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Lil Bit

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Long time, no write

March 6th 2012 6:57 pm
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Is been a long time since I writed. I been busy wif trainin' Jen all ofur 'gain. See, when I gots lost an' then finded, I gots kinda skeered of efurthing. It taked me a while to gets comfrable here. NOW, I's comfrable an Jen furgetted alla my trainin's. Furs' is breakfast--I hasta eat at 8 ina mornin. I gotsa get right up in Jen face, give her eskimo kisses til she wake up. Ok, now Jen is 'wake but she NOT MOOFIN! She pet me fur a bit an' I tells her I's hungry. Sumtime she get up, sumtime not. If she don' get up I sleeps on her hip so she can' moof. If Jen can' moof, she can' sleeps. FIN'LY she start moofin'. She take lil Bear out to do his "pubby biz", then she feeds him. Me & Novi gets a treat, then she feed me. I's pashent but I's HUNGRY!

Af'er eatin', alla us furs gotsa go ona balcony ta see wha's goin on ou'side. Novi act bad (he clime ona balcony rail er pole) an' we goes inside 'gain. Jen get ona 'puter fur a while, then is KITTY PLAYTIME! Jen play wif on'y me fur a lil while then she play wif me & Novi fur a while. When we's tired, is pubby playtime.

Af'er playtime I gotsa check if the bed is warm an' takes a nap. Jen an I has a 'greement--she sleep ina bed at nite time an I sleeps ina bed ina day time. I think is fair, 'cept sumtimes Jen wanna sleep ina bed ina day times. I tells her "No, IS MY BED" but she squeeze 'round me an' we shares it.

Af'er nap time is treat time an' more play times. I luff playin wif "da Bird". I jump an clim an grab it out a air. Today we played wif my string ball 'at Ashlynne mommy maked for me. Is lotsa fun.

Af'er treats & play times, I jus' kick back an relax fur a while. Sumtimes I sits in Jen lap & relax. Once I's done relaxin, is time fur wrasslin'. I kinda like wrasslin wif Novi. I jus' wish he don' bites my leg but I startin to bites his leg now "SO THERE!".

As you see, I'sa busy lil girlie. I been readin kitties di'ries, I jus' too busy to write a di'ry.


He still lil'er 'an ME

February 3rd 2012 10:50 am
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I am jus' outdone. I can' beliefs it--Novi weigh more 'an ME! He weigh 8 pounds an I's on'y 7 pounds. Novi is not efun all growed yet (he on'y 7 months o'd). Jen a'ways says I's jus' a "lil bit" but this is WRONG! I's a big sisfur-he a lil brofur.

Jen telled me to think 'bout it--is jus' like lil Bear. When he comed to live wif us, he's smaller 'an me but he gots bigger & bigger. "Jen, YOUSE NOT HE'PIN! You mean Novi gonna get big as lil Bear?!" Jen sayed "NO-least I hope not". MOL

Anyfur Jen sayed 'at efun tho lil Bear is bigger 'an me, I's still o'der 'an him. I'm a O'DEST here, which means I's in charge. I still wary of lil Bear but I's teachin Novi 'at he gotsta respec' me.



January 28th 2012 11:13 pm
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Tanite I wrassled wif Novi an I pin him down. I bites him froat an ears. I smacky paw him. Af'er a while I's restin unner a table an Novi 'cross a room layin by a fireplace. I stalk him an I JUMP HIM, 'gain! We wrassle an bites an when I's done, I WALK 'WAY! I telled Novi "I DONE!" an he leafed me 'lone.

Lil Bear was lock ina bedroom so he coulnant innerferes. Is jus' me & Novi. Mama & Lisa was watchin but dinnit hasta do nussin.
We dinnit bites hard-we's jus' kitty-wrasslin, but I showed him I's no push ofur. No more Ms. Nice Kitty! "Novi, you gotsta r'spect me". I useta wrassle wif Baby, so I knows how, but I haven' wrassle wif Novi too mush.

On 'nuvver note--my furriend, B'izzard, is sick an his daddy is real worried 'bout him. Please purr & purray fur him. Thank you.



January 26th 2012 3:05 pm
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I telled you 'at I asked a speshul man cat to be my Valentine an he sayed YES!!! I's soooo 'cited! I gotsa Valentine! I nefur haved a Valentine b'fore an I's lil nerfus 'bout askin, but he sayed YES!!!

Oh, I guess you wantsta know who he is. Is Ruffy--Dreamboat #59. Now he a Dreamboat an MY VALENTINE!!!


Hello furriends

January 25th 2012 10:20 pm
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Hi efurbody,

Can you see me?--I's wavin my lil white paw to all my furriends.

Today is 'ficial Ingen snuggles day cuz I say so. MOL I is a sweetie kitty but I's kinda innepen'ant. I don' likes be pick up. IF the peeples pick me up, I squirm to be put down. IF, the peeples put me ona lap, I jump off. BUT, if I wanna snuggles, well I jump ina lap efur chance I gets. Today I's feelin snuggly. I don' does is alla times, jus' sumtimes when I's ina mood.

