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Things that make me grumpy....

May 24th 2011 6:08 pm
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At the top of my grumpy list is getting my nails trimmed. Mom attempted this on Sunday & it sure didn't go well. She grabbed me and tried to trim the 1st nail. I screamed and yanked my paw back. After a few tries she let me go, only to pick me up again and wrap me in a towel. Every time I felt the clippers touch my nail I yeowled and pulled my leg back. Then I started to growl and hiss. But mom persisted so I did what had to be done...I bit her. She then tried to cover my face with the towel so that I wouldn't bite but I jerked my paw around like crazy so she couldn't cut it. Frustrated she let me go. Harry had come over to see what all the fuss was about. I gave him a quick paw to the face. Mom heard my claws hit him and she yelled at me!

So I avoided mom the rest of the day. But then that night I came in bed & slept on top of her. And I did the same last night too. Today I crawled on her lap and was a very clingy baby.

But...later tonight I was on the steps trying to give Coco a good smack & my silly claws got stuck in the carpeting. I gave out a loud cry and mom came to help. Then she said "if you let me cut your claws this wouldn't happen." Well I gave her the grumpiest look I could muster and then took off down the steps. Sheesh!

And one other thing that makes me grumpy???? Not getting my emails when my nice furiends make comments on my pictures/diary. I'm still not getting them! This makes me feel quite the grumpy little monster. Growl!!

Hope you all are less grumpy than me. I think mom intends to get dad's help & cut all my nails. Hiss growl yeowl!!!!


Wish I had thumbs....

May 13th 2011 5:33 am
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I wish I had thumbs cause if I did I could give this new food 2 thumbs down!!! Mom tried a new canned food that she thought I would like and I am totally snubbing it! It did not pass the sniff test. If mom would have looked closer at the ingredients she would have seen that there is stinky fish on the list. Yuck! I'm a turkey or chicken cat. Don't go sneaking in any fish on me!!

I have been very purrsnickety about my food this week. Mom thinks maybe I have a hairball so she's been giving me some of that hairball goo. That's ok, I like that stuff! Mom said she needs to make a spreadsheet to track all the different cat food she's tried with me. Tee hee! I like to keep her on her toes! In fact, lately I've been snubbing my favorite Thanksgiving day feast food. Well I'm just tired of it. Jeez, give me more variety mom! (not that I'll eat it! MOL!!)

In other news, Dad is away for 4 days. This morning I let mom hold me the way Dad usually does. Normally I squawk at her if she tries this but since Dad's not here, I'll permit her to do this. As long as she rubs around my ears too. Oooooh yeah, that feels good!

Hope you all have a pawsome weekend! Mom has 2 more new foods for me to try, so I have a busy weekend of food snubbing ahead of me! Hee hee!!

Julius - the kitty food connoisseur ;)


DDP & Other Stuff

May 3rd 2011 9:41 pm
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I was a DDP on 5/2 - WOW! That was pretty cool!! As mom can tell you, I sure do like attention MOL! Thank you all for your well wishes & gifts!! What a nice surprise! I sure am a lucky kitty to have such wonderful friends!

Unfortunately I haven't been outside since last Friday...and I am totally bummed about that. I've been telling mom very LOUDLY that I want to go out, but she keeps saying no. I think its cause she found a tick on the dog. They get stuff put on them for flea/tick prevention, but us kitties do not. Mom really doesn't want to put those chemicals on us since we are indoor kitties. (she doesn't like putting it on the doggies either but she's afraid they'll get Lyme disease if she doesn't)But my recent excursions on my leash have presented a new problem. So mom said she's going to treat the yard with some spray she got and then MAYBE I'll be allowed outside again :( Stoopid tick has ruined my fun.

And speaking of fleas, I think Catster needs to get flea dipped! MOL! We're still not getting notifications for comments on our pictures & seems like the site it a little slower than usual....or purrhaps thats just my computer.

Thanks again everycat! I love ya all!!
Purrs & hugs,


Fun fun fun!!

April 26th 2011 7:25 pm
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Hi my friends! Hope you all had a lovely Easter. I got a nice surprise today - I got an Easter bunny on my page! It was sent anonymously so I will say THANK YOU in this diary entry.

My mommy gave me another surprise this afternoon....she bought me a harness. At first I was like, yo, mom, whatcha think you're doin' puttin' that dog thing on me??? Why, I even gave her a crabby meow as she was doing it. Once she got it on me she then attached a leash. WHAT???? Mom, I'm no doggy!! Then she picked me up and carried me out to the backyard. She set me down on the deck and then I furgot all about being insulted by her treating me like a dog! I sniffed the deck, then I scampered down the steps. I stopped right before I got to the green stuff. Never hurts to be cautious I always say. So I gave it a sniff and it seemed ok so I jumped down into the grass.

Oooh, it tickled my paws! Hee hee! I went trotting over to the garden area and walked in the mulch. Hey, that feels funny too! So many smells to sniff!!

Then all too soon mom picked me up & we went back inside. She said if its nice tomorrow we will venture out again! Woooooooo! This is big fun! And the best part is that I am the only kitty in the house who is gets this honor. The harness is small and there's no way Harry or Coco could fit in it. And Pixie's too much of a scaredy cat to try this.

Spring! I loves it!!!!


Junk food and smelly litter

April 10th 2011 2:52 pm
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Hee hee hee! Mom miscalculated how much cans of food we had left and she ran out before our delivery. So we get to have kitty junk food until it comes. She got it for us at the store & it came in these packets and I swear half of it was gravy. WOW! Harry, Pixie and Coco kept jumping up on the counter as mom was trying to get the food in dishes!! Mom said don't get used to it. We're going back on the healthy stuff as soon as the delivery comes.

