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Simon Sez!

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I Love My Toys!

March 20th 2011 8:19 pm
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I just got the best gift ever from my very dear furiends River & Simone! Their talented mommy makes toys for shelter kitties and they sent me some to play with! Boy! Are they the best toys ever! So creative and well-made too! I got a really neat kicker made from St. Paddy's Day fleece fabric and some other neat toys I get to lick and rub against!! They are filled with homegrown catnip all the way from New Hampshire! Wow! How pawsome is that? Thanks River and Simone and thanks to your mommy for thinking of me and all the kitties in shelters who need some really neat toys to play with! You're the best!

Hugs and purrs,


Farewell Hazel Lucy!

March 16th 2011 1:00 pm
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What a sad day in Catsterland. A dear friend to so many has become an angel today. Mom was shocked and saddened to read that Hazel Lucy would make her final journey and travel to Heaven today. We know her mom Julie has made the best decision to help HL be free of her tired body and be with the angels. Hazel Lucy was one of the first friends we had when we joined Catster. Mom remembers getting the request and thinking what a pawsome name Hazel Lucy was! And amazing she was! Hazel Lucy started The Get Well Soon Purr List for all those kitties in need of some Power of the Paw! How wonderful is that?! Always thinking of others and putting their needs first. We will miss reading her diary and letting everyone know of recalls or special products that HL herself found useful. Her mom knitted Tranquility Blankets and scarves for shelters and furiends alike. Mom wanted to get one for us but every time she would look at all the pretty colors of yarn to choose from she could never make up her mind. We always hoped Hazel Lucy would test approve it herself so we could have her sweetness nearby. Her mom was so fun and creative and loved to hide HL's face in pics! It was always fun trying to find Hazel Lucy! We will miss you dear HL and Catster will never be the same. There will never be another like HL! We send our heartfelt condolences along with all those who were touched by her love and compassion to her loving mom Julie. Heaven is a whole lot brighter today by the presence of its newest angel! We will never forget you sweet HL! Fly free and high and soar among the angels!

Hugs and purrs,
Simon, Reuben(an angel) and mom Valerie


I've Been Tagged!!

January 28th 2011 9:15 pm
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I've been tagged by my very good furiend Pigeon!
Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Here's a few of my Human Pet Peeves....

1. Mom won't play with me at 4:00 am! What's up with that?!
2. She keeps the tuna cans locked up and out of sight. I know they are in the kitchen cabinet above the oven!
3. She doesn't like it when I get on the kitchen counters. That's where she prepares the tuna I can't get to!
4. She is always trying to snap a picture while I'm taking a catnap!
5. Mom never lets me update MY Catster page!

Off to tag 5 furiends!


Merry Christmas Furiends and a Whole Lotta Thanks!

December 24th 2010 5:20 pm
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I want to wish all my furiends on both Catster and Dogstar a very Merry Christmas! It's Christmas Eve and soon Santa Paws will be delivering lots of treats and toys to all the good cats and dogs around the world! I hope your stockings are filled with everything you had dreamed of while napping in the sunlight! To all those pets who are still waiting to find that furever home, my Christmas wish for you is that the New Year will bring hope, love and a place to call your own. Merry Christmas to all! I cherish each and every one of your furiendships and am thankful to call you my furiend!

I know it's a bit late but I also want to thank all those furiends who were so kind to me when I was a DDP, on my Birthday and Gotcha Day. I received so many gifts, comments, pics and pmails. Mommy was away for about 3 weeks during that time and was hoping to thank everyone personally, but playing catch-up during the holidays proved to be a challenge. So I hope you forgive me if I miss anyone as we tried to keep track of all the kindness sent my way.

Thank you all very much for remembering me!

