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I Won Welcome Waggin for Dogters and Catsters, Best Page in- their Halloween Contest! :)

November 1st 2009 9:56 pm
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Dear diary,
this entry is a little late I won Welcome Waggin for Dogsters and Catsters, Best Page on Halloween day! I just couldn't believe the great news... I was shocked! You should see some of the other pages... their Great! It was quite an honor! I would like to thank Welcome Waggin's Group Administration fur picking my page and for the Special Prize! I would also like to thank all the other kind members of the group fur their wishes and congratulations! I truly appreciate it! If you haven't heard of Welcome Waggin already... go check it out! It's a lot of fun and Everyfurbody is so nice and friendly (one of my Favorite Groups! :) ♥


*A New Halloween Tag Game

October 11th 2009 11:47 pm
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The Five Things I love about Halloween....

1. I like to play peekaboo when the children come to the door dressed in costumes!
2. I like to hear the wind blowing outside!
3. I like to sit on the couch with Mom and watch scary movies!
4. I like to poke my head outside and feel the cool air!
5. I like it when the door opens and leaves blown inside, to play with!

I just got tagged by Sally!... Thanks for Tagging me, Sally! I hope you're feeling better! :) I have been tagged by Edwina, Louise Brooks and Greyson, also! I am off to Tag Muppet now!

*Here is what you need to do... answer, What Five Things You Love about Halloween, in your Diary, on your page. You will need to mention in your diary entry who tagged you, who else you've been tagged by and which furiend/s you will tag next. Then you need to tag someone (up to 6 furiends ),
you can notify them by Paw Mail or by sending a Zealie! You will need to explain to them how the game is played may put the instructions on your page like I did, or in your P.Mail or Zealie message. Have fun! Happy Halloween! :)


5 Things I love About Halloween

October 9th 2009 4:03 pm
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5 Things I love about Halloween

1.I love playing with the candy wrappers!
2. I love Black Cats!
3.I love watching Mom rake the leaves (I know Mom does not like this chore, though! MOL )
4. I love watching Football on my top of the sofa seat with Mom
5.I love catching spiders! (Mom does not like these either! MOL)

Thanks for tagging me, Greyson! ;)

I have been tagged by Edwina, Louise Brooks and Greyson!

I have tagged Julius, Flo and Kally Kat (unfourtunately, she is unable to participate , as her typist just had surgery on her arm.Hope she heals soon!) and I'm off to tag Chloe now!*

*What you need to do is rewrite or copy/paste and answer these 5 questions in your Diary, mention who tagged you and who you will tag, and send a Paw Mail or Zealie to inform them, that they're Tagged! Please give the furson you tag instructions on how to play, you can put this is your diary, too! Enjoy! Happy Halloween! ♥


6 Things I love about Halloween

October 8th 2009 2:34 am
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6 Things I love about Halloween....

1. The strange scents of different candy
2.I love to play with Scarecrow stuffing!
3. I love my new Halloween toy!
4. I love seeing funny looking little humans(I think they are? MOL) at my door
5. I love hearing Halloween songs/music
6. I love making Halloween pics. with Mom fur our furiends!

Thanks for tagging me Louise Brooks!

I have been tagged byEdwina , too!

I have tagged Flo, Julius and now I will tag Kally Kat!*

*You need to copy and answer my questions in your Diary entry, 6 Things I (you)
Love about Halloween, mention who tagged you and who you will tag , and send a zealie or a Paw Mail to that furson!

Happy Halloween! :)


5 Things I love about Halloween

October 7th 2009 12:54 pm
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5 Things I love about Halloween.....

1. I love playing with the Halloween decorations!
2. I love watching the leaves fall!
3.I love participating in Halloween fun (like this tag game) with my Catster furiends!
4.I love the cool weather!
5.I love seeing the children come to our door for candy!

Thanks for tagging me Edwina!
I just tagged my furiends Julius and Flo!

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