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Panic in the community

March 6th 2014 5:45 am
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Yesterday was a day for the Caster community of panic. We all experienced a long evening of "Catster Down". Running to other places to talk with their friends and to see if everyone was having the same problems. Yes, it was discovered we all were getting spinning, spinning, spinning.

Some of us saw it for so long we decided it was a new toy developed just for us. Me, I had to knock it off the computer screen and watch it roll under the couch with all our other hidden treasures.

Hush, don't tell anyone our secret.

We now have that spinning thing hidden away and hope we don't see it for a very long time. "Welcome back Catster" may your fleas be gone once more.

I first thought I had broken Catster because I was chosen for DDP. Then I decided it was because the sun was shining. I really must take a cat nap. I'm so tired from watching that think spin. Hours on end I watched it. Won't you join me on my favorite perch in the warm winter sun for a nice long catnap???


DDP?? Really???

March 5th 2014 8:22 am
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So nice that you guys picked my diary today. What a nice thing to wake up and see such wonderful news.
The kitties here tell me that we are going to do a happy dance in the snow bank, later today. I think I may just pass. I hate cold toes.
My idea of celebrating is laying on the arm of the chair catnapping while my slave, Girl Human does my work. Oh, I work so hard.
So glad I have my slave. Speaking of, "Slave open that can of food I feel like a little snack". We kitties know how all this work is makes us hungry.
Well time for a nap soon it's almost noon. Have a great day Catsters I feel another cat nap coming on. YAaaaaawwwwnnnnn.
Well maybe later I will play with a big pile fuzzy from the dryer since this is the first day of Lent. Happy Ash Wednesday guys.


The day of the funeral

March 3rd 2014 3:18 pm
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Today was the day. It's not due to bad cold wind, snow or ice that we are still not attending the funeral. This date was given as the final day for cats to play. No more long time friends to meet with any time day or night. we were all told we were going to have to say goodby furrever.
I had forgotten that this was the final hours we were to have together. We were to loose very long time friendships that we all enjoyed here for so many years.
My fruuuend Rex reminded me that due to some vet tech giving Catster a shot in the butt we are still here together.
It's a very quite these days. Many kitties have decided to play elsewhere. We are hoping they will visit again and start playing as they once did. Now the question is, will the kitties come out from under the beds and from behind the curtains and trust again. We can only hope. May this never happen again. We can forgive once. So come guys, lets grab our favorite toys from under the couch and play once more.


Just a hello to all

February 16th 2014 12:34 pm
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We have been busy here with snow snow snow. Like so many other people in this country have had to work with. Ours luckily is getting better. The temperatures are warming and the snow is going away little by little.

We have been busy shoveling and working. We don't need a gym membership this winter. Worked off all those little extras that we have been eating this winter. Girl Human has lost weight and is so happy with herself. She started on a Paleo eating style a year ago Sept. and has lost slowly a wonderful and not missed 45 lbs. Male Human says he knows where all the weight Girl Human lost, went to. He is a junk food junkie and doesn't stop. Think he's going to have kittens any day now.

The kitties are all doing well for a change. Sophia has gotten over her problem thank goodness. Some wonderful people I met on Facebook gave Girl Human some wonderful advise and it worked. The Vet was going to put her down as she was so bad. A simple inexpensive cure was switching form Metamucil to Miralax saved he life. Due to the wheat playing on kitties stomachs and causing so many problems it was like magic and in a few days her life changed and our old Sophia was back. It has been a few months now and I'm sure She will be with us for her 18th birthday in July. She doesn't seem old anymore. She picks fights with the guys and is very active know.

We do hope that your Valentines day was a special one and that you got to spend it with the ones you love the most. Thanks to everyone who left Valentines wishes on our pages. Nudges to all and Winkie Winkie from me, Annie Spokescat for the Junction.


Where did she go???

February 3rd 2014 10:49 am
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Girl Human left us Sunday morning very early. Much earlier then we have seen her leave in a very long time. In the afternoon we all greeted her with big meows and swaying tails. We really thought nothing of her leaving. The longer she was gone the more we missed her. No one even asked why she left or where she went. We were just happy she was home.

Sophia didn't have Girl Human to curl up with. I did not get my morning computer time. The armchair by the double windows was empty. The shears were closed and I could not look into the bird house. Sweeny missed his dish being filled at 9:30 a.m.. Meshia found it was no fun, getting into trouble. Girl Human wasn't there to say NO!!! What fun is that??? Pooh Bear, he could have cared less. He had is heating pad to keep him comfy. Male Human was around but, it's not the same. No fussing over us like Girl Human does. He just stares at that thing called a TV.
Girl Human always says that if there is a reincarnation she wants to be an indoor cat in a very nice home with views of the sea from a high on a mountain. Receiving maid service 24/7. Now, I can see why.
Someone poo-ed in the litter box and our maid was not here to clean it out. The litter was not swept up and I had to walk in it, yuck!!! I hate that. Some of my roomies potty habits are not so pleasant. She's home now. We all feel so much better as our life is back to normal.
It sure is nice to have our live in maid??? What would we do without them?? I guess they do have an important part in our lives. So give your Human an extra nudge today.


Important for all cat owners

January 29th 2014 8:55 am
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This is a post that came my facebook page that has a story about a poor kitty that was brought to our attention by a fuuurend from N.J. please stop in and read so this does not happen to your pets or children.

This was recently forwarded to us.

