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Thanks to ALL my Friends for my DDP Wishes!

June 9th 2010 9:32 am
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Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you for helping me Celebrate my June 4th DDP! Thanks for all my Congrats., nice messages/w pics., , Special Keepsake pics., comments in my Diary and on my pics. And Generous Gifts! You are all very thoughtful and I appreciate your Kindness! I'm so Happy to say that I have the Best Friends on Catster! I have tried to send Thank yous to everyone, (I Hope I haven't forgotten anyone! ) and have commented on my last DDP Entry to those friends who left me messages. I am looking forward to Celebrating your DDPs, Honors and Special days, also! Thanks again! Love ya ALL! ♥ Keep in touch and enjoy your day! :)

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. - Douglas Pagels


Thanks to all my Friends for sending me Cook Out Food and- Goodies! If you didn't here back from me , I've Thanked- you below.

June 5th 2010 1:31 pm
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Hello my friends! Thankyou all for all for the Grilled Gifts and Goodies! I've attempted to visit your pages to leave Thankyou messages, treats, comments and send Cookout Food and Goodies however...I'm having the HARDEST time logging on ! It's freezing up! My cursor just hangs there! It's taking me FOREVER to log on to your pages! I'm not sure why? My Dog Sis, Angel is having the same problem on Dogster but , not as bad as I am on Catster! So, I made a list of my friends that I wanted to Thank but have been unable to.......
Ed ( in Loving Memory) and Family
Freckles and family
CoCo in Julius's Family
Ava Corrine (Guardian Angel)
The Bush Furs
Beckham (spottedpelt) and Family
Greystone and Family
Pia Zadora and Family
Pepperlove and Family
Kaci Sunshine and Family
Tico (in Loving Memory 11-08-05)and Family
Jake and Family
Lucy and Family
Missy and Tyler
and anyone I may have left out!I'm Sorry :(

I hope I did not leave anyone out! I apologize if I wasn't intentional! Again , I 'm sorry I was unable to reach all of you :( but hopefully will be able to soon! Thankyou so much for taking the time to send me Gifts and Nice messages! You're all Very Kind and Generous! I'm sooo Lucky to have you all as my Friends! I Love ya! ♥ :)


I'm a Daily Diary Pick today! :)

June 4th 2010 1:13 am
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Hi! I just received my Catster e-mail informing me I'm a DDP! Thankyou Catster for picking me ! This was such a nice surprise! I'm also Happy for my Birthday friends ( recent and upcoming soon) that I mentioned in my last Diary Entry!... Now the Whole Catster Community will Know!!! Whoohoo!!!! I'm going to start Celebrating my Day of Fame now with my Mom! Thanks again Catster ...I still Love ya despite all the changes! ( not sure how my friends will feel about that last sentence , though? !) I think you made up for that by supplying our Free Cook-out Food! Thankyou Very Much... my Dog Sis , Snow Angel and I really appreciated was alot of fun...especially being able to connect with old friends!

So Come on friends... "Get Over It!" MOL :)
-------------------------------------------------------- --------


Lots of Birthdays happening over the long Memorial Day- weekend and right afterwards!! !!

May 30th 2010 10:53 pm
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Hi Friends! Here's just a few of my Friends Celebrating , feel free to add anyone to this Entry I may have left out ( I apologize if I did!)Even if your B.Day isn't around this time...just add it to this Entry, anyways... so I'll make sure have it!
Milo and his Bro., Timmy both Celebrated Saturday May/30! Milo, Timmy , Smokey Joe, Luna ( Milo's Sweetie),Tate, Bugsy and myself ( we missed having Flo and Flossie there!) drove in a Limo to Vegas... baby! We had a great time , and that's all I can say... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! MOL here is Milo's page link to check out some of our Vegas pics. and you can, also get to Timmy's page through Milo's ( as I can't find Milos , Family page !?) Click here for Milo's page
Sunday May 31st is Muppets BirthdayClick here for Muppets page
June 1st is Gumps 16th Bithday! Whoohoo! Click herefor Gump's page
and June 1st is Patches and June 6th is Patches Bro., Royces Birthday and keeping it all in the Family ...Abigail their Dog Sis, will be Celebrating her ( get this!) ..15th Birthday on June 6th! Whoohoo! Here is their Family Page link Click here for Patches, Royce and Abigails page I heard from Mom they're having a Huge Party on June 7th to Celebrate them All! Can't wait to see the pictures !
also on June 1st. are my friends Bobby and Bro's Teddy and Jacks Birthdays! Here is Bobby's page link and you can get to Teddy and Jacks from there. Mom may have individual Celebrations for each next year. Click here for Bobby's page
and last but not least on June 1st is Lucky and Little Star Bush Furs 4th Birthday! Click herefor the Bush Furs page
also, June 3rd is Sweet Angel Eve's 1st Birthday ♥click here for Sweet Angel, Eve's page ♥
Happy Birthday to my Friends and any other Friends I may have missed right now( and Everyone else to! ) I Love ya All! ♥


