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Superman Cats Story

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Feeling like a Santa Claws today

December 8th 2012 8:00 am
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This has been a good weekend for me. I did a dash and played with the gang when it was fun time last night. I didn't over due but, I was sure happy. I did have 2 sneezes this morning. No sneezing fits like I have been having. I sure hope this means that things are going to go right soon. When the medications wear off that I am my old self once again. I don't want Girl Human to have to be sad any more. This is the first weekend in several months that I have felt this good.

I sure hope Santa has lots of goodies for me this year. We already got a big package from Rex, Bugsy, Abby and the gang. Meshia wanted to open it when it arrived she was working on it when it sat on the counter. Girl Human put it under our little Christmas tree. To everyone's amazement Meshia has been extra good and not tried to open it. She sure did when it first got here. Once Girl Human put it under the tree she has not even gone close to it.

I sure hope Santa has a Cosmic Catnip Bag toy for me this year. Girl Human said it may not come in the sled. Santa Claws told her he has not been able to find me one. I will take a big bunch of them if, he can't find one.

I just Love, Love, Love them. Of all the toys to play with, I will spend hours licking and rubbing my little burlap pillow. Mine is so yuckie. It's all mine cause no one else will touch it. I'm glad I slobber all over it so no one will take it from me.

Well people I sure hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to.


Still hanging in there everyone

December 6th 2012 7:41 pm
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I'm sorry I have not given any updates as to my progress but the news is still not good. I am still having a lot of problems and the Vet is not happy with my progress.
I received some new shots this week and it took 2 days before they started to help me. The last 2 days I have been having sneezing fits every once in a while. I was having blood coming out my nose in droplets but that has stopped now.
Girl Human changed my litter to an old litter I used a long time ago to see if all those additives they seem to be putting in now is, causing issues. Girl Human said the dust and odor even makes her nose hurt when she pours new litter the last few months. I don't know what awful stuff they are using but they need to quite trying to kill all of us while trying to kill the odors. If the odors are that bad in a box they need recommend changing foods.
We are still visiting the vet every week to 10 days and he is so frustrated too. The second vet can't give any answers either. We know that we need a lot of prayers and Crossed Paws here.
Thanks to everyone for all you have done for us. We are so very very grateful to each and every one of you.


There are not enough words

November 18th 2012 4:47 pm
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Dear Humans and furs

We are so grateful to everyone who helped us in raising the money for tests needed for our Peaches. All tests so far indicate no presence of cancer. So with a big sigh of relief we want to thank everyone on for your prayers, cards, contributions. The medication is helping maintain him for the time being. You guys are worth a million and I'm so very happy to know such great people.I can't begin to thank you enough.

I also would like to share with you a site of a live stream of 4 kittens and their mother. Check in on them now and then I'm sure they will give you a laugh. 594566/player_pop_up


Not so bad of a day

November 16th 2012 8:29 pm
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I have been improving the last few days with all these drugs I have been taking. I'm glad I don't have to have a shot every morning. My breathing is very good today. I gave Girl Human a big head bonk of thanks tonight. She was so happy that I have had a normal day.
Girl Human just hopes we can get thru Thanksgiving weekend without problems. She is always so afraid to brag on me for fear of the "big jinks".

Tonight I have been walking about sniffing everything. Could that mean he is able to breath and smell like a normal kitty. Hope what ever the Doctors did the other day did the trick!!! There is so much to catch up on. Girl Human decided she will just have to deal with all this one day at a time. She will be returning with me to the vet Tues or Wed. after Thanksgiving so crossed paws and prayers. =

Thanks so much for all the contributions you great Caster Human's and Furs have given thru the Chipin Donation on my and Annie Spokescat's pages. You have helped us to get a little closer to our goal.

We only hope we will be able to say all is cured and well, real soon. I do also want to thank everyone for the gifts on my page and cards that I have received at the Junction. Girl Human has to do her dedication tomorrow for Mr.Z and then will start working on the thank you's. I will say it will be so nice to be able smell catnip once again.

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. My Santa find some neat stuff for each and every one of you on Black Friday. We are hoping for a new cat tree here. Santa may not have room in his sly for one.


Home at last.

November 14th 2012 7:12 pm
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Hello my Catster furrends. I'm home and tired. I hissed at Girl Human twice and hide under the bed. I was mad. She did not feed me, she put me in that scary purse for kitties and made me ride in her car. She saw pictures of my insides. How humiliating can it get? Pink Princess dishes now this.
The Dr. said, my teeth are fine my nose and face has no broken bones or evident tumors. That is not to say, I still don't have those problems 100%. My sinus has no space in it on the x-ray. It's like I don't even have one.
The Doctor gave me some super strong antibiotics and a Steroid shot. I have meds to take at home twice a day. There is no sign of allergies, fungus, or appearance of polyps . Without further investigation the question is still not answered. Some relief for Girl Human. She was so scared I would not be coming home again. She was prepared for the worst.
Now it's a day by day thing. Next step? Hopefully my breathing will be regulated. Then there will be time s to go further with a Rinoscopy,Doppler- Endo/something, MRI, or some other step.
What ever it will be we are still hoping the meds will keep the airway open and he will keep eating and comfortable.
I'm feeling better tonight. The meds will buy us a little more time to get us through Thanksgiving. Paws crossed still.
Thanks everyone for all your support concern and donations to help me get better. We are at $397.00. How wonderful. Now the big C is on the back burner as a worry Girl Human can think clearer. With all the bills so far, we are so glad to have your help for our next step. Girl Human is exhausted as 3 nights of little sleep is catching up. So we will say good night furs and Humans. Nudges to all but gently please. Even my whiskers hurt.


