills, so if this is the big C-word, they don't know how they're going to pay for it. Please keep me in your purrayers.

June 29th 2013 12:24 pm
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I'm enjoying a nice day at home today! It's been so hot lately that when the house drops by a couple of degrees in temperature it feels gooooood.

I haven't been doing too much lately. Mommy's been playing with me a little more each day. I think she's been scared of my surgical sites because they're still a bit scabby. I just don't think she wants scabs to fall off before they're supposed to.

I've been waking her up like a madwomen every morning though. I bit her forehead today. YEP. HER FOREHEAD. That takes skill my furriends! She promptly got out of bed and fed me a delicious half-can of turkey/salmon Wellness! Yummm!

So far we're up to 470$ raised to help pay my bills! I'm pretty excited for my parents. I think they said something along the lines of, "As soon as we have this paid off, we're going to get you a million bags of treats and new kitty condos!" Or something along those lines. I'm pretty sure I heard them right. A million bags of cat treats sounds feasible right?

Oh well! Back to nap time!

June 19th 2013 8:41 am
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I got my stitches out yesterday! YAY! Now my mommy and daddy can pick me up and love me, just like they always do. :)

I also received some great news! In my past two surgeries, the tissue samples (tumors) have been sent off for testing, they always came back as poorly-differentiated adenocarcinoma. This time around, one came back as inflamed fatty tissue and the other came back as WELL-differentiated adenocarcinoma! That is really big news for me!

The doctor told me they got really great margins this time and they would honestly be surprised if I had anything funny growing back any time soon. Mommy is dedicated to giving me lots of belly rubs to make sure she's on top of things. She's so good at catching this funky stuff!

I'm truly a miracle and the doctors are baffled by me. I'm so glad to be able to boggle the minds of everyone around me!

People have raised 400$ so far towards the cost of my care and we are all SO grateful! Because everyone believes in me, I have been able to get the care that I need and I am still here and still fighting the good fight against the big C.

Please feel free to pass around my GoFundMe link to help out my family that loves me so much! They have maxed out their credit cards in the past year to pay for my surgeries and care and they are now struggling because of it.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!


Surgery Day!

June 4th 2013 10:02 pm
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Today has been quite successful for little Avail. Mommy is posting for her because she's a little sleepy from her ordeal today. She had two different surgical sites, but the tumors were successfully removed. I really can't be more thankful to the amazing vets and techs that have aided in all of her cancer craziness this past year.

Hearing that she truly is a miracle cat does not surprise. This little girl is so incredibly special to me, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. To hear that she is defying the odds is only reassurance in that she is truly meant to stay here with us.

We've been struggling financially with everything that has gone on with her the past year and at the advice of some friends, I have created a fundraising page.

If anyone out there can find it in your heart to help out a very special black kitty and a fur mommy who loves her more than anything in the world, we would be so very grateful.

We wish you all the best our wonderful furry friends in all of this craziness. We are thankful for your support and especially your friendship.


Update On Vet Appt

May 27th 2013 2:57 pm
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I've been meaning to update everyone on what happened at my appointment. I've been so busy eating tuna that it must have slipped my fishy mind.

I had some x-rays done and I did really well this time! My doctor said that she doesn't see the cancer in my lungs and the only nodule we've found is on my belly. Not too shabby! My doctor said that I was a walking miracle. She said I look super healthy and everything is great, except for the pesky tumor.

They can't believe that I'm still around, but you know what? I can. I'm a fighter! And I love my mommy, daddy, and pesky brofur McCow, so very much!

I have surgery on June 4, 2013, so please send me lots of purrs for having a successful surgery that gives me some more cancer-free time with my family. Thanks my fellow fuzzies!


The Day Has Come

May 17th 2013 10:32 am
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What my mommy has always dreaded has finally come true. My cancer is back. She is taking me in to see how far it has spread. She found a tumor on the opposite end of where they found the initial ones. She's been crying and i don't know what to do except purr and headbutt her.

She doesn't want the tumor to ulcerate so she wants it taken out of me. I really don't want surgery but she says it's for the best. I know she doesn't want surgery either. This is a tough place to be in.We've had the most wonderful cancer free nine months. The fact that i'm still here a year after diagnosis is nothing short of a miracle.

Mommy says that forever isn't even long enough for us to spend together. I wish i could just not have cancer.

Please purr for us friends.


My Birthday's Coming!

February 10th 2013 4:06 pm
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On Valentines Day, I shall be 13 years old! My mommy is so very happy to still have me after the not so good diagnosis last year. It's been 7 months since they found the yucky mammary cancer, but I'm still going strong. I'm starting to sleep a lot more, but I'm still hungry as ever!

I find myself hiding under the bed every once in awhile, but for the most part, I sleep next to my mommy every night. I'm really happy that I haven't had to get more medicine or surgeries and I've been happier in the recent months without all the pokey business from the doctors. I know my mommy would like me to get all the pokies to keep me around as long as possible, but I also know that in her heart, she just wants me to live a happy and stress-free life.

Well, I sure miss you all and am sending lots of purrs all over the map to everyone! Here's hoping to a great birthday and many more YEARS with my wonderful family that loves me so very much.


Happy New Year!

January 12th 2013 11:05 am
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I hope this year brings about many completed resolutions! Mine is to make it a whole 'nother year beating this bully mammary cancer of mine. Oh, and to beat up my brother McCow less. Maybe eat less snacks because my tummy has a little more jiggle than it used to. hehe

Hope everyone had a fun, loving and safe holiday! Happy New Year to all my fuzzies and non fuzzies out there!

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