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Kitcat's Chronicle

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Our Company

April 25th 2010 5:28 pm
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Boy we are having fun, all of us. Squirrel and I have been on our best behavior and not bothering auntie and uncle at night. Auntie stepped on my foot by accident yesterday, but not too hard. She was wearing socks. She also picks me up and I meow and she thinks that is funny. They pick us up all the time and we don't scratch them. I only meow if I was on my way to doing something else when they grab me. Uncle took Squirrel for her leash walk this morning. They have all been taking Lobo on nice walks. It is great to have nice company like that. Auntie is making sure everyone is eating properly. Uncle is fixing up lots of stuff around our house for Mom. They are both going to help Mom with some yard work and painting. It is great to have all of them here and Mom on holidays.


Mom should be writing ...

April 22nd 2010 9:45 am
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... about my 1st birthday and how sweet I am.
Instead, this is what she is posting in some of my groups!!!!:

"I'm sorry Kitcat but I have to ask. You are a big girl now. Your are 1. I have to ask if other kitties out there have the same problem we have.
My dear little Kitcat always has, a rice sized, dried up chunk of poop stuck to her behind. If I am quick, I can pull it off. But the same thing happens again and again. I have never had a kitty with this problem before. The only reason I am asking about this now, is we have company coming. Anyone else have this problem? If so, what do you do about it?
Kitcat's Mom"

Crazy Mom. Like her butt is so clean!
Anyhow, I had a great 1st birthday and we are all anxiously awaiting the visit from my auntie and uncle whom I have never met. Squirrel and Lobo tell me that they are super cool. Uncle has 7 cats! Auntie has 4. All rescues. How cool is that?
Also, we know the diary pickers like poop stories so we hope this ends up as a diary pick.
I am one now!


You'll never guess what we've got in our back yard!

April 14th 2010 4:58 pm
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Mom let us out in our cat run and opened a few window in the house as it was the first warm day of spring. Then she went to do some spring cleaning. Later she heard the unmistakable sound of a real squirrel! She came over to the window and a squirrel was up in our tree giving Squirrel and I heck. The really good part is that my sister Squirrel was scared of it and ran back into the house at full speed and ran upstairs and hid under our kitty bench. Imagine, Squirrel being scared of a squirrel! I wasn't scared and stayed out there the whole time! Later, Mom left it some peanuts and brought Lobo in the house. The squirrel took its time but it did find the peanuts. I watched the whole thing. I'm still out there now and it has been hours. I'm happy we have a squirrel in our yard. It will give us something fun to look at in the back yard and Lobo will like chasing it too.


A true story written by my Mom:

April 6th 2010 10:46 am
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This is a true story.
I was watching old videos of my animals when I played one where Kitcat was playing with her "bungee birdie". The last few times I put it up she didn't play with it. So it has been a long while since she saw it. She perked right up when that video was playing and went to try and play with the on screen version. So, I took the hint and put it up for her and boy oh boy did she go nuts on it. She can jump even higher that just a few months ago. She played with it for almost an hour with short rest breaks.
This is the video we were watching when she decided that she wanted that toy again:


Mom's Bright Idea

April 2nd 2010 10:28 am
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Well, Squirrel and I were just playing with our new tunnel and some of our old toys when she thought she would make a run to the store to buy some pop. She then thought that she should take me with her, in the cat carrier, just to let me see that not all car rides end at the vet clinic. Squirrel is hopeless and will not go in the cat carrier. She is part feral. So Mom dug out the cat carrier. It had not been used since I got spayed in November. She was going to get a toy or treat to lure me in. I didn't wait for that and just walked right in! Mom locked the door and grabbed her wallet, keys and camera in case I did something funny. SURPRISE MOM! I'm not a scaredy cat! I was calm and quiet the whole way. I stayed in the carrier, seat belted in, while Mom ran in to get her pop. When we got home, she let me out right away. I came out of the carrier and Squirrel sniffed me, then I went on to play with the carrier. I went in and out and even took a little rest in it for a while. Mom is very proud of me and knows now that if I ever need to go anywhere, I will be no trouble.


Mom was MEAN to me!!!

March 14th 2010 5:43 pm
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A couple of days ago, I was helping her look through some books. She says it was an accident. All of a sudden, my tail was being pinched in a door! I went meow, Meow, MEOW! Finally, Mom released my tail. She petted me and apawlogized. I was okay.
Then, today! I helped her with laundry as she stripped our bed. (Squirrel was sleeping in the living room.) Then she went to sit on her litter box (she calls it the throne). I followed her like I always do. She has started to bring my laser toy with her. She says it is so that I stay off of her lap and don’t fall in the toilet while I “bother” her. As if. Anyhow, that has worked well for both of us. She makes the red dot go all over the place including the tub. Today, I had no idea but she had run an inch of water in the bath tub. Then, she used the laser to lure me into the tub! I had no idea it had some water in it! So after landing in there, I made a quick turn and jumped back out. But not before getting my feet wet. She was laughing and saying something about wishing she had had the camera ready. I think if she did I could send that video to the SPCA! Anyhow, I got the last laugh. I went running around the house with my wet paws. I went to the dirtiest places in the house. Not hard to find as Mom isn’t a very good housekeeper. I especially lingered over by where Lobo the dog hangs out. Then, while she was watching, I jumped onto our stripped bed, onto the bare mattress with my muddy paws. How about that, Mom?
Don’t ever try to outsmart a cat.
And, Mom, don’t forget that Squirrel and I now draw cartoons.


