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Thanksgiving Tag

November 12th 2009 2:09 pm
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Here's a little tag game for Thanksgiving. Thank you Pigeon for tagging me!

List the five things that you're most thankful for this year.
1. That mommy adopted me from the shelter & spoils me rotten :)
2. I'm thankful for all the wonderful friends we met on Catster/Dogster. Every day brings a new laugh, sigh, and sometimes a cry. But my life is always enriched because of all of you!
3. Pixie - I am thankful that mommy adopted her for me to play with. She is my favorite sibling!
4. Kitty milk....I'm addicted to the stuff...its delicious...just wish mom would let me have it every day!
5. I'm thankful for my big bay window where I can nap in the sunshine and also watch birdies!

I tag my buddy Napoleon!


Please Vote for this GORGEOUS kitty...and I don't mean me!- MOL!!

November 11th 2009 5:58 pm
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Oh the most beautiful kitty has enter the World's Coolest Dog & Cat contest!!! Her name is Little Emma and she is just absolutely, pawsitively gorgeous!

Have you ever seen such a divine little kitty??? Oh, I guess you can tell that she's stolen my heart :) ~sigh~

If you have a chance please vote for her!!

Vote for Little Emma in the World's Coolest



November 10th 2009 12:21 pm
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Well, mom finally got around to entering more pictures for us in the World's Coolest Dog & Cat Contest. BTW, why is DOG before CAT in that title??? You would think they'd want to lead with the favorite pet MOL!

If you have a moment, please vote for me :D

Vote for Julius in the World's Coolest


Hugs from Meowmy

October 28th 2009 1:26 pm
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So mom's been hugging me a lot lately...more than usual. She's got that watery stuff by her eyes too. I asked her, what's up? And she told me that Catster had a lot of sad stuff on it this week. First she told me about a wonderful kitty named Calvin who went to the rainbow bridge this week. I never met him and we weren't even friends on Catster but so many of our friends were friends with him that we thinks he must have been a very special kitty. Mom read his diary entry and leaked all over the keyboard.

Then mom told me she read about the Post Office cat in the cat blogs. Turns out the cat lived inside the post office until someone complained about allergies. So they had to put the cat outside, and guess what....Yep...the poor kitty got hit by a car and had to be put to sleep. :( This make me & meowmy so sad. Now I guess I understand why she won't let me out even though I cry by the back door. Those cars are scary things.

Anyway, mom has felt the need to hug and kiss me a lot after reading all this sad news. Its kind of annoying, but I secretly like it too :) I am one lucky boy to have pawrents that love me so much. So I'm sending out a big smooch-a-roonie to all my catster buds too ;)


Join My New Group!

October 20th 2009 10:59 am
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I'm sooooo excited! My good friends Napoleon & Colorado asked me to be an admin of Catstertown with them!!!!

MEOW WOW WOW!!! I am psyched - can ya tell? I mean, with how talkative I am, you would think mom would have made me my very own group by now. But no, she didn't - I had to wait until my friends asked me. And mom wonders why I haven't slept next to her lately. Hrmph!

Anyway, Catstertown is a fun group. Everyfur is invited to join! My area is Ghost's where us fearless kitties investigate haunted houses. ooooooooooo scary!

So all my furiends, please join Catstertown! And I almost furgot! We're having a party! Here's the official invite:

ON OCTOBER 21, YOU ARE INVITED AT 5:00 pm Catster time to the Catstertown Halloween Holler to be held in the GHOST TOWN AND CAT ALLEY and wherever you can find CANDY, OF COURSE--Just wear whatever Halloween flavour that you are wearing at that time. And don't forget to LOOK DOWN AT THE URL'S TO SELECT THE SOUNDTRACK OF YOUR CHOICE.


I Gots in BIG TROUBLE!!!

October 15th 2009 11:51 am
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Ok, so in my defense, the story I'm about to relay could not have occurred without the assistance of my brofurs and sisfurs!!!!

Last night my doggy sister Lily had an upset tummy and mom was sitting on the floor petting her. She leaned down to listen to Lily's tummy to see if it was gurgling and something under the chaise lounge. "OMG there is a cat under there!!" Mom said. At first Dad wasn't concerned because he thought one of us was merely sitting underneath it. Then mom explained to him that some kitty tore the lining under the chair and had actually crawled up INSIDE it!!!

