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Lil Bit

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September 12th 2011 6:54 am
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Is been a lil crazy 'roun here an I a'mos' furgetted to thank kitties fur aknowledgin mine & Novi's DDP. So here go:

THANK YOU from Novi:

Ginger, Gump & Nadia fur gifties given to Novi.
Gump, Zach, Bush furs, Milo, Max & Xena fur sayin nice fings in Novi's diary.

THANK YOU from Ingen:

Tigger, Cali & Sobe furmily; Ginger; Zoe; Sleeper & Samhain; Milo, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Ziggy & Sam fur gifties.

Orange Ruffy, Pharaoh Purrince Tao, Monida, Simon & Gump fur sayin nice fings in my diary.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO: We Bees Siamese-Pipo & Minko. Jen & John (Novi's daddy) REALLY like da pretty pitchers you made fur us, cuz they's boff not computer smart. MOL

LOVE from Ingen & Novi to all our wunnerfur furriends.



September 10th 2011 7:41 pm
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Jen lef' yes'day an got home today and she had lil Novi with her. Now I's the big sisfur-so I'm gonna try write better cuz he's the "baby".

Furst, Jen put him on the floor in his crate. I walked right ofur an sayed "HELLO, lil brofur". He sayed "hello, strange kitty". I guess he doesn't know me yet but he will.

Then Jen taked him in a 'puter room and close the door. Is okay cuz I jus' wanna go OU'SIDE! I haven' been ou'side in DAYS! Well, Jen say is dark an I can't go ou'side. Jen let me go in a 'puter room with Novi. I try to nosey him but he's skeered. He all puffed up an walkin side ways. FINE, I jus' watch you fur a while. I got bored watchin, so Jen let me out the room.

Later Jen put up a lil baby gate by the 'puter room door. I nosey Novi an he nosey me but he's still a lil puffed up. BUT OMC, you shoulda seen him puff up when he seed lil Bear. Novi only lil skeered of me, but he LOTS skeered of lil Bear. Jen say she innerduce lil Bear an Novi later an SLOWLY! Lil Bear don' cares 'bout Novi-barely efun sees him. Jen hopin Novi don' stays skeered of lil Bear. I say once Novi is not skeered of ME, then I show him he don' has to be skeered of lil Bear. Unnerstand, I don' LIKE lil Bear but I's not skeered of him. Mos'ly we jus' ignores each other.

Well, that's all fur now. I'll let you know how it goes wif us.



September 8th 2011 5:40 pm
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Hey Efurbody, is me 'gain. I GOTS MAIL-I GOTS TOYS!!!

Jen was takin lil Bear out fur a walk but 'cided to check a mail box. Ina mail box was a prezzie fur ME, frum The Cat Fun Attic. Is Tigger dad store.

I gots a catnip sock toy, a jingle puss cat toy, a mousie ana bum'le be toy.

Sush a 'citin day. Furs' I'sa DDP wif my lil brofur an now TOYS! Is a bes' day EFUR!!!


DDP an lil brofur!

September 8th 2011 7:20 am
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I's a DDP today an efun better--I gets to share wif my lil brofur, NOVI!! We's boff DDPs.

Jen say she gonna goes gets him on Sat'day. I don' knows when Sat'day is but she says is soon. I can' wait fur my lil brofur. I been kinda bored an lil lonely. I has nofur to play wif, 'cept lil Bear an he don' play right.

I hope Novi isn' skeered when he get here. I know he gonna miss his mama an fursibs but I will luff him an take care of him. I learned alla that from Baby, cuz she luffed an cared fur me when I's a lil kitten.

SUCH 'CITEMENT! DDP wif my lil brofur ana LIL BROFUR!!!


Kitty Kat Talk Tag

August 31st 2011 10:14 pm
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My furriend, Colette Sidonie-Samantha , tagged me for this new game called 'Kitty Kat Talk Tag' and it's really easy to play as there's no rules!

You just have to answer a few Questions. So please PLAY ALONG, everyfur!

1. Your Meowmy or Dad is asleep and you are furry hungry; You would.....

I meows. I walks on Jen. I gets right in her face till she open her eyes. I can be furry purrsistent.

2. You are furry sleepy and are sleeping on a top ledge; Meowmy or Dad would say..........

I don' s'eeps ona ledge. I gots my own room er I s'eeps on Jen bed.

3. You saw a dog who wants to chase something; what's the furry furst thing you would you say or do?

SCREAM fur Jen. RUN really fas' an jump ona bed. Lil Bear can' jump ona bed.

4. Your Meowmy or Dad wants you to stop tearing the furniture. You would...

LAFF at 'em.

5. Your Kitty Kat emergency box, full of fur fashions, is locked. Oh No! You would....

I doesn' has a 'mergency box. I on'y hasa collar.

