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January 27th 2011 1:06 pm
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My good friend Simone tagged me, so here it goes!

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Let's see how much humans annoy us all! hehehehe...

1) Trying to cut my nails. I have worked hard to get these shaped just right & then mom comes along and tries to ruin them! Can't you tell by my squawking that I wanna keep them?
2) Picking me up when I didn't ask to be picked up. Pay attention to my signs mom!
3) Not playing with me when I ask to be played with. Frankly I don't care if you're cooking dinner...get your priorities straight!
4) Putting silly hats on me when I am sleepy. How dare you take advantage of my slumbering state??
5) Making me dance to music. C'mon mom, cats don't dance!!

Truth be told, I don't get too annoyed by those humans...I love my pawrents too much! :)

Now to tag some friends. If you've been tagged already, pawlease furgive me!

If you're reading this and haven't been tagged yet...consider yourself tagged! MOL!


Who Can Help Tiny Timmy? YOU Can!!

January 25th 2011 9:41 am
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Hi my furry friends!

Do you know about Tiny Timmy? When he was a mere baby kitten someone put flea/tick stuff on him that cause him brain damage. For such a tiny kitten he had an enormous struggle ahead of him. You can read all about his story here: TT story

Fortunately TT was adopted by wonderful owners who helped him heal. He still has brain damage, that is irreversible, but he's now safe and happy.

His owners have entered him into the Pepsi Refresh contest cause they wanna spread his story, share info with pet owners on non-toxic alternative and provide low cost/free products to those in need.

Pawlease vote for Tiny Timmy! It only takes a second!! You can vote here: vote for TT

Thank mew all!!


Cat Food Talk

January 11th 2011 10:03 am
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Mom & I have done a lot of research on cat foods, so we thought we'd share some resources that were helpful to us. (She did the research and I did the taste testing MOL!) nfo101 tm

Also the book Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats is helpful reading if you want even more information.

Unfortunately like many things, pet food is somewhat "buyer beware." If you've never looked into pet food ingredients, there's a lot that you don't know. Don't feel bad for not knowing - mom didn't know all this stuff either. It wasn't until she started reading that she found out exactly what makes up a good quality pet food.

We could go on & on about this stuff but I need a catnap so that's all I'll say for now. ;) The most important thing is to start reading on this stuff. It will really open your eyes!

Gotta fo nap!


DDP, Catnip & My Unfortunate Incarceration

January 4th 2011 7:49 pm
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Oh cats, this year is starting off with a bang!! I can't believe I was a DDP on 1/3/11!!! Thank mew all for the nice notes of concatulations! And of course extra thank mews to the following kitties for the super gifts they put on my page:
Napoleon & Colorado
The Bush Furs
Finnegan & Family
Edwina & Family
Little Emma :)

My friends made my day super special! I love you all!!

Today was an exciting day again. We got a special delivery from our sweet friends River & Simone....handmade catnip toys!!! Well, when mom called us over to check them out, I was pretty sure I just heard her say MY name. I mean heck, those other cats in my house haven't won anything...not like I have. So surely all the catnip toys were for me, no?? First Pixie came over to give them a sniff & I gave her a good smack! She ran and hid under the sofa. Next Harry came over & tried to take my favorite one, the PINK one, so I gave him a couple of good whacks to send him running. Coco knows better and stayed far away from me.

I had a pawsome time rolling around & licking the new toys. But then I spied Pixie lurking around so I hunted her down! I wouldn't stop when mom said "NO!" I was a merciless, catnip crazed kitty!! But....then mom caught up to me and grabbed me. She actually stuck me in the bedroom for 10 minutes on a time-out!! Can you believe it??? ME! Her sweet baby Jaybird. Hrmph!

I sure did enjoy those catnip toys...big thank mews to River & Simone!!! Can't wait to play with them again but now its time for my catnap!



Happy New Year!

January 2nd 2011 9:03 pm
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Happy 2011!!!!

