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Thanx fur Celebrating my Gotcha Day with me! :)

November 20th 2011 11:44 am
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Hello Furiends! I know this is looooong overdue, but I just had to say Thanx to all my furiends who helped to make my Gotcha Day Xtra Special! We really tried to Thank you All personally fur your Nice Messages and Gifts! I truly Appreciate Everything! If there is anyone we missed, we're so sorry :( Please furgive us?! ♥ Love ya, Pigeon & Mom


O.K. so I've heard of 'Frost on The Pumpkin' but this is- Ridiculous!!!!

October 30th 2011 12:36 pm
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Hello Furiends!
Well....we didn't even make it to Halloween this year!
OMC What a Storm! Cold rain weighing down the branches/limbs of the trees , because most the trees around here still have leaves! Mom was walking Snow Angel ( how appropriate is that name?!) and could hear trees/branches breaking and falling and there was lightning also! We were Lucky as we did not lose power , as the trees/branches were falling on the power lines and thousands of others did! The Govener declared it a State of Emergency! Well the Good News is Mom doesn't have to rake leaves!...The Bad News is... she has to shovel cold , heavy snow!
New England Gotta Love it!? MOL Happy Hallowwen Everyfurbuddy?!
in case you'd like to see pix/find out more...
October 29/30 Snow Storm Images/News ( click here)


Today is my Gotcha Day! ♥

October 17th 2011 10:09 am
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Hi Furiends! It was 3 years ago when Mom adopted me and I'll be furever Grateful ....can't you tell by my Purr?!!!! ♥ ( In case you haven't heard it... the video is on my page ) I got my name because my purr sounds like a Pigeon...don't you agree?!!! Mom wasn't crazy about the name but grew to Love it...because it's me! I had a rough start to life being born in and rescued/surrendered from a severe animal abuse Hoarding case of 95 cats/kittens! I'm Lucky to have survived these deplorable living conditions...and today I'm a sick kitty because of this! This is my 3rd home , I was adopted from my Foster Home of over a year, but returned because the woman said my Purr was too loud. My Mom Loves my purr and my Sweet disposition ! I'm a Special Needs Kitty and Mom Loves me just the way I am! ♥


Argghhh!!!! I'm not a Happy Pirate anymore! :(

September 20th 2011 9:36 am
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Ahoy Mateys! It's me Cap'n Piercing Purrs AKA Pigeon
Mom & I had no idea the Big Pirate Flag Gifts were just fur a day!!? ( the Kewl was this of Catster H Q to give us these unlimited Free Pawsome Pirate Flag Gifts to send ?!!! Thanx Catster H Q! We Love ya! ♥) We tried to send a few but were also busy with our Groups and other Groups "Talk Like a Pirate Day" events, tending to other Catster business ( Birthday's, DDP's etc...) and receiving the sad news of a Catster furiend passing on. :( We just didn't have enough time to send these out to All our Bucko's yesterday! :( Sorry Mateys!

However, we'd like to Thank All our Furiends and Families who sent us the Big Pirate Flag Gifts!

Thanx to ...
Catster HQ fur allowing us to send these unlimited Big Pirate Flags, free fur a day!
The Family of Kiki, Jack & Kosuteh!
The Family of Milo♥DB35b! -( with a Kewl Banner!)
Jezebel!- (with a Cute pic! )!
The Family of Sally!
Capt Coldcut aka Monida Cristo!
The Family of Dagger Toes Simone ( KCK Admins.)!
The Family of Pete, Hen, Lucy & Daisy!
Captain Sigmond Sparrow!
The Bush Furs Family!
♥ Simon ♥ and Reuben ( an angel now) (KCK Admins.)! -(with a Treasure Chest enclosed!)
The Family of Chandler Ray!
The Family of Wanda!
The Familyof Blizzard AKA The Catfather!
Novi & Ingen!
The Family of Captain Luke Sparrow !
The Family of Big Harry ( KCK Admins.)!
Tasty Tate of Cuppycake Cove!
The Family of Rex (KCK Admins.)!
Lord Scooby Teague!
The Family of Nadia and Gump ( KCK Admins.)!
The Famly of Mr. Sam-At the Bridge!
and Last but not Least...
Catster HQ fur allowing us to send these unlimited Big Pirate Flags, free fur a day!