Efurone, dat read dis, is we'come to plays.


Lost Kitty

August 28th 2011 6:45 pm
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Hey efurbody, Lil Bear's furriend Ebony have a kitty. His name is Furby an he's lost. His mama is furry worried fur him cuz he kinda o'd. He a indoor/outdoor kitty but he nefur been goned fur long time like dis time.

Furby live in San Antonio, Texas. I nefur been dere an don' knows nuffin 'bout it but if you sees a kitty look like da 2nd pitcher on my page could you let him mama know?


Jen is MAD wif me!

August 28th 2011 7:57 am
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OMC, I am in so mush trubble. I was ou'side an Jen was ou'side but she got 'stracted by lil Bear. I seed dis an wen' ofur da wall to da naybor's yard. Jen comed ofur to da naybor's yard to get me but I dinnit wantsa go home so I hided behin' a shed where she coulnant get me. Jen could see me an she kep' callin fur me. I dodged Jen an runned really fas' unner da naybor's car. Jen still coulnant get me but she's still talkin to me tryin to get me to come home. Then I seed a kitty 'cross da street (fortunately this street has little traffic-a block over is a very busy street), so I goed ofur to says HI to da white kitty. Jen followed me ofur an da uvver kitty goed 'way. I followed him fur a little ways but Jen is still followin me tryin to get me to come home. I runs back 'cross da street an climb a tree in front of my house--not alla way jus up da trunk. Den I jump down an goes ofur to Dragon's house (he lives next door on the other side) an hide in his f'owers. Jen is still af'er me. She putted lil Bear back ina house den comed back fur me. I's layin "pretty as you please ona grass unner Dragon's tree. When I seed Jen I runned in my back yard an waited ata door to go inside. Jen open a door an I goes downstairs to my litter box.

Jen is soooooooo mad wif me. I fink I's jus' gonna stay 'way frum her fur a while till she not mad anymore.

**from Jen**

I am not mad with Ingen. I was really surprised because she's never acted like this before. Whenever she sees me coming to get her she runs straight to the back yard/back door. She's never tried eluding me and running all over the neighborhood. It was fun to watch her greeting the other cat and running up the tree-I've never seen her climb a tree before. She is small and very agile and she will NEVER be allowed outside again without a harness and leash. I'm slow but I think I have finally learned my lesson with this Lil Bit.


I's a DDP!

August 26th 2011 12:49 am
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Hello Efurbody,

Jen stay up really late an she gotsa e-mail says I's a DDP today. YAY!!! I's so 'cited-is sush a honor.

I's takin dis oppurtunity to tells furs some stuffs dat's 'portant to me.

Furst--I's worried 'bout my furriends das ina way of hurricane, Irene. I is askin efurone to please check in an lets us know youse safe at HURRICANE CHECK IN AND HURRICANE CENTRAL . Please let us know if youse okay, er needs purrs. Jus' so you know my furriend Lacey comed up wif da idea--I's jus' he'pen.

Second--Panda's Babies still needs homes fur 3 kittens-Sweetie, Forest G. & Spot. Panda daddy really want alla kittens to has Catster homes. Please finks 'bout 'doptin one of dese lil cyooties. Jen is tryin hard to gets Novi to come lives wif us. Right now he live in Taneytown, MD and we lives near Detroit in Michigan. We hasn't figgered out 'xactly how we's gonna get him here but we's working on it. Snow is goin to live wif anuvver furriend, Tink Moneypenny .

THANK YOU HQ! I hopes alla furs stays safe an healfy.


Panda's babies

August 24th 2011 2:21 pm
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I's writin to 'mind efurone 'bout Panda's babies. Dey's 8 weeks o'd now. Spot, Forrest G. an' Sweetie still needs homes. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE 'dopt 'em. Doesn't sum Catster furmily needs a cyoot lil kitten?

We's still tryin to get Novi to Michigan. He gotsa home wif us, if on'y we can gets him here.


I sneaked out!

August 22nd 2011 3:44 pm
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I was bad an skeered Jen today. See, I been really good an stayin ina back yard efur since Mr. Spot & Baby leafed. Jen been lettin me out alla times cuz I's beein soooooo good. Well, today I 'cided to go nex' door--I jus' LUFF alla da bushes an f'owers! Jen got skeered. She look fur me dere but I hided an dinnit comes out when she call me. She look all ofur da nayborhood an she's gettin worried an more worried (finkin 'bout Mr. D an da big street by our house).

Fin'lly she comed back ina naybor's back yard an seed me. She dinnit yell at me but she's furry relieved to fin' me. I runned back home an now I's on house 'rest, AGAIN!

When will Jen learn to not worries 'bout me, er to watch me alla times? SHEESH, I's okay an I don' goes far.

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