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The life and the Times at Calico Junction

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A nice quiet weekend here.

July 23rd 2012 12:45 pm
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We had welcomed clouds but very little rain here. It has begun to cloud up now and maybe just maybe, we may get a little rain. Things have greened up and the flowers need water every day. The electric bill was through the roof this go round with the need for A.C. everywhere.

Sweeny is doing well and feels so much better since he got his "New Doo". He is more playful but very clingy. He sits on Girl Human at every chance. He is always within 2 ft of her.

Meshia is still fighting a little bit of skin issues from the mystery collar reaction. She no longer has to wear the cone of shame.

Sophia had a good weekend. Her test results today were positive other then her heart. They still don't know what the other thing on her x-ray is. Non of the tests showed anything out of the ordinary. For her age she is quite healthy according to her test. So it is a big ????.

She is to start on heart meds in the A.M.. She got an antibiotic shot for her bad teeth. Hope that will take care of that issue as surgery at this time is not a good thing.

All in all we are lucky once again and hope all stays that way for us now.

Thank you guys so much for all your support, gifts, words of concern and friendship. You guys are the best.


Sophia's Dr says

July 19th 2012 7:44 pm
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Sophia has got to return again tomorrow as her Vet has a different opinion from the one who saw her the other day. He wants to find more out about the kidney issue. He does not believe she has a problem there but in her stomach. He wants more blood. Just like a Vet.
Tonight Sophia got sick to her tummy and panic set in. Guess she was flashing back to the attack. She started running about not knowing what to do. Male and Female Human both stayed with her and held her until she calmed down.
She wanted back in her cage . She feels safe in there. She wet all around the litter box last night. Purchased a drip pan for a hot water heater today and placed her litter pan in it to help catch any accidents. I don't think she likes her small litter box very much.
Today Sweeny went to the Vet for his Sweeny Doo (Hair clipping while masked) and ck up. He did real well didn't bite or scratch a soul. I went in the OR room with him and talked to him until he was a sleep. Lucky he did not need shots. His Diabetes is stable. He has slimmed down 2 lbs. He has been beside me all night. He seems to be so thankful to be rid of all that hair. With all the happenings and storms we finally got him more comfortable.
Today we received a very nice contribution from a Church about 40 miles from us. They took up a collection just for Calico Junction. It was a surprising sizable sum. The Vet bills this month are many and large. What a wonderful surprise in our mailbox today. What a welcomed gift. God does work in mysterious ways and for a reason. We are so very thankful to all these people we don't even know.
Thank you Catsters for all your comments, gifts and mail for our Sophia. We are so very very thankful for all your prayers and concerns.


Sophia's update

July 18th 2012 4:26 pm
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Sophia has been resting all day. She spent the night in a 4 ft sq. cage and loved it. She wanted to return to it today to take a 2 hr. nap. What a wonderful surprise. She spent most of the day next to me. She sat in Male Human's lap tonight and purred. What a nice day. We have Sophia with us to hug and tell her we love her.


Not the best of days

July 17th 2012 3:22 pm
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The day started normal and Sophia was eating her hourly meals as normal. About 1:30 Sophia's world turned upside down.

I rushed her to a vet as she could not breath. She was throwing up and could not keep her balance. I first thought she was choking and put her upside down to clear her throat and lungs. I slapped her chest and back it seemed to help her clear her throat and she was breathing very rapidly.

She had tests, Xrays, blood work. Sophia had either a heart attack or a blood clot. They found she has a kidney issue also. She is home but have to set up a place for her to stay.

She came home peed and pooped on the floor to weak to go to the litter box. Male Human has pressure washed a 4ft sq cage and it is drying now. I'm setting it up in our living room so she can be contained and have a rest time. Heck of a 16th birthday gift. Poor dear. We will be seeing her vet Thursday.

Not a good day here at the Junction.