I'm not going to be happy tomorrow. I just know it!!!

November 13th 2012 6:28 pm
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I hear Girl Human talking to the doctor today. They have some ideas. They have not let me in on, yet. I know they were taking about me.
Girl Human gave me another shot this morning. I spent most of my day eating and rattling while I breath and eat..
This medicine must make me super hungry. Girl Human fed me every time I was in the kitchen. I hung out there a lot, just waiting.
She put some yummy hard food in the main dishes. To her surprise, I ate some. I can't eat out of the regular dishes. Girl Human gave me one of Meshia's pink Princess dishes.
Now, normally with me being a guy and having a name like Peaches, guys may begin to talk. But remember it's only temporary.
Meshia was upset that I had her dish. She was not getting any of the food, I was eating. She was confused. She had a fight with me. Girl Human told her no. Meshia looked like her little heart was broken.
Now let me tell you, she can lay on the biggest guilt trip. Those eyes of her's melt anyone's heart. She knows it, too. If all else fails she falls over, shows her little fat belly and then everyone laughs.
I don't mean to take her dish. I can eat better out of it. My whiskers don't touch. They hurt. Girl Human saw my face was all swollen on the left side this morning more, then the normal it has been.
I'm going to the Vet in the morning and they are going to anesthetize me. they are going to do x-rays, check my teeth, nose and flush out my sinus again. This time they are going to be real detectives and look for clues. I know I'm not going to feel good after that.
They hope this will help to get the medicine to work a little longer. They may find something plus they will do another antibiotic treatment.
For those of you who have been using the Chipin I want to thank you so very much. It's not showing anything because they are holding the money until the bank OK's the account. They say it will be 48hrs. I am receiving notices of money coming in but have no idea from who at this point. My Fundrazr on Facebook is working. Right now it looks like I have close to $300.00 between both donation points.I am so indebted to all of you wonderful people..
Male Human want to thank the person responsible for making the beautiful DDP Posters he said to say GOD BLESS YOU. Thank you guys so very much for everything you are doing for us. I can't say it enough.
Thanks for the DDP honor for the second day in a row. Makes me feel so good. I think I will go get a snack out of my Princess dish now. I can eat till midnight when they take my food away. Goodnight all.


Chip in and help

November 12th 2012 8:17 pm
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Peaches has not had a very good response to the medication. Girl Human got up at 5:30 and gave him his shot 3 hrs early and a day sooner. She went to the vet today and got another injection to give him tomorrow.
The Dr. is going to antithesis him on Wed. and check him very closely and do some x-rays to see if he may have missed anything or that there may be a clue waiting for us.
Even Grandma Human gave us a check for $10.00 today to help with the cause. We don't know if we will reach our goal it is so much to try and get. We have had a lot of help and we are praying hard that the Vet will give us some good news Wed..
Keep those prayers going for him please.

We now have a Chipin on my page if anyone would like to help us meet our goal.

here is the link also if you would like to share junction-sanctuary


Not feeling my oats

November 11th 2012 4:50 pm
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I'm not doing as well today. I did do one thing that made Girl Human happy, I took my pill with out a fight. Well I did voice my opinion but she said I was a very good boy. Then she gave me that hug-g-e kiss-e junk. Oh, I just hate that. Brush me, pet me, but that's the line drawn in my litter box. I fussed but made up later and spent most of my day near her.
She said it is because I'm not happy, and I'm not but I did really need to thank her for trying. She told me she will get up extra early so she can give me a shot before Male Human leaves for work. She does pretty good with the needle stuff but I still won't stand for it on my own.
My rattles have returned while on the pills. They are not helping so se said she will give me my shot a day sooner and call the Dr.. She has been doing a lot of thinking about our problem and when I look at her she can't help but hug me. I know she is worried and does not want to make any rash decision. I will be with her when she needs me and let her hug me if I must.
Thank you so much for all the nice notes and the contributions being made to my Facebook Fundrazr page. You guys are the greatest.
Good night for now. Your fur friend Peaches and Girl Human.


Meds helping feel a little better

November 10th 2012 4:47 pm
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I slept most of the day. Girl Human interrupted me for a photo shot. What is with these Humans??? Always having to have your photo. Girl Human tried to shove a pill down my throat this morning. I yelled and twisted and then Male Human was called to help. Well needless to say, my pill was taken. I get pills for 2 more days then another shot then pills again. I'm a sweet guy like most guys. I'm the worst patient when I'm not feeling well. Just like a guys, I am.
I did eat several times today. Girl Human gave me some nice stinky canned fish so I could smell it. I will turn in early and get a good nights rest.
Thank you all for praying for me and leaving those nice messages.


No good news

November 9th 2012 3:28 pm
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Girl Human has received not so good news today. Daughter Human took her out for lunch to give her a little breather. What a wonderful girl she is.

The Vet can not do anything else for our Peaches. His breathing problem has returned. The next step will cost $1500 to $2000 dollars for a specialist to do a microscopic evaluation. Plus we will have to do some long distance traveling. If he needs surgery it will be much much more.

Christmas at the Junction was going to be very thin this year already. Now a decision to proceed must be decided. He is on medication once more to help his breathing. He did eat a little tonight. But we can only medicate for a while before it will no longer work for him.

The Doctor is thinking tumor. Now decisions have to be made. This the part of the Sanctuary I hate the most.

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