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Superman Cats Story

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How wonderful to meet all my new friends at the Bridge

January 11th 2013 5:41 pm
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Peaches left for Rainbow Bridge today. We will miss my sweet boy. He had two types of Cancer we found out from the Nasal was the secondary cancer whereabouts of the other not known. Our poor boy was a real trooper. We are so very grateful for all the kindness and gifts on his page.


Time to go home

January 11th 2013 7:28 am
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Peaches has not eaten for 2 days and he can't drink water with great difficulty. He has lost so much weight and he keeps swallowing hard. Today he needs to leave for Rainbow Bridge. We will miss him so very much. He will be leaving us in about one hour. He is looking forward to meeting the Angel kitties who are waiting to greet him at the Bridge. Thank everyone for all your kind words and wonderful support during our Quest to know what was wrong with him. Now we know the Cancer has won and so has Rainbow Bridge.


Sad news at the Junction

January 9th 2013 9:20 am
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Same post as in Annie Spokescat's diary:

The news is real bad for our Peaches. He will have to leave for Rainbow Bridge soon. The mass is huge and the worst kind of cancer. Treatments are only masking the inevitable. Chances of re occurrences is high and the treatment option is giving little chance of success.. I'm glad I had the testing done so now I know there is no reasonable options left. That gives me comfort in knowing I have done the right thing for him. His Vet called as soon as he heard. He wanted me to know he is here for us for anything we need. Thank you all for your support and help during these last several months. You have helped us so very very much.


I'm home but, "Boy where is this place"????.

January 5th 2013 2:14 pm
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Girl Human got up very early yesterday and was busy doing things. I rested nicely under the dining room table on one of my favorite chairs. I was not feeling well and had no interest in eating for a couple days. I didn't care that I had not eaten for 32 hours. All I wanted to do was get this sneezing over with.
Girl Human all the sudden scooped me up and placed me in that awful, PINK Girly Carrier. When is she going to understand pink is not Peaches color. I was not feeling well enough to protest. I must humored her after all..
Girl Human strapped my carrier to the other seat beside her. She covered my pink carrier with a blanket. Well, now she wants to hide it.
We rode and rode and I complained I was to hot. Girl Human said I did very well.
We got to this strange place. People there actually knew I was a boy!!! Called me Him and He. What music to my ears. They all fussed over me. I was placed in a big fancy room with cold granite counter tops. The floor was very rich tile, those big tiles and they were cold too.
Girl Human sat in a comfy chair and scooped me up to keep me warm in her lap. I complained as, I have not been a lap kitty since I was a young boy.
A nice lady came in and said how she liked orange kitties. We all talked about my ability to retrieve a ball. Then the nice lady felt my belly looked at me in the eyes. This is when the nice lady wasn't very nice. She took my temperature and we kitties know what that means.. I told her it was normal. She would not listen.
The lady took me from the room Girl Human was in. My blood was taken, I got a hurt. A needle in the leg. I started getting very sleepy. I don't remember much.
I remember I woke up and Girl Human was there. I saw that Beautiful Pink Carrier after a long forgettable day with that lady. I was not feeling very well and slept most of my way home. Annie Spokescat's Diary will give you Girl Humans story.


Taking a trip Friday

January 2nd 2013 6:14 pm
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Peaches is going for his testing on Friday morning. It will be 2 hour trip each way. They are nicely going to combine 3 trips into one to help save money. I have to look tomorrow to find him something comfy to travel in. He will not be a happy camper on the return. I want to give him the best ride possible. A lot of samples will be taken and they will be looking into both sides of his nose. I have all his paperwork and x-rays in hand the only thing I don't have is the name of the Dr., directions or phone number. He said he talked with the Dr. direct and she seems very nice. He also said he felt like he failed me. I almost cried as he has tried so hard. He even presented the problem to his favorite professor whom he keeps in contact with for times like this. What a super guy glad we have him there for us.