Thankyou Catster for supplying us with our Cook out Food!- :)

May 29th 2010 6:25 pm
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Thankyou so much Catster for our Free Cookout Food! This was just Wonderful! This is the first time ever I've been able to send all Pigeon's, friend's a Gift!... Now if I could only find the time ! BOL What a Nice Surprise this was! I think it's Great for those, (including myself as I am currently unemployed), that cannot afford to buy alot of Zealies! I only wish I could... because I truly enjoy giving to others and I always feel really bad when Pigeon, receives gifts and I am unable to send one back! I am sure that our friends do not expect us to ... however, that's just the way I am... and I am sure there are many others that feel just the same way! It's so nice to see everybody sending the gifts so freely to eachother! I always feel bad when I see another member without a single Zealie on their page and I Oh so wish I had one to send! I am hoping that everybody in the Catster Community has at least one gift on their page now! If anybody reading this notices a Member without one... please take the time and send them one! If we all do this, then Everybody will have a gift on a page! There is now no excuse for any Member to be without one! It would be nice if Catster could do this for at least one day , on each holiday ... especially Christmas! Thank you again so much Catster for this Great Gift to All of us! I hope you all have a Safe, Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Everybody else, too! Remember, our Heroes! We love ya! ♥ P.S. Happy Barb-be-cue ( SP? ..that's why I have been using the word Cookout MOL) Friends! :)


The BOSTON CELTICS WON the EASTERN CONFERENCE TITLE ! - Friday eve. 5/28/10 Whoohoo! !!! :)

May 29th 2010 3:09 am
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That's right...the Celtics will be playing in the Finals! Concatulations! Go Celtics! ♥


OMC!!!!! I have a Whole Memorial Day Cookout on my page! - Hooray! :)

May 28th 2010 9:50 pm
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Hello! I went to my page this evening and to my surprise I have a Whole Memorial Day Cookout there! MOL ... Memorial Day Flags, Hamburgers , hotdogs, watermelon, lemonade and icecream too! Yummy I Love Cookouts!:) Thankyou so much my friends! What a Group of Kind, and Generous Friends ... I'm so Lucky to have!I truly appreciate all of your Kindness!Unfortunately I can't possibly thank you all personally however... I have PLENTY of food to share with Everybody... so Come on Over and let's Celebrate Memorial Day and of course...our Friendships! I Love ya ALL! Have a Safe and Happy Memorial day Weekend everyone! Remember our Heroes! ♥


Light a Candle for Grabber

May 26th 2010 11:08 pm
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Here is a link from the PAWS ~Angel Wags For Kindness Group ~Light a Candle ~to Grabber's Candle page if you'd like to light a Candle for Sweet Angel, Grabber. Click here for Grabbers Candle's Special Thanks to , Sweet Kally Kat for arranging this! You're so Thoughtful!Love ya! ♥ :)


Very Sad new friend , Grabber made his way to the - Bridge today Monday May 24th. :(

May 24th 2010 5:19 pm
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I'm sorry to have to say that , Grabber my new friend ( sibling of Scooter ( Bridge Angel) , Java and furamily) made his way to the Bridge today. Mom was in tears as she wrote to inform me of the Very sad news. :(
I hadn't known him very long at all , however I know he was Very Much Loved by his Mom and GrandMa and that he lived a long Happy Life ! He was also, was an Award Winning Show Kitty ! R.I.P. Sweetie. I won't forget you. Our Heart goes out to you and the family and we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers. ♥
Here is , Sweet Angel, Grabber's link to his page. click here for Grabbers page Please send some Love and Prayers/Purrs to the family! Thankyou so much for being a Kind Friend!


Great News! I was asked to be a Kittie's 1st Friend on- Catster!

May 22nd 2010 11:35 pm
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Hi! I just had to share this Great News!... Grabber, a Handsome, 13 year old brother to Java and family sent me a Feline Request, asking me to be his First Friend on Catster! How Cool is that? He 's his Mom's Very First Show Kitty! He was Retired as the First Best Premier in the Nation that year ( There's More info on his page)!!!! You should see his picture of his Huge Ribbons and Awards on his page! I'm Impressed! Here's his link if you'd like to visit his page and/ or be his friend too!
Click here to visit/ send a Friend request to my new friend, Grabber!
Thankyou , Grabber for sending me your First Friend request! I'm honored! :)
________________________________________________________ ________

UPDATE: I'm very sad to say Grabber's Vet. found a mass in his stomache last Friday and says he is in alot of pain.

My heart goes out to you and the family and you are in my thoughts and prayers ♥

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