I'm sorry if I haven't been around as much lately. Mom was busy with lots of holiday stuff so my Catster time was cut. So unfair! But, now things are quieting down & I'm able to get my Catster time and get lots of attention from mom! I love it.

I decided that I would be extra lovey to mom this year. On new year's day I actually sat on her lap. Now, yes, I sleep with mom almost every night, but I never sit on her lap! So I thought I'd surprise her while she was watching tv and sit with her. (Ok, truth is that Coco was sitting up on the top of the chair, where I really wanted to sit!! But shhhh! Don't tell mom!) We stayed like this for a couple of hours!! Mom wanted to get up, but didn't have the heart to move me ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! And I wish you all a very happy & healthy 2011!!



Cat Of The Day!!!!

December 28th 2010 9:00 pm
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Wow! What a pawsome surprise today to find out I was COTD!! Mom & I opened up the Community page and Poof! There I was staring back at us!!

It was a great honor, but what made it really special was sharing it with all of my friends!!! COTD would be meaningless without all of my wonderful friends who stopped by my page. You kitties sure know how to make a little orangie cat feel loved! :)

I'd like to especially thank the following kitties for their warm wishes and zealie gifts:

Angel Soleil
Skippy Skipster
Buddie & family
Julius (yes, can you believe there is another Julius out there?!! So cool!!)
Oreo & the Willams Furs
Edwina & family
Ciao-Li & Jean Louise
Bella & family
Simone & River
Sam, Mr. D, Baltster & Raza
The Bush Furs
Little Emma (my sweetie!)
Bugsy & family
Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha
Finnegan & family
Grace & family
Simon & Reuben
Rory & family
Gump & Nadia
Lily, Chance & family

I really hope I didn't miss anyfur!!
Thank you all so much for making my day extra special.
I've got to go now, I'm making sleepy eyes at mom & that means bedtime!!


I'm A Finalist!

November 20th 2010 9:23 am
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OMC! I can't believe it! I'm a finalist in the Coolest Cat contest in the Sleeper category! How exciting!!! I never thought I'd make it this far. Guess all those times Mom disturbed my nap for a photo was worth it! MOL! And my sisfur Pixie is a finalist in the same category!! Talk about sibling rivalry...MOL!

Thanks for all the purrs for my grandma. I'm happy to say that she's feeling much better, so all those purrs worked!! I really missed my mom while she was staying at grandma's. I've been following her around all the time now that she's back home. We all have....she can't make a move without one of us tagging along as an escort! Hee hee!

Hope you all have a pawsome weekend!


Catster time

November 15th 2010 6:54 am
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Hi evurrybody! Sorry if I haven't been around much lately. My grandma has been sick so mom's been spending a lot of time at her house. So I've been without a typist. I tried hiring someone else to type but I got nothing to pay them with, MOL!

So please furgive me if I haven't responded to pawmails or played in threads lately.

Hope all my furriends are doing well.

Hugs & purrs,


Mom finally entered me!!

October 22nd 2010 12:59 pm
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I've been meowing to mom to get her to enter me in the Coolest Cat contest and finally she listened! Hooray!!!

If you want to check out my entries and maybe vote for me, you can do so here:
Vote for Julius in the World's Coolestcat pictures & breed info

Happy Friday to my furriends!!



Its Cuddle Weather!!!

September 4th 2010 8:19 pm
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We woke up this morning to cool breezes blowing in through the windows. This is a very nice break from all that 90 degree weather we've been having. The cool temps inspired us kitties to act all crazy this morning. We were running, jumping and playing like mad! Wooo! What fun!

Then I sat in the window watching the wind blow all these leaves around. It was fascinating!!

Tonight it feels even cooler and I've been following mom around and meowing at her. She picked me up thinking that I just wanted to get on her shoulders to try to reach some itty bitty bug as I normally do. But NO! I wanted to cuddle!! I purred and mewed for her and then I bit the funny plastic thing she had holding her hair back. MOL! That was fun...tee hee! Now I've made her move to the very edge of the computer chair so that I could squish in behind her and curl up.

Hope you're all enjoying some cuddle weather of your own!

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