You knows 'at I tolerate lil Bear but I don' really likes him. Well, I finded 'at is not all bad havin' a doggy. Furs' he keep Novi busy an' play wif him alla times, so Novi don' a'ways bovvers me. AND, now I fin' nuvver good reason to have lil Bear 'round. Lil Bear gotsta take med'cine (he has giardia) an he don' likes takin his med'cine. Jen try cheese an lil Bear spit out a pill. Jen try peanut butter an lil Bear spit out a pill. Jen try in his food an' lil Bear spit out a pill. He jus' don' wantsa take his med'cine. Well, Jen try tunie fish an lil Bear eat his pill! SO, now me & lil Bear share tunie fish efur day!!! YAY fur me!!! Novi don' likes tunie fish--he's weird.

I asked a speshul man cat to be my Valentine. He haven' sayed yes er no yet. I let you know what happen, when I knows.


Lisa 'lergies

January 22nd 2012 9:49 pm
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Hi efurbody,

I jus' wanna 'splain 'bout Lisa. See, when Jen was thinkin 'bout moofin, she telled Lisa "you know I have kitties, and I know you have your allergies...." Lisa sayed she on'y lil 'lergic to kitties. She can' touches kitties an den touch her face. If she do that she get bumps on her face. So, Lisa don' touches us an touch her face. We don' goes close to Lisa face (sumtime Novi does cuz he luff to snuggle unner the peeples chin, but Lisa jus' moof him.)

Jen was still kinda worried 'bout us moofin wif Lisa, so she sayed we kitties is not 'lowed in Lisa room. That way Lisa have a "kitty-free" space.

Now, we been here fur while an' Lisa LUFF us lots too. Is nice havin 2 peeples to luff an' luff us.

As fur our 'venture earlier (sneakin ina secret room), Jen was lil 'barrassed but Lisa jus' laff. Oh, an the peeples change alla bed stuffs.


What a honor?

January 22nd 2012 11:32 am
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Spot nom'nated me fur to be a HONORARY WHITE STAR from a Pure White Kitty Club. Is sush a HONOR an' I so PURROUD!

Spot is...hmmmm. I tryin to think. Spot is Novi brofur frum mama Panda. I nefur meeted Spot but he is kinda my furmily too. Hmmmm what to call him? I think I call Spot my "brofur too". Matter of fact, I think I calls Spot, Forrest G., Snow my brofurs too an Sweetie be my sisfur too. Tink be my kitty soul sisfur. Hope it doesn' cause too mush confooshion.

B'izzard, Squeaker, Kringle, Panda & Gypsy is my 'stended furmily.

Anyfur, I doesn' gotsa star yet like Ashlynne. Soon as I gets one, I pos' it on my page. I wan' my lil brofur too, Spot, to know I's furry purroud an grateful fur his nom'nation.




January 13th 2012 10:11 pm
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OMC! Jen & Lisa ganged up on me & Novi an torture us. Furs' is me. Lisa ho'ded me an Jen CUT MY NAILS!! (shudder) Is awfur! It taked furefur (2-3 minutes). Is jus' so wrong fur peeples to pick on us kitties like 'at. Wha's wrong wif long pointy claws?

I was a goo' gurlie but Novi was bad. He try bitin' Jen. Oooooooooooohhhhh, Novi-DON' BITES JEN!!! Lil Bear gots upset. He try pushin Jen hand 'way frum Novi so she quit torturin him. Fin'ly is all ofur an now we's (me, Novi & lil Bear) not speakin to Jen.

Oh well, we can' ho'd grudges fur long. B'sides I gotsa pawty to go to at Zoe page. I needs Jen to he'p me goes to a pawty. MOL


Better 'an efur!

January 10th 2012 11:11 pm
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Hey efurbody,

I jus' wanna let efurone know I's BACK an better 'an efur. I haven' been myse'f since before Novi comed, an we moofed an my big a'venture. I been skittish ana hidey cat. WELL, now I's myse'f 'gain. I's comfrable ina 'pawtment an wif my new life.

I wakes Jen up fur breakfas'. I's eatin all my foods--now that Jen quit given me alla "good" foods an lets me has my Fancy Feast. I sit in Jen lap an gets my luvvies. I plays wif da Bird, efun if Novi is playin. I snuggles wif our roommate Lisa too. I goes ou'side ona balcony an watches a birdies. I gots my lil room 'gain. I don' hides no more.

Me an Novi fin'ly gotsa unnerstandin. I not skeered of him no more. If he bovverin me, I smacky paw an wressle him. I lets him know I not playin. I plays wif him sumtimes but not alla times. I shares my lil room wif him but on'y if he's bein nice an wanna snuggle an nap. Mos'ly Novi play wif lil Bear. I like to watch 'em play but they's too ruff fur me.

I am confident an comfrable. I'm back to bein my sweet an 'dorable se'f. I'S BAAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!



December 24th 2011 1:19 am
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I winned in Monida contest!!! I getsa get sumpin frum The Cat Fun Attic. I's so 'CITED!!!

DID YOU SEE? FREE PREZZIES ina gift shop!!! Me & Novi been sendin prezzies to alla our furriends an furmily.

OMC! Jen been so busy we & we haved 'puter pro'lems that I missed my DDP. THANK YOU!


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