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Hooray! I just finished Thanking everyfurbody!

February 10th 2010 5:37 am
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Hello everyfurbody! I just finished sending out my last Thank you! I didn't realize I had so many furiends! MOL I guess I'm pretty lucky... especially to have furiends like all of you! Thanks again for all my Purrs, Gifts/w pics., messages, comments , and your concern! I truly appreciate it! I love you all! I am doing about the same... I have been barely eating , I haven't been following my Mom like I usually do, I haven't been hanging out with her or sleeping with her either. I have been finding finding hiding places... which I've never done before. This is all so much Not like me. I want to feel like myself again ,,,so Mom can stop worrying! I will keep you posted. Happy Valentine's Day to everyfurbody! ♥


Dear Diary,

February 8th 2010 6:37 am
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It's me again! Well I'm back to sneezing / infection again this morning.... at least I had two good days without! I think I'll always have to be on medicine ! I forgot to mention I have double ear infections and some type of worms,Giardia ( I think that's it?),also. The hospital called Saturday to let us know that ( about the worms , that is). I just haven't been myself since I've been home from the hospital/anesthesia visit. I haven't been eating my dry food , which before my visit I preferred over the wet food . I'm not eating much, but I eat a little wet food . Mom's been a little worried ... We're still waiting for the smear, culture results ... which they said would be in a few days. I think everything is going to be O.K.,though ... I've had so many friends purring from me! Thanks again to all my friends for all their Purrs and concern! I have the Best Circle of friends on Catster ! I love them all! There are so many other poor kitties out there that are much worse off than I am and My Heart and my Purrs go out to them and their families! ♥ P.S. I still have a few more Thank yous to send out!


"We're Blue...we fight...we don't give up...and we always- keep smiling"! :) ~ Quoted from my Good furiend , Coopuur!- 2/6/10

February 6th 2010 6:03 pm
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Thankyou Coopuur for the Quote ....Love it! ♥
Hello to all my Pawsome furiends... Thanks for all the Purrs and Love! ♥ Just a brief update for those who have asked......since I have been home , I have not been sneezing excessively , having my sneezing Fits ect...this is Amazing! I had a Nasal Flush ...I think it's called? My Mom has only one concern breathing has been Extra Heavy , even before my Vet. trip. The Vet could hear me breathing without the stethoscope (sp?) . It could just be that I need a new medication , that I've built up a tolerance to the azithromycin? I've been on this antibiotic for over a year now...every 72 hours. We'll find out very soon...still waiting for culture , smear results and to get my new treatment plan. I'll keep you posted, O.K? Thanks for your concern, Love and purrs , my furiends! I love ya! ♥ Enjoy your weekend! :)


To all my Dear furiends here at Catser, Thanks for your- Purrs! I Love you all! ♥

February 5th 2010 5:27 pm
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Tears of joy are rolling down Moms face as she types!... We can't believe what Wonderful, Kind, Thoughtful True friends we have at Catster! We both want to both Thankyou all from the bottom of our Hearts for your Purrs and Friendship! I'm home now from the Animal Hospital now! Everybody commented on my Loud Pigeon Purr...seriously, I was a STAR there! While in my crate in the waiting room , a lady asked Mom ,"what kind of bird I was?"!... MOL (You can listen to my purr, on my page in the video if you'd like! ) I had several tests, Xrays,including the upper respitory system and several cultures,which we're still waiting the results. I did not have polyps (some kind of condition , Mom can't remember the name of ?) as thought, which may had caused my Unique Pigeon sounding purr MOL and my other upper respitory symptoms. I was dianosed as having an anatomical problem ...a cleft soft palate that is inoperable, and my health is one of the reasons they are unable to do the surgery. I will find out more about my treatment plan when the Surgeon/Vet calls again with my Culture results. We want to Thankyou all for your Purrs , Kindness messages and Giftees! We're trying really hard to Thank each one of you Special friends and if by chance you do not hear from us soon , we apologize and it was not intentional, O.K? You're support and concern meant so much to Mom and I! You're a great Group of True furiends, that we are so Lucky and Thankful to have! I love ya're all my Valentines! :) ♥ Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentines Day! ♥ P.S. Oh yeah.... I got to keep my COOL Purr! MOL


Pigeon may be having surgery tomorrow....he could use your- purrs

February 4th 2010 5:54 pm
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Pigeon is having alot of tests, xrays , bloodwork and possibly surgery tomorrow, as he has had alot of health concerns . He could use your purrs! Thanks sooo much furiends! Mom loves you Pigeon and I'm praying for some Good News! ♥


I just got Tagged in a Valentines Day Game! ♥

January 28th 2010 2:54 am
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Thanks for Tagging me Cupid (Snow Angel) ! Cupid asked ...

