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Lil Bit

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October 11th 2011 11:39 pm
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Is all diff'ren-I don' know this place. I sees Jen & Novi an lil Bear. I smells sum my stuffs but....This not MY home. I's lil confoosed.

I tryin to get used to alla diffren' stuffs.




October 11th 2011 9:02 am
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My driver called Jen an telled her I's gonna be home TONITE!!! So 'citing! I can' wait-Jen can' wait!!


On my way!

October 9th 2011 4:10 pm
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Jen heared from Bella mama an frum a driver--I'S ON MY WAY!!! I's trav'lin wif 4 doggies. Alla us is in crates so I doesn' has to worry 'bout doggies "gettin me". Jen telled a driver don' lets me out my crate, til I gets home. She don' wan's me dis'pear 'gain.

I should be home in 3 er 4 days. The driver gotsta stop an walks a doggies an stuff. There's 2 peeples ina car. Jen can calla driver alla times ta see how is goin.




October 3rd 2011 3:48 pm
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It has been a hectic few days. Ingen disappeared on Thursday at the first stop-over of my move. I was unable to stay because my nephew had taken time off from work to help me move. We were on a tight schedule.

I got the phone call about Ingen being found while we were in Montana. I didn't have internet access and cell phone was "hit and miss". We arrived in Washington last night (Sunday). I have spoken with the Dane County Humane Society today. Ingen is fine (I am a wreck). She's probably a little stressed but she's ok.

Chica, Bella & Mufasa's mom is going to get Ingen from the Humane Society tomorrow. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I am trying to figure out how she will be traveling from Wisconsin to Washington.

I have been so out of touch with efurbody here on Catster. I know that there has been a massive movement to locate my "lil bit" and I am overwhelmed by everyones kindness. I can never thank you all enough.





October 1st 2011 6:38 am
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Ingen has been missing since Thursday (Sept. 29, 2011). While moving from Michigan to Washington, we stayed at a SUPER 8 motel on Hayes in Madison, Wisconsin. Ingen escaped from the room and I couldn't find her.

To anykitty in the Madison, WI area, PLEASE, PLEASE check with the Humane Society to see if she's been turned in. If you know anyone involved in kitty rescues, please contact them about Ingen also. I am desperate to find her. She is such a sweet natured and timid lil girl.


Moofin day

September 27th 2011 9:49 am
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Hi efurbody,

Well, this gonna be our last di'ry fur a while (not that I writes alla times anyfur), cuz we's moofin tomorrow. Alla us furs is lil nerfus. We's seein alla boxes an Jen is busy, busy, busy.

Me & Novi gots our own lil area ina back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that Jen buyed. We gotsa litter box, a crate ana lil room to roam. Jen putted up a gate so's lil Bear don' bothers us durin a trip. Me & Novi has ta wear our harnesses jus' in case....

Hopin efurthing goes okay fur us. We's ALL a lil nerfus--efun Jen.


Lil Brofur update

September 19th 2011 7:21 am
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Me & Novi's gettin 'long lil better, as long as he's not jumpin on me. If you readed Novi's di'ry, you know we seed a vet an got our shots. I was VERY good 'bout gettin my shots. The vet squirted this stuff right in my mouth. BLECH, PTOOEY, YUCKY!!! I try bitin the vet. MOL

Anyfur, since we got our shots, Novi been quiet. Can you efun b'lieves it? He jus' been layin 'round an s'eepin. It give me a chance to sniff him. I feel kinda bad fur him but I's not feelin too good myself.

That silly kitten. He plays wif lil Bear! Is that the mos' ridiculous thing you efur heared? I been livin wif lil Bear since he's jus' a pubby but I DON'T PLAYS WIF HIM! Maybe cuz he useta chew on my head. Lil Bear nefur hurted me but is REALLY unnerfing havin a pubby's mouth on yer head. Novi is not skeered of lil Bear at all, but then lil Bear nefur chew on his head. Oh, an Novi LIKE when lil Bear chases him. Lil brofurs--whatcha gonna do wif 'em? (Efun tho lil Bear is lots bigger 'an me, he my lil brofur too. I's 3 an he's on'y 2.)

I wantsa go ou'side but is rainin today. I LUFF playin wif da Bird. I chases it, jumps fur it, gets it an kill it. We plays wif it ina house but is really not nuf room. I don' efun mind Novi playin too. He is kinda cute. Is fun to watch him play. When he's playin-he gets wild an fall a lot. Makes me laff.

We's doin okay here. Lotsa stuffs is goin in boxes an goin 'way. We's moofin soon. Jen still lookin fur a vehicle fur us. She say a truck won' make sush a long trip an is not big 'nuf fur alla us. She tryin to find sumpin so's me & Novi can has the way back part. Lil Bear can has a back seat part an she & our person cuzin can has a front part. WISH US LUCK findin a good vehicle.


I maked Jen happy

September 17th 2011 8:34 am
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I maked Jen happy today. I sitted on her lap while she' ona 'puter. I did that lots before Novi, but not too mush since he been here. The really big news is that I layed on one leg an' then Novi comed ofur an he layed ona other leg. We was THIS close. I stayed fur a while but then is time fur me to go. JEN is SO HAPPY!!!


Jus' fur ME!

September 15th 2011 5:15 pm
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Jen goed shoppin fur us today. She gotted Novi some toys an she gots me a toy--jus ME. I gots "da BIRD"! OMC it is fantastical! I was runnin, jumpin an chasin it ina back yard. I's so busy playin, I dinnit efun thinks 'bout escapin.

Jen say is jus' fur me cuz is a "ou'side" toy & Novi not 'lowed ou'side. We don' has area big 'nuf inna house.

Now as fur me an Novi. He is still a wild kitten but I's tired of bein all 'lone. I not quite ready to plays wif him but I play wif toys that he's playin wif--like fling-ama-string. Novi was playin wif it an runned off, so I started playin wif it an lookin fur him. You know what he did? He JUMP ON ME! I gots mad an leafed him. He's followin me but I's mad--"go 'way, Novi."

When I's ina winnow, Novi smacks at me frew the curtain. Again, I jus' leafs. I not a fighter kitty. When he bein quiet an snugglin wif Jen, I comes ofur an sniffs him--but he not quiet furry often. Yes'day we was boff ona big bed, sorta close but not really close. He wasn' bein all wild, so I stayed.

Jen say he gonna settle down as he grows but I don' know. He's jus' moofin, moofin, moofin, alla times. I's nefur like him. I's a'ways a quiet, r'laxed kitty efun when I's a kitten. When I play, I don' plays ruff like Novi.

Time an patience, patience an time--I tells myself this alla times.


Does he efur STOP?

September 12th 2011 9:49 am
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OMC, Novi is a'ways runnin & jumpin & clim'in & playin. He NEFUR STOPS! I can' efun goes close to him. I finked I was gonna likes havin a lil brofur but SHEESH! Jen say is gonna get better.

Mos'ly I jus' watches him er I hides 'way. He don' bothers me so I guess he is okay. Maybe we be furriends sumday but fur now, he is jus' TOO WILD! I's more a quiet kitty an don' wan's all his 'xcitement an energies.

I still gets to go ou'side an Novi don'. Is jus' me & lil Bear & Jen. Jen say she missin my snugglins. She call fur me but I not comin till Novi settles down. Lil brofurs is so unsettlin.

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