Oh she also tried a different cat litter too. Usually she buys the natural pine clumping litter but this time she got one of those "name brand" litters. Peeeeeweh! Its so loaded with perfume. UGH! We smell all flowery and mom hates scooping it cause she says she can taste the perfume. Last time she'll buy that stuff!

Its hard for us to get healthy food - mom has to order it online as there are no pet stores closer than 40 minutes away. And those are just Petco & Petsmart which don't carry the brands we get. Mom's dream is to open up a healthy pet store. She'd stock it full of healthy foods and treats, have books on diets, and staff to help educate the public about what those labels really mean. Even flyers and pamplets on how to make your own food. Also she would carry things like blood meal - an ingredient for many homemade doggy foods that is very hard to find around here. Oh and of course lots of toys! I'd be the official toy tester MOL!

Well, that's just a dream for now....but maybe one day!
Hope you all had a pawsome weekend!


Wow, what a great birthday!!

March 7th 2011 9:50 pm
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This is the 2nd time I'm writing this, the 1st time I had just written a nice long entry when the computer froze & I lost it all. ~sigh~ Now I'm too sleepy to go into great detail so here are the highlights:
- Got 2 servings of cat milk
- Lots of play time with mom
- Mom let me pick my dinner
- Presents were a new Yeoww Apple & cardboard scratcher
- Ended the day with snuggle time on Mom.

Most of all I want to thank all my friends for making my day so special!! Extra big thank mews to all those who sent me wonderful gifts. A kitty never can have too many party hats, shamrocks, cupcakes, shrimpies, & green ale. Thanks to:
Luke & fam
Little Emma
Xena & fam
Kibbles & fam
Napoleon & Colorado
Big Harry & fam
Milo & fam
Nadia & Gump
Simone & River
Simon & Angel Reuben
Riley & Skippy
Eleanor & fam
Tate McCuppycakes
Rex & fam

Love you all!!!



March 4th 2011 4:14 pm
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Well shoot! I got into a wee bit of trouble the other morning. Before I tell you the story, let me ask you this...those of you who have siblings, do you like to wrestle before breakfast? The kitties in my house act quite crazy while we're waiting for our morning nom noms! Here's how it goes:
Coco jumps up on the counter where mom is trying to open the cans & put the food in our dishes. So mom has to shoo her away...several times.
Pixie is rubbing against me or Harry which make us want to wrestle or chase her. Then she squeals like a piggy when we accidentally bite her too hard. And mom has to tell us to knock it off.
So anyway, the other morning.....I was chasing Pixie in the living room while waiting for breakfast and mom heard a CRASH! She came running & found the lamp on the floor. Whoopsies!! I didn't mean to do it, guess I just brushed against it too hard as I was running.
Mom was not pleased. The part where the light bulb goes in was cracked. Now she has to buy a new lamp. Sorry mom!!
We just get so excited about breakfast! MOL!!


Time for fun!!

February 12th 2011 12:48 pm
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I'm super excited cause tomorrow (Sunday) we're having a Valentine's party in Catstertown. Now its not going to be your usual Valentine's party...nope! Its going to be super duper fun!!

The theme is Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club dance. And we're traveling to Liverpool!! Woo wee! Our party is being held inside of the famous Cavern Club - that's where the Beatles used to perform. We'll take the Catstertown Jet and once we land we'll be boarding the Magical Mystery bus to get us to the club.

We'll have yummy food & drinks, pawsome music from the 60's and some cool pictures too! Oh I can't wait!! I hope all my furriends will come along! If you're not a member of Catstertown & want to come, send me a paw mail and I'll invite you!!

The party is Feb. 13th at 3PM Catster time.


Sure hope to see you all there!


Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!!!

February 2nd 2011 7:57 am
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There's a hobo living in our garage!!! Some silly little bird has decided to move in and its driving me bonkers.

Our garage is attached to the house and in order to get into the back yard you must first go thru the garage. So when the humans let the doggies out, they go out the back door, into the garage and then out the back door of the garage. Mom keeps the back door of the garage open while they are out doing their business so that she can hear them at the back door when they are ready to come in. Apparently Mr. Hobo Bird was casing our house and learned the doggy's routine. Mom suspected something was in the garage because she found insulation on the floor that the bird must have pecked out of the ceiling.

Then one day in the morning she got up & let the dogs out and she heard a fluttering noise. Out flew a little Carolina Wren. I have been sitting at the back door every morning & trying to tell her there's an INTRUDER out there!! Let me get rid of that little hobo! But no, she makes me stay inside as usual. Doesn't she know that technically the garage IS inside??? Jeez! And now, she put a little container of birdie food out there for it.

The little intruder flies out in the am & then must fly in when mom opens the door for the doggies to go out after they eat dinner. This is ridiculous. I WANT THAT BIRD!!! Mol!


Helpful Info

January 29th 2011 9:22 am
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Before mom & I started reading into it, we used to think that Holistic = "kooky". Turns out we were wrong! MOL! Now that we've done some research we realize that holistic is really just another option for care, and its a more natural option too.

Now don't get me wrong, I still have to go to the vet (yucko!) and get my check ups and shots, but mom also pays attention to holistic advice and incorporates that whenever possible & when it makes sense. Sorry, but we aren't yet buying into the "healing with stones" stuff. We're a bit dubious about that, MOL! But we do believe that nutrition, herbs & other natural approaches can be great to support cat health.

We found some great reading material on the Only Natural Pet Store's website. They have newsletters & health articles that feature some helpful pet care info.
Here is the link to their newsletters:

Hope you all find this as helpful as we did.

Have a great weekend!

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