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Is Autumn Here Already??

September 2nd 2009 10:08 am
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This week the weather has unexpectedly changed. It's been much cooler - low 70's in the day and brrrrr....45 at night. But the sun has been shining every day. This sudden change has resulted in something quite peculiar in our house..... we all gots the crazies!!!!! Zzzzzzoooooooooooom! We are running and playing like maniacs! Gone are the dog days of summer where we just lay around looking like we melted. This cool snap has made us wacky! I have been running up and down the hall, jumping on the bed, the sofa and the chairs, rolling around like a fool. It's all this fresh air - we just can't help ourselves.

Mom just shakes her head and laughs at us. Does she not know that something inside us is making us do these crazy things? We can not resist these urges!!!

Happy Fall my furry friends!


Holy cannoli! I won!!!

August 14th 2009 1:04 pm
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Oh meow goodness! I am beside myself with excitement....I was selected as Welcome Waggin's August Member of the Month!!!

meow meow meow meow meow! Sorry, I had to do a little meow dance there.

Oh wait until the other kitties at the house hear about this. Surely this will finally convince them that I am their LEADER! I can't wait to rub my brother Harry's nose in this. He's always looking for the opportunity to usurp my power. Ha ha! Oh maybe mom will even buy me a special treat!

But on a more serious note, I truly love all my pals at the Welcome Waggin. They make everyday a little brighter and a lot more fun!

Ok, gotta go now. Time to parade all around the house :) Bushy tail? Check! Whiskers perky? Check! Time to go!!!


I got an ouch-y!

July 22nd 2009 7:47 am
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Monday I was on patrol for bugs as usual. Mostly I only find little gnats that can fit thru the screen, but every once in awhile a juicy fly gets in. So much fun!!

Well, on Monday I saw a great big flying bug in the bathroom. Oh, I was so excited! Mom & Dad weren't home yet - they missed quite a show. Me and my sisters were chasing this bug all around the bathroom. But it was ME that was successful in getting it!! MEOW-OUCH! What the heck? This bug just bit me back! MEOW MEOW MEOW!! My pink nosey really hurts.

Oh, then my mommy came in and saw that I was acting weird. Flinching and shaking my head and that my nose was really red and my eyes were really squinty. Then she saw the bug on the floor in the bathroom. She called it a wasp & squished it with her shoe.

Fortunately I was ok. Some kitty milk took away some of my pain :) But now mommy keeps the bathroom door closed until the exterminator comes. Not sure what that means but I know I won't mess with those nasty bugs again!


Bug hunters annonymous

July 3rd 2009 7:27 am
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Mom said I am addicted to hunting bugs. She might be right about that. I can't help it, those little flying things taunt me & I just can't rest until I catch them!!

Mostly I see those teeny tiny little gnat things that are so small they can fly through the holes of the window screens. Usually they fly up by the light in the kitchen ceiling. My strategy is to get as high up as possible (the fridge) and then I meow loudly at them. If Dad is home he will pick me up and hold me up high so I can smack them. But Mom is too short :(

Once in awhile a big juicy fly will get in & then I am in my glory! I love em! Mom tries to make me spit them out, but I am too fast for her! Hee hee! Happy summer my kitty pals!


Day 2

June 21st 2009 9:57 pm
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Today I decided that I really really love my mom again. Maybe I was feeling just a tiny bit sheepish at my theatrics yesterday. So, I made sure mom knew I still loved her by following her and MEOWing loudly and giving her my best squinty lovey eyes till she picked me up. Then I purred and mewed and purred some more.

Besides, I can't let my siblings get all the attention!


Cats of the world, unite!

June 20th 2009 6:05 pm
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My kitty comrades, I beseech you! We felines have a common enemy that we must fight against. No, not the silly canine, we know how to put them in there places. It is more terrible, more awful, more hair-raising than that. Persians, alley cats, torties, we must form a united front against...NAIL CLIPPING!!
Clipping our nails takes away the very essence of our beings! Our powerful and beautiful talons! After weeks of grooming my lovely nails into tiny weapons of torture, the she-owner thinks she can cut them? Nay I say! Nay!! I will bite and claw and SCREAM until I am released.
Wwwhat? Uh-oh, moms is coming! Time to escape to the basement!!
Julius' mom would like to note that no cat was hurt during this latest nail clipping. The only blood shed was hers. Julius is still sulking in the basement.

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