Daily Diary Pick - Nov. 21:

The family of Redford, Cooper, Tundra, Many Toes & more
Teddy Bearz & family
The family of Amazing Grace & more
Sammie, KiKi & Ember
The Bush Bros & family
The family of Queen Tallulah(angel), Xena, Mia & Tu Two
Eddy & family
The family of Platelicker, Raincloud & more

My Birthday - Nov. 23:

The Cali Crew
The family of Queen Tallulah(angel), Xena, Mia & Tu Two
The family of Edgar, Salem, Lucy & Angels
The family of Wally, Alfie, Teddy Bearz & more
Abby(In Loving Memory)
The Fancypants Cafe
The Birthday & Gotcha Club
The family of Nala Sue
The family of Vincent, Ming, Nikolai & more
Morris & family
The family of Mr. Sam, Mr. Pink, Prissy, Pepper & more
Ollie Popoki
The family of Max, Jake, Lola & Perry
Princess Sophie Florida
Ozzie & Pepper
The family of Big Harry, Patches, Royce & more
Callie Rose
The Princess Lilly - Rose

My Gotcha Day - Nov. 30:

The family of Mr. Sam, Mr. Pink, Prissy, Pepper & more
The family of Max, Jake, Lola & Perry
The family of River, Simone & more
The family of Misha, Marrakech, Samsara, Colette & more
Ollie Popoki
The family of Big Harry, Patches, Royce & more
The family of Milo, Smokey Joe, Timmy & Ziggy
The Birthday & Gotcha Club
The family of Worlds Coolest Soc, & more
The family of Chai Latte, Sugar Bear & more
The family of Cassie, Jewel & more
The family of Casey, Grace, Leo & Francis
The family of Reanan, Tasha, Ashley & more

From a cat who was sitting at an Animal Care & Control facility whose future was unknown, I never knew such love exsisted! I thank you all my dear furiends!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Simon & family


Mommy's Home and so Many Thank Yous!

December 16th 2010 3:12 pm
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Yippee! Mommy is back home after being gone for 3 weeks! She got back a few days ago and I'm so happy to see her! Mom went back east to help out with her mother-in-law who was diagnosed with leukemia. She was in the hospital and had pneumonia too. Now they have her in a nursing facility where she is getting some physical therapy. We are praying for the best but she has an aggressive type. Mom says she might have to leave again but she told me how proud she is of me since I was a good boy while she was gone. I had a sitter come by and she gave me tuna and treats and we even played with the laser light! It was a lot of fun but I'm glad my mommy is home for now. She said she feels bad because she missed all of our special days and those of so many of our furiends. We are trying to play catch-up and hope to thank all of you for the many gifts, comments and pmails that were sent to us for my DDP, Birthday, Gotcha Day and Reuben's Bridge Day. We have such wonderful furiends and are blessed to have you in our lives. Please bare with as a we do promise to thank each and every one of you!! We love you all!

Hugs and purrs,
Simon & Reuben(an angel)


I'm a Daily Diary Pick!

November 21st 2010 8:36 am
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Wow! I can't believe it! I'm a DDP for the second time! Mom woke up and saw all the gifts and comments from my furiends. She wondered what was up and read the e-mail letting us know I was one of the DDP! Thanks diary gal for picking me! I hope to get as many thank you's out as I can. Mom is leaving tomorrow to head back east so she has much to do to get prepared but we are so thankful for all our wonderful furiends! You're the best and we love each and every one of you!!

I want to thank all my pawsome furiends who left gifts, comments and pics! You made my day so special and I thank you all!

Wyatt - Pumpkin pie...that was yummy!
Perry - Pilgrim hat....Love ya pal!
Merlin - Blue very shiny!
Eddy & family - Blue ribbon....such good furiends!
Sunny - Trophy...such a pawsome doggie!
Tu Two & family - Drumstick...boy, that hit the spot!
The Bush Bros & family - Blue ribbon...I have it hanging in my cat pad!
The family of Amazing Grace & family - Heart...such a loving family!
The family of Sammie, Kiki & Ember - Drumstick...I'm gonna need a nap!
Teddy Bearz & family - Blue ribbon and a pawsome celebration pic!
The family of Platelicker, Raincloud & more - purrty to look at!
The family of Redford, Cooper, Tundra, Many Toes & more - Spot Bot....I love you all!

Hugs and purrs,


World's Coolest Contest!

