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I Love my Furiends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Thanks- sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

April 2nd 2011 12:12 pm
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Hi Furiends! We just wanted to Thankyou ALL fur my stopping by my page and helping me Celebrate my 4th Birthday and making it so Very Special! Thanks fur your Diary comments, Group messages, pic. comments , Prezzies, pics. , PawMails etc......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're wayyyy too Kind & Thoughtful!!!!!! You're the Best Furiends a Cat could ever have! We Love each and Everyfurone of you! Pigeon & Mom ♥
P.S. Hope you have a Great weekend! :)


Am I Louder than Smokey, The Worlds Loudest Cat? You be- the judge.......

March 25th 2011 10:50 pm
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Hi Furiends! Here is .....
The Worlds Loudest Cat video
click here to hear Smokey, The Worlds Loudest Cats Purr

or Do you think Catsters own Pigeon is louder? You compare....
click here to hear Pigeons Loud Purr

Well...what do you think? You can leave a Comment on the Cats Meow Blog ( look for Leave a Comment on top right of the page ) or here on my Diary Entry or both. Thanks ! Love ya! :)


I was a DDP 2/4/11 and didn't even know! Murphys- Law....figures! ! MOL

February 5th 2011 2:03 pm
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Hi Furiends! Yesterday Friday 2/4/11 I had no idea I was a DDP as again I'm having problems and was unable to get on at all until late this morning . I just found out now 4:45 Saturday P.M. ! MOL Figures....Murphy's Law! Thanks fur Celebrating fur me! MOL I would like to Thank you fur my nice DDP messages / Concats. , my Kewl DDP picture by Big Harry and Generous Gifts! I appreciate your thoughtfulness! I truly have Kindest and Best on Catster! I Love ya All! ♥ P.S. Thanks of course to the DDP Picker also ! :)


I've been Tagged a Few Times! ( It Must Be My New Valentine- Boxer Shorts! MOL )

January 28th 2011 8:13 pm
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My good furiends Simone , Timmy Tomcat & Milo tagged me, so here it goes.......
Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Here's a few of my Human Pet Peeves....

1)being an indoor cat (that has been lost already) I'd have to say being kept away from the outside doors!
2)having to pose fur pictures and sometimes in silly hats and clothes!
3)being scolded fur jumping on the kitchen table when Moms eating!
4)being disturbed while relaxing on Mom's lap when she has to get up to do something!
5)watching the dog get fed bigger treats/ and a larger quantity of food than me and sometimes having to wait to be fed second!
Can you just imagine?!!!!.... The Nerve of my Mom !!!!!!

Now to tag some friends.....
6)Big Harry
10)Kally Kat
I tried to choose some furiends I don't think have been tagged yet? Not sure though?

If you're reading this and haven't been Tagged yet...consider yourself Tagged if you'd like to be, O.K?


Happy 2011 Furiends!

January 2nd 2011 9:05 pm
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Hi Furiends! Hoping you had a nice Christmas and a Fun New Years Eve! I would like to Thank my Furiends for all the Holiday Wishes, messages , comments on my pics. and Prezzies ( some w/ pics. and nice messages) that Decorated my Page for The Holidays! I also, received some Kewl Gifts/Cards from Furiends in the Mail too! ( see my Christmas Gift Thankyou Collage pictures on my page) I truly appreciate Everyfurthing ,but even more important than Gifts...'re Furiendship... which is a Gift to me! You all mean alot to me! I have the Best Furiends on Catster! I hope each and everyfurone of you & your Families have a Happy, Healthy New Year! Love ya! :)
Please let's keep our less fortunate Furry Furiends Always in our Purrs/prayers..... Those in Shelters/ Rescues, in Puppy /Kitty Mills, those with Special Needs, homeless, feral, abused ,and sick etc... Let's try to do what we can this New Year to help them out by Donating, Volunteering, Visiting, fostering and reporting suspected /animal abuse! ♥


We're So Very Thankful Fur ALL of You!!!! :)

November 13th 2010 11:20 pm
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We all know by now Thankful I am fur my Furever Home , so now it's time to Thank you! We're so Grateful for having all of you as our Furiends! You've ALL been here to share the Good Times and the Bad Times too, with Mom and I! You've been so Kind and Supportive when needed ! We're so Grateful to have you as our Furiends and I Truly mean this! Thankyou! ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Families! We both Love ya! Pigeon & Mom ♥ :)


Still Got Lots of Thankyou's to do......

November 13th 2010 11:16 pm
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Hi Furiends! Just wanted to Thankyou All for my recent COTW , DDP , Gotcha Day and Halloween Wishes!!!! Thanks so much for all your messages , gifts, picture comments, pics. etc!!!!!! Mom's still sending Thankyou's out, so if you haven't received yours yet....hang in there! Hopefully we haven't left anyone out... as we'd feel terrible! We appreciate Everything you've done to help make my Special days, Xtra Special!!!!!! You are all Truly the Kindest and Most Thoughtful Furiends anyone could have! Mom and I are so Happy and Lucky to have met all of you and to have you as our Furiends!!!! We Love ya all! Pigeon & Mom :)


It's my Gotcha Day .....The Best Day of My Life!!!!!! ♥

October 30th 2010 7:12 am
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This had to be the Best Day of My Life, 2 years Gotcha Day ! You see I was at my Foster Home fur a lonnng time and had to be seperated from the other Kitties as I was always so sick, because of my previous Animal Abuse, Hoarding Case . I had to be caged during the day at my Foster Mom's House... unlike the other Kitties. When Mom came to see me fur the first time ... I was not looking or feeling my best! ( My whole story is in my Bio/Story on my page) When my Foster Mom, told my Mom, my whole story she felt she just had to take me matter how sick or ungroomed I was. My Mom says she's never met such a Sweet Kitty, especially not one with a Purr like mine! MOL ! I will furever be devoted to my Mom and she knows this, as she calls me her "Shadow" because I Never leave her side! (well once... when I snuck out to follow her and I got lost! ) My Mom fell in Love with me ...just the way I am! ♥


Please Don't Hate Me Because I'm DDP Today!!!!!! - MOL

October 16th 2010 6:13 pm
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seriously!....Please don't Don't Hate Me! I don't choose Catster DDP's! I guess I'm just Lucky! I'm also Very Lucky to have Furiends like you ! I'm on a Roll! MOL Thanks H.Q.'s and Furiends who have Concatulated me, sent messages, gifts etc.... I appreciate your Kindness, Generosity and Most of all're Furiendship! Love ya ALL! :)


Will you Vote fur me ..... I 'll Vote fur you! :)

October 11th 2010 12:45 am
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Hi Furiends! If you haven't heard or entered in the Worlds Coolest Dogs and Cats Show photo Contest , you have to check it out! It's easy ... just takes a minute, just upload your photo in any Categorie you'd like or as many times as you'd like, Catster has all your information there, you just check off a couple rules and that's it! Please Vote Fur Me ad I'll Vote fur you too! If you'd like ,you can leave you Contest Page link here in my Comments! Thanks so much I appreciate it! Good Luck to you! Love ya! ) P.S. my Sweet Dog Sister (who happens to like kitties), Snow Angel is entered also if you wouldn't mind voting for her also! Thanks again! We both Love ya! :)

Pigeon-please click here to view my Entries and Vote! Thanks!

Snow Angel-click here to view and Vote for Angel's, Entries Thanks!

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