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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

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Got Milk????

January 28th 2014 7:38 pm
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Life and times at Calico Junction Diary Tues. Jan 28, 2014
January 28, 2014 at 11:34am

Humans do you ever find yourself scouring the milk section of the grocery looking for that special brand of milk that has that ring on top so you can buy a toy for you cats???

Grocery clerk, "May I help you?"

Male Human, "Well Yes, Girl Human sent me to buy some milk."

Grocery clerk, looking puzzled, "WELLLLL, OK we have our milk right over here. Any special kind??"

Male Human, "Whole Milk, with a ring on top."

Grocery clerk, " OK!!!" They all have rings to seal the bottles."

Male Human, "She said she wants a solid ring."

Manager walking by, "Need some help?"

Grocery clerk, "We are looking for a bottle of milk with a solid ring on top."

Manager says, "Well that's one I never heard before, all of the bottles are sealed with a ring."

Grocery clerk, "Yeah that's what I said, too."

Male Human, "I told Girl Human just to move the couch there is a zillion under there."

Grocery clerk asks, "Why do you keep them under the couch??? I though people put them is the trash."

Manager: looking away, not wanting to make eye contact for fear of laughing.

Male Human, "It's for the cats."

All laugh and start scanning the milk selection.


Manager asks, "May I help you??"

Girl Human, "Yes my Male Human bought this milk a little while ago and got the wrong thing."

Manager looking puzzled once more replies with a funny looking smile, "Just leave it here and go get what you need."

Girl Human returns with proper product in hand.

Manager looks puzzled, " I thought you needed a bottle of milk with a solid ring on top??"

Girl Human smiles, "No not today, have a zillion under the couch now, cats just love them."

Girl Human then hand the manager a bottle of laundry detergent.

Manager smiles and states " Far cry from milk."

Girl Human replies, "Well that's what happens when a man is watching war movies. I guess all he heard was one word of the list. A BOTTLE of detergent, a BUNCH of bananas, and a box of LITTER. So he came home with a bottle of milk and 3 boxes of litter. I can use the litter but he just got a bottle of milk 2 days ago.

He's not a multi task Human for sure.

Both laugh:

That was my Monday how was yours???


Hello is anyone home???

January 24th 2014 6:39 am
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Where is everyone??? We aren't gone yet!!! Catster is still here and you guys need to come out and play!!! It's time to quit running about and have fun with the time we have left.

Come on guys, let's play just a little bit.

I know many of you are busy packing up and getting ready to move your information elsewhere but, it's not over until the Fat Cat says in final Meow.

So let's all go out with a big ball of yarns and a bag full of funny catnip stories to remember. Go with the attitude of, WE WILL MEET AGAIN. We are all in the together and we will rise again and better for it!!!

Catster has armed us with a lot of knowledge. No matter where we go we will are prepared to help others who need us. Catster is a College and we are all graduates. So grab those diplomas and smile. We are the one and only Cat College in the who universe. Stand tall and fell proud that you got to graduate from the biggest and best. Have faith we will always be family!!


Animal Control

January 23rd 2014 8:53 am
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I'm just going to keep a watch and stick with what I know for now. Poor kitties are running in all directions as if Animal Control is on their heels. They need to observe first, rather then run then find that the grass is not greener where they landed. I saw one who has only been on Catster a very short time from out of country trying to get people to join a site that they are developing. I would question that before jumping into the cat bed with them. Catsters need to use their heads and take some deep breaths before giving out their personal info to some place that's not got a proven record. Google those places you are thinking of joining for the reviews first.


A Fellow Catster, has gone to Rainbow Bridge

January 22nd 2014 8:37 pm
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There is nothing telling of this awful news so Catsters please go to them and show your Caster friendship pass the word to all.

Scarlett of Denver Colorado caster no. 427449


Remebering things that are so important

January 22nd 2014 8:07 pm
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We are all sharing this sad ending together. We all grew to love and enjoy our times together here on Catster. We were a family that shared all those things that families have to endure. Births, deaths, happiness and even, life after death. Catster members were there for all those caring moments. We all took part in sharing laughter and tears. We all spent many holidays together just like families do. Some shared deep personal things that may have never been shared with another soul.

I do hope you have the time to save all the history you have shared and all those kitty stories. We are glad we got the chance to meet and know each one of you. We look forward to sharing many more years of the same with those who choose the paths we choose.

I know there will be those who won't join different sites for your own personal reasons and that, we respect greatly. For that, I am very sad and hope that we all can one day, be together again. Hopefully we will find each other on another Catster spot on this planet. Then we can all lay in the suns rays once more and enjoy our days together.

I truly want to thank those of you who went out of your way to make this such a special place for all of us to come and enjoy. There were many who where at your doorstep when trouble was in your life. There were many who came to each other aid in time of need.

A very special thanks to those who worked so hard to have special clubs, and give special attention to all of us when our days of being a special Catster cat were celebrated.