This is our "office kitty," Dewey. (Photo is on our link burned stomach, leg and has no fur) He knocked over a cinnamon reed diffuser (you know, those things with liquid and sticks in them make the room smell good). He was washed up quickly, and we thought he was OK. Turns out he was NOT.

Dewey has chemical burns over a good portion of his belly and hind legs from the liquid in the reed diffuser. He spent five days at the vet having his wounds debrided. They had to put him under anesthesia to do this, because it would have been too painful otherwise. This is what some of his wounds look like after he was treated at the vet -- there is more on his belly and on his other leg, and this actually looks GOOD compared to what it looked like when he was taken to the vet. The burns did not show up for about a week or two, and we thought he was OK and was just "stained" from the liquid. That was not the case. Dewey will be OK, in time. BUT, what if this had been a CHILD? What if those chemicals had spilled on a child's face or in their eyes? You wouldn't think the "stuff" in a reed diffuser would cause such horrific burns, but obviously this one did.

THIS is NOT a joke. PLEASE share this with your friends. I would HATE to have something like this happen to a child. It's bad enough it happened to an animal. If you have children or animals, GET RID OF YOUR REED DIFFUSERS!"

Annie's advise: Always keep a small bottle of Dawn dish washing liquid in your cat's first aid kit. If any thing does happen to your kitties fur wash ASP with a couple washings of Dawn. Dawn is your best choice as cuts most oils and reduces this from happening plus safe to use on pets in emergencies. You may not have a happy cat but you may save it from a lot of pain. A burn does not have to come from fire and chemicals are just as bad or worse. So when in dought, wash it out not ones but twice.


Got Milk????

January 28th 2014 7:38 pm
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Life and times at Calico Junction Diary Tues. Jan 28, 2014
January 28, 2014 at 11:34am

Humans do you ever find yourself scouring the milk section of the grocery looking for that special brand of milk that has that ring on top so you can buy a toy for you cats???

Grocery clerk, "May I help you?"

Male Human, "Well Yes, Girl Human sent me to buy some milk."

Grocery clerk, looking puzzled, "WELLLLL, OK we have our milk right over here. Any special kind??"

Male Human, "Whole Milk, with a ring on top."

Grocery clerk, " OK!!!" They all have rings to seal the bottles."

Male Human, "She said she wants a solid ring."

Manager walking by, "Need some help?"

Grocery clerk, "We are looking for a bottle of milk with a solid ring on top."

Manager says, "Well that's one I never heard before, all of the bottles are sealed with a ring."

Grocery clerk, "Yeah that's what I said, too."

Male Human, "I told Girl Human just to move the couch there is a zillion under there."

Grocery clerk asks, "Why do you keep them under the couch??? I though people put them is the trash."

Manager: looking away, not wanting to make eye contact for fear of laughing.

Male Human, "It's for the cats."

All laugh and start scanning the milk selection.


Manager asks, "May I help you??"

Girl Human, "Yes my Male Human bought this milk a little while ago and got the wrong thing."

Manager looking puzzled once more replies with a funny looking smile, "Just leave it here and go get what you need."

Girl Human returns with proper product in hand.

Manager looks puzzled, " I thought you needed a bottle of milk with a solid ring on top??"

Girl Human smiles, "No not today, have a zillion under the couch now, cats just love them."

Girl Human then hand the manager a bottle of laundry detergent.

Manager smiles and states " Far cry from milk."

Girl Human replies, "Well that's what happens when a man is watching war movies. I guess all he heard was one word of the list. A BOTTLE of detergent, a BUNCH of bananas, and a box of LITTER. So he came home with a bottle of milk and 3 boxes of litter. I can use the litter but he just got a bottle of milk 2 days ago.

He's not a multi task Human for sure.

Both laugh:

That was my Monday how was yours???


Hello is anyone home???

January 24th 2014 6:39 am
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Where is everyone??? We aren't gone yet!!! Catster is still here and you guys need to come out and play!!! It's time to quit running about and have fun with the time we have left.

Come on guys, let's play just a little bit.

I know many of you are busy packing up and getting ready to move your information elsewhere but, it's not over until the Fat Cat says in final Meow.

So let's all go out with a big ball of yarns and a bag full of funny catnip stories to remember. Go with the attitude of, WE WILL MEET AGAIN. We are all in the together and we will rise again and better for it!!!

Catster has armed us with a lot of knowledge. No matter where we go we will are prepared to help others who need us. Catster is a College and we are all graduates. So grab those diplomas and smile. We are the one and only Cat College in the who universe. Stand tall and fell proud that you got to graduate from the biggest and best. Have faith we will always be family!!


Animal Control

January 23rd 2014 8:53 am
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I'm just going to keep a watch and stick with what I know for now. Poor kitties are running in all directions as if Animal Control is on their heels. They need to observe first, rather then run then find that the grass is not greener where they landed. I saw one who has only been on Catster a very short time from out of country trying to get people to join a site that they are developing. I would question that before jumping into the cat bed with them. Catsters need to use their heads and take some deep breaths before giving out their personal info to some place that's not got a proven record. Google those places you are thinking of joining for the reviews first.


A Fellow Catster, has gone to Rainbow Bridge

January 22nd 2014 8:37 pm
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There is nothing telling of this awful news so Catsters please go to them and show your Caster friendship pass the word to all.

Scarlett of Denver Colorado caster no. 427449

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