So mom figured it was one of the other "bad" kitties. Dad tried to tip the chair but whoever was in there wouldn't come out. Next they tried the old standby - shaking the bag of kitty treats. Like magic, Harry, Coco and Pixie came running. But where was I? Yup, it was ME inside the chair :O I was trying to get out but it took me a little bit to wiggle my way out. (Sure was easier getting in there!) Mom gasped, "Julius??!!!"

Oh boy, was she mad! How was I to know she just finished the payments on that furniture?? Dad got the staple gun and they reattached the liner. The other cats kept running around by them trying to help with this task, but I took off to the basement till mom cooled down. Hey, I wasn't the one who pulled the liner down, I just took advantage of the situation!! Sheesh! Guess I'll be good today and look extra cute :)


Halloween Tag

October 8th 2009 12:54 pm
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5 Things I love about Halloween.....

1. Playing with mom's Halloween decorations (esp. the plastic spider!!)
2. Seeing mom & dad dress up in their goofy costumes (humans are so silly!)
3. Sitting in my window & watching all the leaves fall.
4. All the funny pictures mom & my friends make of me in spooky Halloween scenes.
5. The cool weather that comes with it...makes me want to RUN!!!

Thanks for tagging me Pigeon!
I'm going to tag Emmy!


Julius' Ramblings

September 28th 2009 2:37 pm
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I have so much to talk about today!! First, and most important....I have met THE sweetest girl ever! Her name is Little Emma & we met at the Welcome Waggin Ball last week. Now for all you dudes reading this, do NOT go over to her page to check her out....she's mine! But, she is a looker, that's fur sure!! Just thinking about her beautiful face turns me into mush :) I count the days till I can see her again.

Being in love has made me a bit nutty too. Or maybe it's just the cool fall weather again. I have been running around like a crazy cat...even more than usual. And I have been very persistently asking mom to let me outside. (so I can run to see Emmy, of course!) Mom let's the dogs out and then I come running to the door MEOWING at the top of my lungs. Trust me, I can meow like nobody's business. In fact, when mom & dad 1st got me, dad was talking to his brother on the phone and he asked dad if there was a baby in the house!! I was meowing so loudly & so much that he thought it was a baby crying! Well I was a baby at the time.

Oh, but I digress. I believe I was telling you all how crazy I am. Yesterday I kept meowing in different rooms & mom finally caught on that I wanted to play hide & seek. Have you furs ever played? Oh it's like one of my favorite games to play. Mom runs into a room & then calls me "Julius, Julius. Where are you??" She's usually hiding behind the door or right around the corner. Then as I approach she jumps out at me & makes some goofy noise. Then I take off running & hide...and then I meow to mom to come find me. When she gets close I jump out at her and take off. Big fun! Too bad the dogs ruined our game :(

Well, I'm off to nap in my sunny window & dream of my sweet Em :)


The best thing ever!

September 14th 2009 8:01 pm
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So mom put up a new bird feeder in the bushes, right outside my favorite window. It took a few days for them juicy birdies to find the new feeder, but now they're flocking to it. I can't tell you how much I love it!!! It's like the best tv show ever....except it's real.
Mom even got worried one morning cause I didn't even come out for breakfast. I was too busy drooling over those plump little birds. They had me under their spell! She finally realized where I was and brought my breakfast over to me so that I could eat and pretend it was yummy birds that I was eating!
Last week mom went away for 3 days - I hardly knew she was gone....the birds have me so entranced!! This was mom's best idea yet!!


Mom Got ME???!!!

September 4th 2009 8:18 am
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Well my kitty friends, I think you know what fun I've been having lately. This cool weather has made me SO energetic! Yesterday I seem to have caused a bit of trouble.
It all started after I ate my dinner last night. There was a nice breeze coming thru the windows and I felt all zippy and excited. My sisfur Pixie went slinking by me the way only she can. She's all black and just has this walk that makes me want to chase her. We normally have a lot of fun playing together.
So...I followed her and jumped on her when she wasn't looking. I took her down to the floor and bit her neck. She hissed at ME???!!! Then she cried and mom came running to see what the commotion was about. Mom pulled me off Pixie & told me to cut it out. Then she walked away. That was a mistake cause Pix got up to leave and I followed her again and did the same thing too her. Mom came and broke it up again.
Then mom noticed that I was stalking Pixie. She told me to stop it, but I wouldn't. The next thing I know I get hit with a cold stream of water. What the cat?????? Mom squirted me with the water bottle. Me, her favorite smoochy boy. She NEVER uses the water bottle on me!
But guess what, it still didn't stop me. I kept on harassing Pixie for awhile yet.
Don't know what got into me & I don't know why Pixie was being such a baby!!

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