Like any family there has been a few hissing matches but, all that is in the past. We are family and like the saying goes, Once a Catster-always a Catster.

If you see me in your worldly travels please take time to look my way, give a wave and think of all the fun we shared together. May your futures be filled with smiles, happiness, catnip and tuna treats.

From Annie Spokescat, Calico Junction Sanctuary, Our Mr.Z lost but never forgotten, Male, Girl, Grandaughter, and Grandma Human we give a big smile and wave. May many days of joy be ahead for all our friends. Please use all your 9 lives to there very fullest !!!

Until we all meet again, I wave goodbye to those who will be leaving before the lights go out here at Catster Land. I just have to give you one last Head Bonk, a few kitty nudges and of course one more thing------
a very big and very special **** "Winkie Winkie" We all will truly miss you guys.


Facebook rumors

January 18th 2014 6:57 pm
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This is what Facebook told me 3 years ago when I heard the first rumor of that. That rumor surfaces every year and it's probably some cat haters who get the ball rolling. Facebook does delete inactive pages so when people do not use their pages a couple times a month they will delete after a 5 to 6 month period . I had a group page I made inactive as wanted to move my site to the more up to date pages. It took them over 6 months before they took off the old page. If there has been reported Spams coming in , or invites to people they don't know over and over, they place questionable items and they are reported yes they may delete but they give you several warning to stop before they do it. Besides if they do just open another e-mail account and start again and don't make the same mistakes. There are thousands and thousands of cats, dogs, horses, and yes even flying pigs with pages. If I feel someone is a little off color I block them from making comments on my page. You can hide any posts you don't want seen. I run a Lost and Found page for the State of Virginia and I have hundreds of cat oriented sites who are likes on the page. If you look around you will find places like Best Friends, Cat House on the Kings, Grumpy cat, Maru, Luna the Fashion Kitty, and Gwyn Cooper's Homer the Blind Cat heck I'm furrrend with Jackson Galaxy from the Cat from Hell and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough an author of over 60 cat books that are sold in Books a Million and many small private animal groups have pages. Facebook is cat freindly what do you have to loose you got to start over someplace. You can give it a try don't like it look elsewhere. My best advise is don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Like we have all been doing.


Please Join me

January 16th 2014 9:42 pm
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Your welcome to come to facebook and friend me Annie Spokescat

There are lots of Catster kitties there. It's different but a way to communicate with each other and share our stories. You can message your friends in private. Make private groups. I have met a lot of nice people here and I felt this day would come. Now we all need to get all the information we have placed here into another spot to keep. My diary entries are a lot of history. The worse will be all my mail I have kept over the years from everyone. I know I can't take all of it with me but that is a real sad part of this sad news. If anyone would like to send me your e-mails for contacts please pawmail me.
I have met the best people here and have developed personal long friendships. I have traveled and met people in many different parts of the U.S.A. and don't want to loose that.
Love you guys. And Oh Yeah!!! Winkie, Winkie.


Meowy Christmas Catsters

December 20th 2013 8:18 pm
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We have been very busy trying to chew the lights, ribbon and help Girl Human in every way we can to decorate for the Holidays. Meshia threw up on the back of the couch and it added a little glow to the room. Sweeny decorated the rug in the living room with three wonderful presents for Girl Human but, Sophia did the most decorating of all. She being the oldest has a lot more experience then the rest of us.
We did all that within a half hour after Girl Human got up the other morning. We had it all done even before she got her morning coffee. Now I, Annie waited until she a least got her first bite of breakfast before I left a nice big pile of hardly chewed food for her. For some reason, I guess it was because she had not had her coffee, she was not too impressed with any of it.
She has been working making money for our new furs Mickie and Mica's surgery and shots. She asked for money this year from her family for her Birthday so she could get all the money needed. I hear that they have no idea what kind of surprise Girl Human has in store for them. I myself do not believe they will be any more excited then Girl Human was about all we left her to enjoy.
We have no big tree to climb this year as the Humans decided to put up a little baby tree instead. That's not much fun when it comes to climbing. So we all have decided to invent better surprises for them.
Well all of us here at the Sanctuary want to wish you the very best Catster Christmas. And furs!!! Best get to getting some of that cute curly ribbon to wrap those gifts you leave about for your Humans. Times a passing fast and you got to get those gifts hidden well under the tree so they don't find them until Christmas day. And no chewing the lights as Humans for some reason get mad. Merry Christmas furrrends and have a safe one too.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Junction.

