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March 6th 2008 7:28 am
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Mommie got busy and did new backgrounds for
Mawsie and me, just for St. Patty's Day!
I wonder if I am Irish?
Do I have to wear green so no one will pinch me?
Would anyone do that to a cat?
These are things I need to ponder...
okay, I pondered and I don't think so.
Join our group ***CATSTER***WE LOVE OUR TROOPS***.
Just click on the link and it will take you there!!! It's just a way to honor our troops and let them know we are behind them all the way! Hope to see you!!!



February 27th 2008 4:50 pm
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Hey....where is everybody?
It's dark in here.
Open the dang door!
Okay, I'll stare at the door.
I'm staring.
Still staring.
* snort! *
That didn't work.
That didn't work either. Maybe 'cuz I only thought it.
I hate the dark.
I hate small rooms.
I hate the pantry.
Where is everyone...don't they realise I am missing?
Doesn't anyone care?
Fine. I'll just sit here.
Yeah, right, what else can I do?
Opps, I fell asleep!
Is there anything good in here?
Tomatoes, onions...yuck! Corn, peas....speaking of which....
no litter box either. Dang!
I'll cross my legs.
I'll stare at the door again.

Didn't work.

Cat box.
Can't get that off my mind.
He-eeeyyyyyy!!! I need help here.
sniff* sob
Dagnabbit where is my Mommie?

Oh....hi Mommie. So nice of you to open the door.
"Dancer, where are you going in such a hurry and why do you
keep going into the pantry when you know darn well you might
get shut in here? "

And from the cat room, in the area of the litterbox, there's
a contented sigh.



February 25th 2008 4:27 pm
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My Daddy calls me Puppy....I am not a puppy.
I do not look like a puppy. I do not bark like a puppy.
I am wondering if he is hard of seeing?
Doesn't he know that I don't look like a puppy?
And most certainly, I don't smell like a puppy!
Puppies smell like.....dogs. Have you ever smelled one of
those buggers after they have had a bath?
I know he likes to think of himself as a cat hater....but, I know
a little secret!!! He really does like me! Ha ha!!
I am kinda worried about him though....
He is going to have another birthday next month, so maybe
that's it....he's getting older than dirt.
Maybe he is really, really senile.
*snort* sneeze....I think I'll go hide.....



February 20th 2008 8:14 pm
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Last night was just a terrible night. I had the worst
nightmares ever, in my whole little life!
It was scary!
I was laying there at the foot of Mommy's bed, all cuddled
up on my own little blanket. I was warm and had eaten a bite
or two.... or three... before retiring.
I was dreaming nice pleasant dreams that I was taking a walk
in the park. It was so pretty...lots of flowers and nice things to
smell. Birds flying overhead and then I was all of a sudden
dreaming about horrible dogs, growling and snarling and trying
to drag me off into the bushes. I was so scared! I dreamt the
dogs were trying to drag me off into the huge cavernous lake!
The growling got worse, much worse!
It got so loud I finally woke up!
When I woke up, I realised that all that racket was Mommie!
She was snoring something awful! And somehow I had gotten
up close to her mouth. When I opened my eyes, it scared
the kittypoop outta me! I thought I had fallen into that big cavern!
I am never going to eat before going to bed again!



February 19th 2008 11:33 am
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Humph....Mawsie had Mommie put one of her poems
on her site today. Well, ha! I can do one too, but, mine is
better! Ha! snort! So there, Mawsie!

sky writer

cherri petty shinaberger©

the place is full of birds today
by the river....and i feel their
excitement as spring blooms
in glorious abundance.
a family of geese parade by...
little golden balls of fluff
marching like little soldiers
in unison...
the sargeant at wings
their little feet tickle the grass
they head towards the water.
i watch them swim,
ironing out my troubles
on the smooth, glass of the blue river.
i see a solitary goose
and he honks a hello
and i feel sad
wondering why he is alone
and remembering times i was too.
an eagle soars overhead
writing invisible messages in the sky
i can read them though.
he says,
i am proud
i am free
i am beautiful
and he is.
and my day is made better
sharing it with
God's airborn treasures
as i sit on the banks
of the yellowstone.



February 15th 2008 7:10 pm
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I was busy today...avoidng DeLayna. She's Mommie's
niece and I like her a lot, onlyest she had a noisy floor sucker
with her! It was scary! She came over to help Mommie and
she was a busy girl!
I was lucky for awhile 'cuz Daddy took Mawsie and me outside.
It was so nice out there! The sun was shining and the sky was
azure blue. The mountain, Old Baldy just sat there like a big
fat king, proud as can be!
I sniffed and sniffed, but, couldn't smell any flowers or grass
on the way yet. But, I am sure they are there. I was rolling
n the grass and I heard Mommie yell something at Mawsie.
Well, sure 'nuff, she was ready to pull the old Super Attack
on me while I was doin' my rollin'! She is so-ooo mean!
Any ways, Daddy made us go back in...he had to chase me
around the porch twice and then he went for reinforcements.
Ma. Mommie held the door and this time there was no escape.
Dang, I hate that! Wish I was a tad bit faster. Smarter I already
am, but, not smarter than Mommie! Hee hee!!!
Then, everything was fine till DeLayna got that noisy floor sucker out.
Ma said, "Well, now, Dancer if you didn't shed hair all over the house,
we wouldn't need a noisy floor sucker, now would we?
Sure.....blame me! I always get blamed for everything!
She sucked up so much cat hair that we coulda made a new cat!
Maybe a nice one and trade Mawsie in!!! Yeah, that's it! That's
exactly what we should do! And another thing here, just for the
record, Mawsie sheds more than I do.
So there.