Better days waiting for me

December 30th 2012 4:06 pm
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Peaches first shot did not do much for him this time. We took him for the second last week and it helped just a little. He is eating as long as Girl Human keeps mounding his canned food up in his dish. He can't open his mouth enough to take a nice big bite.
He spent today at the portable heater with his nose very close as it must feel good to him. His heating pad.
He spends a lot of time sitting right next to her on the arm of the chair. Then in turn he did manage to eat the tail off 2 big toy mice he got for Christmas. Completely eating one tail in a blink of an eye.
He has not been feeling like playing ball the last few days just sleeping. We fixed up a heat lamp above the cat post he frequents. He will not go there at all. Amber has discovered it and claimed it as hers.
The Dr. said he can't think of anything else to do for him it is beyond his expertise. All he can do is try to keep him comfortable as possible while waiting for us to decide what next . We just don't know what to do now. Going to a Dr. means big decisions expensive tests to do biopsies and long drives that he hates. It's not always fun caring for kitties with special needs. I wish it was.


Meowy Christmas my Furrends

December 24th 2012 7:52 am
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I was sitting her looking at my purrrty little Green and red shiny ball and was thinking of all my wonderful friends who have been so good to me this year. I want to thank everyone for the support, kind words and prayers you have sent your way. I would love to stop in at everyone's house tonight to share a little catnip but I really hate riding in the car anywhere. So hope you guys will forgive me and except my wishes for a very happy Holiday and a fantastic Merry Christmas. Head Bonks to all and here's a toast to all of you.


December 18th 2012 6:53 pm
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Today was a day of sneezes and rattles. Girl Human said it was 48 hours before I was OK the last time before I was OK. I still am playing with my ball. At least it's not pink.
Oh ❄ Charlie ❄ I'm so sorry that you have a pink room. Maybe you can throw litter on the walls and change it to something more neutral. I'm sorry there are other kitties out there who feel my pain like, Zeke. I think I would like green to match my eyes some day.
It was rather funny when Girl Human had to shove both the carriers in the car. I'm sure glad we didn't have far to go. I was on the top and I have never been that high up. I could see a big big world out there. I didn't like it to much and was sure glad when I got back to the Junction and safe in my little world.
Sure hope this shot works so I don't have to go back again for the other one. That all for tonight. I need to go retrieve my ball. The things we have to do to keep our Humans busy. Goodnight guys.


Not in Pink

December 17th 2012 8:40 pm
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I was awoken early this morning with the sound of a carrier door's clicking lock. Now some how I knew it was meant for me. When I saw it was a pink carrier I ran, hissed and growled at Girl Human. What is wrong with this Women, any how??? Now it's bad enough my name is Peaches but, a pink carrier for a boy is not my idea of how I want to go out in the world. Now pink may be fine for some guys but I'm a red head. Get real here!!!! Girl Human is no fashion-esta fur sure.
I rode to the Vet and he shot me in the shoulder. My Vet was sick today and he looked bad. Worse then me. I think he should have had the shot, not me. I came home and played with my ball. Girl Human left me to go to the store. So I just slept until she got home. I promptly got my ball out for us to play with. I ate a little tonight and rubbed Girl Humans leg to tell her, I forgive her this time.


Crossed paws here still

December 13th 2012 1:38 pm
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Things are going OK this week so far with me. I have been eating like crazy and doing better. I have had a few sneezes the last few days but no big fits like I have become famous for.
My fur Brother Decker had to have surgery today and what they thought was a big stone was a big blood clot. They did a few awful things to his bladder and put in another catheter. They won't let him come home until Sat. morning. He is still on IV's and Antibiotics.
Girl Human visited him yesterday and he was very mad at her when she left him behind. The Vet said he was going to move him to a larger cage today once he wakes up more.
My friend Blue(my FIV+ fur) is not doing well. His wound that refuses to heal in not accepting antibiotics any more. Girl Human said things come in three's.
Male Human is busy building a small outdoor enclosure for Decker to enjoy. He will not be allowed run in the outback freely.
This summer a overhaul of the house of Blue's will most likely. The project will include interior revamp with more run expansion connecting the house of Decker so all can roam further in safety. That was in the plan for when Blue decides to go to Rainbow Bridge. We know he misses in cage pal Icky II. She left for the bridge in July 2011.
Well that's the update at Calico Junction. Please do not feel sad as this is how things are when you have kitties with issues. It's something you can never get use to but, it is all of having a forever home for us special needs kitties.

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