November 27th 2013 9:08 pm
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I know I will never get to send everyone a personal Happy Thanksgiving. I had to write this entry to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.
It has been a very busy year for the Junction and we have had a lot of ups and downs. We are so very Thankful for all our Catster furrends and are so glad to know each and every one of you.
Time just seems to slip away and this year has flown by too too fast for us. We truly are very thankful for all that everyone has done for us this year.
We had a hard beginning loosing our Sweet kitties, Blue, Decker, Peaches and Muffin. We have acquired two newbies Mickey and Mica that are now 15 weeks old. We just passed a 2 year date on Nov.14th that our sweet Mr.Z left us.
Girl Human has been busy this summer becoming a code 3 responder thru the University of Colorado, fostering from an over crowded no kill shelter and starting up a very popular and time consuming facebook page called "Virginia Cat Search". We have over 568 kitties reunited since last March. The Junction building was very little this year, due to funding. Since the understandable cute back of everyone purse strings and we are sure many will be having a smaller Christmas season like we are. We do hope that you our friends, have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and travel so very safely please there are a lot of crazy Humans out there. Thanks for stopping in and reading our entry.


Been forever

October 17th 2013 10:06 pm
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I know guys, Girl Human has not been to Catster friendly for a while. Well OK for months. She has had a very busy Summer. It ended with fostering some very sick babies who lost their Mommy at one week of age. There were six to start. She got 4 of them as, 2 died at the kill shelter before she heard of their plight.
The first problem was the shelter girl gave Girl Human the wrong milk. Girl Human gave 2 feedings 2 hours apart and an hour after the second feeding they all were in very serious trouble. All were limp as rags and hardly breathing.
She went to Male Human crying she had killed them. They both worked on reviving them until 3 a.m.. Girl Human returned at 6 a.m. and one had gone to Rainbow Bridge. She now had 3 kittens who seemed to go into a crash mode. They repeated this, at the blink of the eye for several days. The one little Girl had one eye and seemed to be doing well by week 3. Purring, playing and eating well. On her 31st morning Girl Human spent 12 hours holding her until she died. What a heart break, Girl Human had already decided she was going to stay due to her special problem of one eye. She knew she would be destroyed and never adopted.
The shelter required the body of the first one to be returned and with this little girl they let her be buried here at the Junction.
She was named Little Princes the day she was buried. Girl Human was heart broken as she had brought her so far and she had been doing so well.
A few days later Mica crashed. She found him limp and not breathing. Girl Human shook and yelled at him telling him he could not leave. His brother needed him. He did not want to be left alone. Several days he would sink and rise again until he finally stabilized. Then got fat and started eating everything in sight (and still does to this day). For weeks on end Girl Human would get up every 3 hours and feed them 24/7 without a break. Male Human was afraid to touch them. They seemed so delicate and he did not want to get attached as he knew they would have to return to the shelter.
Girl Human's heart weakened to the point that she knew after all the sleepless nights and tears she shed they, just may be staying.
She went to the shelter to get some supplies and while she was there another foster lady came in. She had lost 5 of the 8 adult cats she was caring for. The vet said they had a virus. It was very likely she was going to loose the others also. Right then Girl Human knew no matter what her two remaining charges were not coming back to a kill shelter. It is high season and the chance of a virus spreading and causing all the cats in the shelter to be put down was very high. This is a animal control dumping ground and everything has problems in Aug and Sept.
I was to return them at 8 to 9 weeks of age. Time was getting closer as they were 6 1/2 weeks and growing fast. So right then she made the decision. Take them into Calico Junction.
This is not a good time for that as she still is not working and it's not been easy. Her heart could not allow it. So they are now happy and full of fun and energy and fitting in very well with Bennie in the House of Scarlet.
Stasha is OK with them but, stays some of the nights in the partly finished, House of Blues. We did a make-shift job so the guys would move in. Taking advantage of the nice porch and run on the nice summer nights we have had this year.
Kitty Cye has totally moved into the House of Blues. She does not like the new noise makers. Polly moved to the House of Decker and is very happy. Some nights she will go in the House of Blues and enjoy the outdoors behind wire protection. so it's been musical house movement the last month.
Sophia(main house Sr. kitty) has had a very rough summer. She has been to the vet about every two weeks. She seems OK right now she was just there last weekend.
They still can't find out her problem. Girl Human took it upon herself to do a drastic thing and stopped all her medications. She placed her on less canned food and more dry food. She's giving her Gin-ca Balboa in treat form, that she loves. It just may be old age aches that is causing most of her problems. She seems to be doing really well the last few days and even has been jumping up in Girl Humans chair and sleeping. This is something she has not been able to do for 5 years or more. This just may be temporary but we will just do, one day at a time.
I'm sorry I have been so lax in sending thank you's to those who have sending gifts here on Catster. We do so much enjoy knowing that you guys have not forgotten us. We sure have not forgotten you.
Now that the kittens are getting older the summer volunteer time slows maybe we will be able to be here more.
To see our new guys go to Bennie's page and check out the photos I posted tonight.
I will try to get Girl Human to get in the Catster swing now but know she will be gearing up for the ebay selling for Christmas buyers. Thanks for reading my long story and hope to hear from you guys soon. Good night and**** Winkie, Winkie!!!!

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