We Had A Bird in Our House!

March 12th 2010 4:28 pm
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Mom brought a bird in our house. She wants to tell the story, so here goes:

I had insomnia again and was awake real early but gave up trying to sleep so was in the living room around 6am. It was a beautiful morning. Birds going crazy. So, the cats and I were sitting in front of the picture window. They were watching the birds while I watched them watch the birds and worked on some of my videos. Then "BANG" "BANG"!!! Two birds hit the window, hard. They landed just barely within my view. I could see one hopping around, dazed, but okay. I was dubbing some camcorder footage so didn't head out the door right away to check on them. I was going to wait 5 minutes to finish what I was doing so I could hit the "stop" button at the right time. Then I saw Squirrel's body language. She was telling me the evil black cat was in her yard. So, I hurried out there to see if both birds were gone. Found one looking pretty bad but breathing. (The other was okay and gone.) I thought this one was toast but picked it up before black cat got there. It struggled a bit. Now I was stuck. I had this black cat at my heels and this almost dead bird in my hand. So, I went back in the house and carried the little bird past my very interested house cats. I put it in a shoe box and added a soft piece of cloth. I had read about doing this. I put it all in the bathroom while shooing away the cats. The box had a lid that didn't close properly so I knew this was only a temporary solution. I was quite sure the bird would not survive anyway. I decided to bring the box back outside so the bird could hear its friends instead of strange sounds from my house. I hadn't even put the box down before black cat was all over me. So, I wedged it, up high, between some tree branches. Then I went back in the house and did some reading about this situation. One article said to leave the lid open on the box. So, out I went to do that. Bird was not looking good but still alive. I went back in the house and another article stressed warmth. It was freezing outside so I warmed up an old sock and went and put that in the box. The bird had pooped by now but was still not looking good. Couldn't lift its head. But it was breathing and did perk up when I would stroke it. I went back in the house and read that it could take as long as 45 minutes for a bird in this situation to recover. So, I watched from the living room to make sure black cat didn't climb the tree, or crows come and get the poor thing. By now, over an hour had gone by. I had to get on with my day. First job was to walk Lobo the dog. So, my plan was to move the bird to my deck. There it would be safe from cats and dogs. That was the best I could do. I fully expected to find it dead after all that time. I went to move it and found it sitting up! I carefully removed the box from the tree and started to carry it to my back yard. The little thing then flew up in my face and then to a tree that was pretty far away! It was okay! This made my day. Had I not been there, it would have died. The black cat would have gotten it for sure. The article I was reading could now update the time taken for a bird to regain it senses to 80 minutes.
This is a link to a picture of the bird, and the box in the tree:


Lots Going On!

February 24th 2010 1:11 pm
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What a morning for bird watching. Hundreds of them were just inches from our noses. I even tried to go through the window to catch one. Mom just missed catching that on video. She was working on her taxes. But she did grab the camera and get pictures of the birds and us looking at them. She got such a close up of me that you can see my teeth!!! I'm sure that will make its way to Youtube some day.
Speaking of videos ... a TV production company from the United States is interested in some of our videos for a new animal show they are planning. I've already signed a release form for one of my videos. I'll probably be on the Animal Planet Channel some day soon. Too bad we don't get that channel. Maybe Mom will sign up for it on her satellite TV. That is if she ever gets done watching Olympic hockey. She was pouting when team USA beat team Canada in men's hockey on Sunday. Canada still has a chance to make it to the gold medal game and face USA again. But it is a slim chance. They have to win 3 more games to get there. They did just beat Germany but have to beat Russia today. That will be tough. Then, if they get by Russia, they have one more game to win before even getting to the gold medal game. The women are for sure in the gold medal game. Tomorrow! Of course, against team USA. So don't phone Mom during that 3 hours. And if Canada loses, don't talk to her for a week. Ha, ha! She says if cats played hockey they would have to play the replays in super slow motion to show our moves. She says cats would be perfect hockey players.



February 10th 2010 9:43 am
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Mom was just waking up and Squirrel and I were sleeping with her. Mom was taking too long so Squirrel and I started scrapping. Next thing I knew, Squirrel had a claw impaled on the inside of my nose! I cried out in pain. Squirrel didn't move. We both froze. Me with my face up and Squirrel with her front leg stretched out and her paw in my face. Mom and I were very surprised that Squirrel was nice enough to stay still and not rip my nose. I kept making little, sad meows. Mom carefully pulled out that sharp, hooked claw from the middle part of the inside of my poor little nose. I almost had a piercing or worse! After a few shakes of my head, I was okay. We both got extra treats. Squirrel for trying not to hurt me and me for having been hurt a bit. There was no blood that we could see so Mom is hoping I won't get and infection.


A Few Days After My Cat of the Day Honours

January 29th 2010 5:11 pm
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We want to thank everyone who made my day so special.
It was a very nice day. Mom bought us some new toys to celebrate. We got a new laser pointer (my favorite toy) because our old one was getting too dim. The new one looks like a bumble bee and is very bright. And she got two furry toy mice. We didn't have any since I was around (just real old ones that the dog chewed on). So, Squirrel was showing me how to play with them last night. I already ripped the tail off of the white one because I am very rough on my toys. Squirrel could play with them for years without wrecking them, she usually just looses them under heavy furniture or to the dog. You should have seen that old girl go! She was very fast while she threw them around the room and chased after them. And she would juggle them in the air. I'll have to learn how to do that instead of holding them down with my paws and ripping at them.

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