All is well

July 11th 2012 3:10 pm
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Things are returning to somewhat of a normal state here, at the Junction. We had a nice day without rain or that dreaded old lightening, yesterday. It was beautiful, last night. The stars were out the lightning bugs were in full form and the night was in the upper 60's.
We ran and played in the outback until the skunk came along. It's presents caused us to retreat to our houses. Bella, Sylvester and Pumpkin refused to go in for the night. They slept on the new screened porch in their chosen chairs with soft cushions. What a beautiful way to sleep the summer night away.
Girl Human looked for the smelly old skunk but never did see it. We all knew it was close by. Girl Human did not want us to introduce ourselves to the pretty Black and White cutie.
Sylvester has come close at times. He has had a faint smell of a skunk several times.
We were glad the Humans did not meet up with the smelly creature as it could have been a very unpleasant ending to a purrrfct evening.


We kitties are not liking it.

July 2nd 2012 6:37 pm
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The Summer has begun with wicked weather. We kitties at Calico Junction are not liking it, at all. The loud noise, the high wind and the rumbling forever thunder, is really scaring us.

Friday night at 9 p.m. we had 80 mile a hour winds. large and small tree limbs and pine cones fell everywhere. We kitties were all spooked and had wide eyes. The lightning went on for ever and ever. It was as if a tornado was passing through our woods. The lighting made us hide and cry.

Amber cried and dug the carpet in the main house. Girl Human wrapped her in a sheet and hug her tight. Girl human talked softly to calm her. She ran away 3 times. Girl Human grabbed her wrapping her back in the sheet each time. She wiggled and cried.

Girl human placed her in a carrier laying the sheet over it to darken it. Amber was so exhausted she fell asleep. Girl Human slept beside her for several hours with her fingers touching her through the carrier's wired door. They both rested on a futon. The awful noise passed on. We were glad to see it go.

More bad weather returned again last night at 1 a.m.. It passed us quickly. Amber was placed in the sheet covered carrier once again. Girl Human laying on the futon slept beside her for the second night. There seems to be no relief for days.

Grandma Human has had no power since Friday night. She is here at the Junction with us. Her power may not be turned on until next Tuesday as high tension lines were destroyed. She lost a lot of her food she had just purchased a few days before. Today we emptied and cleaned the Refrigerator and freezer in 92 degree indoor temperatures. The indoor and outdoor plants are suffering badly.

We were lucky here at the Junction. Many have no water. We do have back up generator to use when needed. We have all our houses cooled and we are quit comfortable. Last nights storm knocked the feral house power out.

The air was off until 4 p.m. today so the ferals slept on the new screened exercise porch with a huge fan blowing twords the ceiling in hopes of cooling it, somewhat. They all seemed comfortable and happy. Tonight they are back in their cool house. At least today the temp. was 94 degrees instead of the 104 plus degrees temps we have been having all weekend.. The humid air doesn't feel good with our fur coats.

Bennie found a cool spot by the tool shed. He spread out on the dirt. When Girl Human picked him up, his belly was nice a cool. She placed him back in his nice cool house. He only came out for a short time this morning. His thick gray hair has not been the best thing to wear in this hot, hot summer.

We are very lucky here. No forest fires are burning near us. Many small ones have developed throughout the forests. We only hope that all this ends soon and we get a nice rainy day. Tonight we are to have a peaceful night. No storms, they say.