Please furgive us if we accidentally furgot to mention any of our other Matey's ! :(

We appreciate your thoughtfulness! You're such Good Bucko's! Aye!

Thanx also to my other Pirate furiends who sent other Pirate Gifts! Love 'em! So Kind and Generous of you!

and Thanx to those of you who attended our Group Kewlest Catster Kitties, Capt'n Mc Franny Pants, "Talk Like A Pirate Day" thread and of course Thanx to him also fur having the Kewl Event!

Until next Year Bucko's'! Love ya ♥ Pigeon & Mom


Purraying fur my East Coast furiends during Hurricane Irene- ♥

August 27th 2011 9:49 am
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Hoping and purraying all our East Coast furiends and Families will be safe and unaffected by Hurricane Irene. Best Wishes ♥ We Love ya, Pigeon , Mom & Snow Angel


Today is Kewlest Catster Kitties 1st Year Anniversary!!!!!- Whooohoooo!!!!!

July 28th 2011 2:34 pm
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Hi Furiends! Today is Kewlest Catster Kitties 1st Year Anniversary!!!! Please try to stop by our Anniversary Celebration thread in our Group and Celebrate with our Pawsome KCK Admins. and Members!!!

click her to get over to the thread to Celebrate with us Quick!!!! ( Whoops! supposed to read click here)

or here's the thread page link...

It's Thanx to our Friendly, Hardworking, Kewl Admins./Friends and Kewlest Members we have such a Special Group! We're just like Furmily !!!! Thanx to all of you! KCK and Mom & I (of course ) Love ya! ♥

HAPPY 1st Year Anniversary Kewlest Catster Kitties!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooray!!!!!!!!!! :)


Man....I've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

July 19th 2011 9:59 am
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Hi furiends! As you may have noticed or wondered why you hadn't heard from me or maybe why I wasn't there to Celebrate your recent Special Event with you's just that betweeen Mom not feeling well , other family matters, outside yard work and just 'cause it's Summer I haven't been as active on Catster....I apologize!!!! I don't think Mom & I will ever really be able to backtrack and catch up to all we've missed recently however, we just want you to know, hopefully, we'll be here fur your next Celebration/Special Day .... as we care about each and everyfurone of our friends! We've missed you all so much! :( Happy Summer everyfurbuddy and Keep Kewl! Love ya, Pigeon & Mom ♥!


" Toto , I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!!!! "

June 4th 2011 1:35 pm
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but seriously ...not very funny at all.....
3 Tornadoes in Massachusetts?!!!!!! What's that all about?!!!!! This only happens in the Mid West, right?!!!!!! Oh well....Mom & I and ( as far as we know) our other MA. Catster furiends areas have not been affected by the Tornadoes!!!! I know our furiend, Tates' city/town of Westfield MA. was hit, but Luckily their area was not !!!!! Our Purrayers go out to the others who were hit by the tornadoes and suffered damages , injuries and losses etc....♥


Thankyou Furiends fur Sharing The Love with us !!!!!!!! ♥

May 18th 2011 10:05 am
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We just wanted to say Thanks to All of you fur Sharing The Love with us by sending All those nice Gifts! We truly appreciate it! We read them all , the Kind and Funny messages and graphics! You're the Bestest Furiends anyone could ask fur! We Love ya All, Pigeon & Mom ♥
P.S. There's just one thing....Mom just finished sending out Almost All my Birthday , Easter Gift and her Mothers Day Thankyous ( I hope we haven't left anyone out!... But... Hang in there we'll get to you eventually ! MOL Mom's back to work and as usual a little slow! MOL seriously ...Sorry! ) and we have not yet even begun to Thank you All fur Sharing The Love with us, so we just thought we'd Thank you in this Diary Entry fur now, O.K? We'll try to send personal Thankyous! If Mom can't catch up on time ....please accept this message as our Thankyou !!! :)


Happy Cat Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

May 8th 2011 8:28 am
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To all our Catster cat/human Mom Furiends,
We hope you have a Very Special Day Deserve it!!!
We Love ya, Pigeon & Mom ♥

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