February 13th 2008 7:19 am
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Don't know if you read my diary entry about the alien potatoes,
but, I heard Mommie telling Daddy quite a story.
A long time ago, Mommie moved to a ranch. She was a city girl.
Rather than go into the great and not so grand details, I just wanna
tell you about the potatoes.
She was cooking dinner and got out tators to cook. They had
the sprouts on them, and were getting kinda soft. So, she started
to throw them out. But, thinking, heck it's nearly Spring, she
decided to put them outside near the ditch and then later on she
would have some nice potatoes to eat.
Out she goes with her potatoes cut in pieces, ready to plant.
She's digging around, the ground is hard and she happens to look
and lo and behold!!!....there's a handy dandy hole there!
Well, what a wonderful thing! Ready made potato holes!
So, she sticks a piece of potato in each hole and thinking about
her nice harvest later on, she heads to the house, happy as a lark!
A few days later, she had a few more tators also with sprouts on them,
so out she goes! (She was pretty pleased with herself, "Waste not,
want not...") and she went over to plant some more.
"Eeee-eeeek!" Her potatoes were gone! Every single one of them!
Well, what a mystery that was!
Oh oh....
Well, then she realised that each and every nice little handy hole had
been dug by a gopher! A hungry gopher, that liked potatoes...a lot.
They had breakfast.
Mommie didn't get any potatoes that year, but, she had some nice
fat gophers!
(Unfortunately, this is a true story.)



February 11th 2008 6:43 pm
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Well, once again, I got my little fuzzy butt in trouble last
night. Ma had the door open 'cuz Daddy said there was an orange
cat out there. She had put some food out and was calling for the kitty.
And, seeing no opportunity wasted, I went out the door, just as she
was closing it. I think she heard a bump, ( ME ) as the door bumped
into me and sure enough, she looked and there I was! Outside.
Er-rrr....I think that ticked her off a little bit, maybe 'cuz it was
cold outside and she was worried about lil ol' me. Or maybe not.
Maybe she didn't want to freeze her buns off chasing me.
Maybe it was because she did not want to come outside and chase
me all over Timbucktoo! Especially with no jacket on, at 5 above.
That 5 degrees above zero...yup...cold.
Well, seeing as how I knew I was dead meat, I took off around the
corner, only there was this mile long strip of snow. Deep, COLD
snow. So, I ran along it for awhile while Mommy ran behind and to
the right of me trying to head me off! Well, that worked 'cuz I wasn't
wanting to be in that snow anyway. So, I headed back to the door
thinking I would take a handy dandy detour and run around the other
side of the house. Onlyest....there was more snow!!! LOTS!
So, I got on the porch thinking I could bail off and jump over the
snow, when this really mad, really COLD Mommie got up on the
porch and threatened to kill me a little bit. So, being smarter than
I look, I quickly went inside....just missing getting booted with
the end of her slipper! And , besides, I was getting cold anyway.
(Dang, she's cute when she's mad!)
Well, I'm siting there, shivering, getting dirty looks from you-know-who
and I hear her talking to Daddy.
Does anyone know what a coyote is or a fox?
For some reason she said that they come out at night.
So what?
Am I not faster than a speeding bullet?
Smarter than forget that one.
Oh, well, if it pleases the old gal, I'll just stay inside on these very cold,
very wet days and nights.



February 9th 2008 6:26 pm
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I got the holy moly bewhiskered poopy-doopy scared out of
me the other day. I went into the pantry like I like to do.
(Sometimes that is not a good thing as Mommie doesn't see me,
and she locks me in.)
Anyway, I was moseying about, checking things, looking for mouses,
like I always do, and I ran into some Alien Potatoes!!
I am not kidding! They were really weird! They had antennas
sticking out all over. I am sure they were sending messages to
each other! They were terribly scary looking critters.
I sneaked up on them and smelled, sure, they smelled like
potatoes, but, they sure didn't look like potatoes!
I tried to grab Mommie's leg to let her know, but, she just shooed
me outta there!
"But, Mommie, you got alien potaoes!!!"
She just closed the door.
Well, I paced back and forth in front of the pantry for awhile,
trying to get her attention.
Didn't work.
I just give up.
Nobody ever listens to me in this house.
I went over to the closet and peeked in, making sure there weren't
any alien potatoes in there, and curled up for a nap.
My dreams were freaky!!!
Alien potatoes were after me!
And Mommie didn't care.
When I got up from my nap, Mommie was in the kitchn, cutting up
all those potatoes. I heard her tell Daddy she had to get them all
used up, that they had sprouted. Sprouted? Is that what those
antennas are?
Phew, we're safe!



February 8th 2008 8:30 am
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We were so excited yesterday. Daddy got the mail last
night, kinda late and WE GOT MAIL! Mawsie and me.
MY FRIEND, BABY-G! sent us a yummy Valentine's present and a purdy card!!
I was so excited!
Now how nice is that? I feel so speshul. If you want to see some
purdy cats, you can click on their names above. Of cousrse I
think Little-One is the purdiest 'cuz she looks like me!! Hee hee! MOL.
I just wanted the whole world to know that I have friends in
New York!!
Thank mew, Little-One and Baby-G!!! And a happy Valentine's Day
to you and your family!

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