November 18th 2010 5:17 pm
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Wow! I can't believe I'm a finalist in the World's Coolest Contest! Yippee! Mom only entered 1 picture this year and we can't believe it made it to the finals! I'm in the Scaredy Cat category! There are so many pawsome photos of both cats and dogs and we're pleased to see many of our furiends as finalists as well. Mom says those judges sure have their work cut out for themselves because all the photos are wonderful! Thanks to all of you who voted for me! You are simply the best! Good luck to everyfur and WTG!

Hugs and purrs,
Scaredy Cat Simon


Veteran's Day 2010

November 11th 2010 10:22 am
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I'd like to thank all the members of the military who have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our country so that we may be free! You are the true heroes of this great country! Happy Veteran's Day!

Hugs and purrs,


Thank You To All My Wonderful Furiends!

September 11th 2010 9:23 pm
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Wow! I can't believe what wonderful furiends I have here! I am such a lucky kitty! Thanks to all who sent me gifts, p-mail, made comments and even made me pawsome pics! If I forget anyone please forgive me as I tried to keep track of everything and so did mom. I had a wonderful day and mommy even gave me extra Fancy Feast appetizer! Yummy! I hope I get to be a DDP again! MOL!

Thank you furiends! I love you all!

Jerry - Sent a baseball! I'll have fun batting it around!
Wyatt - Ice cream! Yummy! Thanks buddy!
Pigeon - Share the Love Kitty Heart! I'm so glad you are home!
Karma Kitty - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Sending love your way!
Tate - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Lots of love to you!
Sassy - Share the Love Kitty Heart! So sweet and thoughtful too!
Smokey and the girls - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Love you all!
Milo - Blue ribbon! Thank you furiend!
Tabatha - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Thanks furiend!
Gump & Nadia - Blue ribbon! Thanks for remembering me furiends!
Milo & crew - Blue ribbon and a very cool pic! Thank you for your talent and furiendship!
Keisha, Sylvester & Merlin - Rainbow! It's shining brightly on my page just as your furiendship is!
The Bush Furs - Blue ribbon! Thank you for all your love!
Kaci Sunshine - Pirate Flag! Ahoy matey! You're one of the sweetest kitties around!
Sunny - Winner's trophy! My wonderful doggie furiend who is the best!
The family of Divine Miss B., Jade, Crystal, Ali Cat - Pirate flag! Ahoy maties!
Family of Sammie, Kiki and Ember - Pirate flag! Yer me furiends furever!
Family of Rex, Bugsy, Max, Simba, Sadie, Spice, and Tutti - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Sending you love!
Family of Adam Dylan, Eve Layla, Puddin Keket, Puff Amenti, Pumpkin Sanuka and Little One - Share the Love Kitty Heart! What a wonderful family!
Family of Oreo, Thomas, Brantley, Callie & more - Share the Love Kitty Heart! You're the best!
Family of Luke, Tully, Sammy and Natasha - Share the Love Kitty Heart! Love you all!
Family of Misha, Marrakech, Samsara & Colette - Share the Love Kitty Heart! You are such good furiends and all too nice!
Family of River, Simone & more - Mouse! Had fun chasing him around the house!
Big Harry of the group Kewlest Catster Kitties for making me a pawsome pic! You are very talented and one Kewl Kitty!

Thanks to all my furiends! I love you all!
Hugs and purrs,


I'm a Daily Diary Pick and Remembering Those Who Lost Their- Lives Today!

September 11th 2010 9:21 am
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Yippee! I can't believe I'm a DDP today! Mom woke up this morning and read her e-mail and saw all the messages! This is my first time as a DDP! Thank you Diary gal for choosing me and a big concats to all the other diary picks! I also want to thank all my furiends who have sent me gifts, comments and p-mail! You are just the best and I love you all! I will send you all thank yous later!

I would also like to remember all the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This is a day we will never forget. To all the family members who lost a loved one on that day, we send you are heartfelt sympathy and know we stand beside you. You are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day!

Hugs and purrs,

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