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Diary Pick

April 17th 2010 3:44 pm
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Bugsy and Rex are so jealous that I got picked diary of the day by the diary gal. Bugsy thinks he should have won because he has a thong. You won't catch me wearing no clothes, I'm handsome without them. I had to run away from Bugsy, he keeps trying to catch me, but I'm younger and faster than he is. Rex is just ignoring me, which is okay by me. I better go hide from Bugsy it's time for my nap.



April 6th 2010 11:27 am
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We had such a great birthday, Easter pawty. We hunted easter eggs filled with yummy treats and found a basket of goodies the bunny left us. We didn't get any funny looking hats to wear, my mommy knows we would run and hide if she tried to dress us up. We had some wonderful baked chicken that was delicious. Bugsy kept trying to eat my food, he eats alot. I sure wish my Catster friends could have come over and joined us. I'm a big boy now. I hope everyone had a great Easter filled with lots of eggs and goodies.



March 28th 2010 1:16 am
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Only one week and I get to have my first birthday pawty. It's so cool that it falls on Easter Sunday. I'm dreaming of hunting eggs and a basket full of goodies from the Easter bunny. I wish I didn't have to share it with Rex and Max. I'd rather it be all about me. HEHE. I feel like a kid at Christmas. I wish all my friends could join us for the pawty. I hope everybody has a great Easter full of fun, surprises and lots of love.


Check out my new page

March 16th 2010 12:02 pm
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I have a new page and it's so cool. Now I look like the Lion King. Paris did my page and she did such a good job. Paris also did a real pretty page for Sadie. Check them out when you get the chance. My momcat has been busy working alot, but today she is spending some time with us. She opened the front door and put kitty furniture in front of the screen door. We have been playing and soaking up the sun. We love to watch the birdies, wish we could catch them. It's springtime in Vegas and the sun is shining. Rex keeps standing in front of the computer so momcat can't see the screen. I'm going to go take my nap in the sun and soak up some rays.


Purrs for Tutti

March 9th 2010 11:30 am
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Tutti had to have two teeth pulled yesterday because of her Stomatis. She is feeling under the weather and has been in a very grumpy mood today. I think her gums hurt where there used to be teeth. I'm staying out of her way, we all are. She is even being mean to mommy and she is a mommy's girl. I think I'll just sleep away the afternoon and wait for the sunbeam to warm me up.


Feeling Better

March 3rd 2010 1:55 pm
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The weather has been nice in Vegas, almost 70 today. I'm going to catch my afternoon sunbeam nap very soon. I love to nap in the sun. Spice got some kind of eye infection and has been taking medication. My mommy has been giving her ointment in her right eye. Her eye looks better and it's almost back to normal now. Spice really hates getting the medication. I'm glad I don't have to have any of that medication. My mommy has to hide the medication or we all run away. I can't believe that my first birthday is only one month away. I'm getting to be such a big boy. I hope my mommy throws me a birthday pawty.


I can see

January 23rd 2010 10:05 am
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The other day my left eye was hurting. My mommy didn't notice. She took Rex to the vet and when she returned she didn't notice. My eye was kind of closed and I kept blinking. Finally, she noticed. Then she took me into bathroom and shined a bright light into my eye. She opened up my eye and looked inside. There was a hair in my eye. Then she poured sterile water in my eye. My eye hurt until the next day, but I feel better now. The hair is gone and nobody is poking around in my eye. My mommy said I was a good boy. I don't know how that bad hair got into my eye.


New year

January 3rd 2010 3:29 am
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I made it through scarry night. There was alot of noise that seemed to last all night. I hid with Rex and Bugsy and snuggled with them. I'm glad it's all over. It's a new year and I'm getting to be a big boy. I hope all my furfriends had a good night and that this will be a great year for all.



December 31st 2009 12:40 am
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I tried waiting up for Santa Paws, but slept through the night. There were toys in a stocking, a floor to cealing cat tree, and a play cube. The best toys were the boxes and wrapping paper. I was so tired that when the strange humans came over I slept. Then after the humans left I got some turkey and of course play with mommy. It's my first new years eve and from what Rex tells me it's a bunch of humans making too much noise. I will be hiding with Rex and Bugsy under the bed. I'm scared of noise and hope Rex is just trying to scare me.


Santa Claws

December 11th 2009 7:43 pm
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I know there is a Santa Claws because my mommy took me and Rex to get pictures taken with Santa. I was a little scared but let Santa hold me while I had my picture taken with him. I told Santa that I already had everything a kitty could hope for. I don't know if he believed me when I told him a have been a good kitty all year, especially after today. I was on the kitchen counter, where I'm not supposed to be. I jumped off the counter in a hurry to play and somehow 2 ceramic plates crashed to the floor. My mommy said it hopes that teaches me a lesson, but she doubts it. She was more worried that I was okay. That's how lucky I am. Can't wait for Santa.

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