1. Do you have a Valentine?... If so... who?

Yes, I'm Proud to say I do! My Sweet Valentine is the Beautiful, Kally Kat!

2. If not... do you wish you did? ... Is there anyone particular?... Or would you rather be single? ...Why?

3.What's your favorite Love Song?... Who sings it?

I have many but, I'll choose, "What's New Pussy Cat" by Tom Jones.

4.What would be a Perfect Valentines Day for you?

Kally Kat & I would go out for a seafood dinner, go see a Kitty movie, I would present Kally Kat with a Diamond collar and finish off the Purrfect Date with Purrs, Cuddles and Kisses with my Valentine! ♥

I am off to Tag...

1. Kally Kat
2. Colarado
3. Royce
4. Nelly~Bell~May
5. Julius
6. Francis
7. Tully

*Just copy& paste this entry into your Diary, delete my answers and Tag names, answer the questions, then list the names of as many friends as you would like to Tag. Be sure to mention who Tagged you, also! Then just send a brief message (you may copy & paste my message I sent you) asking your friend/s if they'd like to play and if so , to see your Diary for instructions. That's it! Have fun, Spread the Love and Have a Happy Valentines Day! ♥

*If you are just reading this, and have not been Tagged yet... and would like to play...consider yourself Tagged by Cupid (Me) ! ♥


Can you Guess the Animal?

January 8th 2010 8:45 am
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I will have my Clues open until the first correct guess is given.
If more kitties and doggies will guess correctly within 24 hours after the first - they all will be sharing the credit of first correct guess, because some furs live in different time zones and they should not be denied the chance to win if they know the answer.

If no-one guessed correctly - I'll add more clues, because rules say that you should give 4(four) or more clues to an animal, a place or a thing. So, I started with four.

I am inviting everyone to play, because it's a fun game. Who will have the credit of guessing correctly - they can put up their own clues for all of us to guess.

When you guessed correctly - we will be watching your diaries for your clues, cos we like this game.

Please send your guesses to me via paw-mail instead of comments to this entry, otherwise others can see the possible correct guess.

If you are up for this game - you're not limited to number of guesses. But you can only give me one guess at a time and I'll reply saying whether your guess is correct or if you should try and guess again.

There are no prizes of value in this game - so no-one should feel obliged to anything. We just like to guess your clever clues, when you put them up.

Good luck in guessing my set of clues.

Here's my 4 clues...

1.It has spots, stripes or rossettes (not to be mistaken for the Zealies MOL )

2.It is primarily nocturnal

3.It is a strong swimmer

4.It lives in a range of tropical and semi tropical areas as well as forests and savannahs


Sweet Little Eve id # 108639 went to the Bridge today- ♥ Please Pray for her family

January 3rd 2010 1:27 pm
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I am so sad to hear this news about this Sweet Angel going to the Bridge...she has been in our thoughts and prayers since we heard about her sad story. The nice thing I can say is on Christmas Eve, she was finally able to feel Loved and live out the rest of her short life with such a Kind and Selfless family. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be Sweet Angel Eves' , Mom, Dad and Aunt Jodie. ♥


SPLAT! The Snowball Fight is on!

December 29th 2009 10:56 am
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Ha Ha! I've been hit twice today, three times , if you count the brussel ball (Thanks Napolean! ) but, I hit 6 furiends! You better watch out and Coopuur and little Sammy , I can get you again ! MOL

Would you like to join in on the Snowball Fight? Consider yourself Hit! Ha Ha! ......

"SPLAT! You've just been hit in the SnowBall Fight!
Let's keep this Snowball Fight going! Just copy & send
this message to a furiend ... you may send it along with a snow
related Zealie or snow pic. link if you have one
.Let's see how many friends hit you!"


2010 New Year Resolution Tag Game

December 28th 2009 11:42 pm
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I just got Tagged by Royce (Thanks Royce !) and was asked ....

1.What is your 2010 New Year Resolution ?

I would like to make more furiends!

2.Why did you choose that for your Resolution?

I like having lots of furiends...helping others, sharing laughs, learning about different things/places etc...!

3.Do you think you will be able to keep it? Why/Why not?'s not hard to be nice to others!

I am off to Tag ...
3.Kally Kat
6. Kitty Kitty
8. Ka-zar the Aussie Meowster

All you have to do is copy & paste the entry above into your Diary, erase my names and answers , fill in yours, send a message like I sent to you... asking if they'd like to play an easy New Year Resolution Game and if so... to visit your Diary for instructions. Now you just list as many furiends as you'd like to tag and Have fun!

Have a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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