Fire Fly, OH Fire Fly

June 25th 2012 6:41 am
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Since our central air died, we have window units. Pooh our Siamese lives in the bedroom/bathroom area now. The other night Girl Human went in and there were 2 lighting bugs. One flashing away in the sink and other flashing from high up on the wall. Pooh was in panic mode, normal for him. Eyes big and walking on his tip toes. Girl Human knew something was, a miss.
Male Human had been repeatedly asked to ck and see where the bugs are getting in. He forgets.
Pooh on the other hand, loves it. Gives him great entertainment. Girl Human said, when the first spider appears. Male Human will have a fire lite under him, He will be running about like a, giant fire fly..
So far he is lucky, no fires have had to be started. Pooh on the other hand is having so much fun.
Since Male Human has been so busy with our new exercise area he, has been forgiven. He has been working in 95 plus degree temps trying to get it done before the bugs start getting bad.
It is screened in 99% done. The cats will not go in. We have one section with a flap that they can go in a out. Dipsey is the only one who has gotten the hang of it.Once they are use to it a cat door will be installed.
It is not attached to The House of Scarlet as the plan calls for. The plan keeps changing. Everyone has been enjoying it so much, including the Humans. The Humans have been taking their dinner out and enjoying the bug free evenings.
Last night 3 cats joined them for grilled Vietnam catfish. So this is how they figure they will do the introduction. Eating and sharing dinner with them until the cats to feel comfortable with the idea..
Last night the Humans have witnessed a deer came right up to the exercise area grazing. It stood 15 ft, without fear. The yearling watch the funny Humans, in the cage. A groundhog and her baby were also caught basking in the field close by. A large female deer stood close watching her young deer while it approached the caged Humans. What a wonderful site it was.
So all in all nature is entertaining everyone and Pooh is getting the benefit of it too.
That's the day and times of the Junction as told by me, "Annie Spokescat" Nudges and Winkie, Winkie to all.


DDP and the Catster Guru

June 24th 2012 10:06 am
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What a neat thing DDP today. You guys are pawsome. I read comments and WOW zealies out the wazoo??? Sure wish the Zealie fairy would visit us like that. I had less then I should have at times. We got skipped every now and then on my allotment for the month but, OH that's zealies under the bridge.
Those receiving over 200 pawmails in a day from one kitty???? Dealing with all that must have caused paw cramps.
The comment, Techno Kitty makes me see a rainbow flashing kitty sitting at the puter dancing away without a care in the world. TEE HEE!!!.
Computers are great when the site your on works at a respectable speed. Keeping in touch with furrends is great. When it takes 30 minutes to give 2 thank you's, that another story. Add a photo to your page that's were it gets a little hairy. All I wanted to do one day was, share with your fellow Catster. I waited and waited while the little circle went round and round. I dare say, that did entertain me until, "SORRY SOMETHING WRONG, WE DIDN'T GET IT flashed across the screen in bright red letters!!!!"
Now that's when the BP ( I'm not talking gas) goes up. It sure can drive a kitty like me to start climbing the curtains after, the third try.
Like all of us, I do have to get my nap time. After all my beauty sleep is important.
Excuses me I must fluff up, (((( )))).
WOW now I feel better.
Thank guys and have a good day.
One more time everyone (((((( )))))).
Yeah group fluffing up feels so good.
Tee Hee!!!!!
Have a super day and Winkie Winkie all.
Nudges from your Catster profusser, Annie Spokescat.


Blood pressure rising

June 22nd 2012 11:35 am
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Thanks everyone for leaving your comments. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with problems. I have more then one computer and when I come to Catster it, just drags. Such a shame. I have met some really nice folks and kitties here.
I have also have seen several new kitties I friend-ed leave Catster. I receive an pawmail the other day and the person must have been having so much trouble as, I received 22 of the same pawmail within a few min of each other. That's just crazy that people come here to have fun and get a raise in blood pressure and aggravated.
While trying to post this I have had to break off Catster then return as it seems to have forgotten what I am doing. Well I sure hope the next year will bring better results.
Have a good weekend guys and keep buy the A.C..


Things here, are the same I see!!!!

June 21st 2012 8:07 pm
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I have been trying to add photos and send gifts and I'm not having much luck at either. I am still around but have a hard time with this site. My Pawmails are arriving months late. So sorry if you received no thank you's for gifts that have been sent for the last few months. I'm just getting them bit by bit. I really do hope no one felt that we are not grateful. We are very and will answer those that I find.
I have been busy here this summer catching up on a lot of projects I have planned this winter to do. The weather has been beautiful for the last few weeks so have been getting lots done. I do go on Facebook a lot so if your there give me a yell or invite. Meet me at Annie Spokescat. hope this will load so you guys can read it.
Miss you guys. Have a good summer all.

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