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Itches and a Witchie!!

September 15th 2012 7:19 am
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Hi my friends! I haven't gotten to write in my journal for quite awhile thanks to mom and her "busy schedule." (rolls eyes!) And you notice I call it a journal, NOT a diary, cause diaries are for girlies! MOL!

Mom has noticed that I've been scratching and grooming myself a lot lately. Then she did a close inspection and found that I have some patches where my fur is thin, like I've over-groomed or scratched too much and lost fur there. I don't have fleas so mom thinks its an allergy. She also noticed my brother Harry's paw pads are suddenly dry and look flaky. So she's wondering if the litter she bought is bothering us both?? We had been primarily using a natural corn cob litter, but mom bought some commercial clumping litter. She thought maybe that was drying out Harry's paws??

Also, for our canned food she actually bought some cheaper grocery store brand rather than the grain free stuff she had been giving us. Money's been tighter this year and she was trying to save. (where's that head bonking rolling pin?!) Mom knows what all those grains can do, but she saw so many of her friends feeding their cats that brand with no problem that she thought she could try it with us. she thinks that is at the root of my itchies. So she went online and order us some of the good (expensive!) stuff.

Do any mom's out make their own food for kitties? If so, do you have any advice for a meal for a very finicky cat like me? I won't even eat roast chicken. Mom secretly wonders if my sense of smell is off! MOL!!

And finally.....on to the Witchie! My pawrents are cat sitting that black devil cat again. I don't care for her and I've been very vocal about it. That makes her chase me then. Usually she gets me trapped in a corner and then I start screaming bloody murder. Mom's had to keep her closed up in the spare bedroom to keep the peace. We were ok at the start of the week but then she got braver and nastier with me :( At least she goes home today - YAY!

Hey, thanks for reading my ramblings. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Catching up!

November 13th 2012 11:00 pm
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Hi everyone!

Hope everycat is enjoying the autumn....although soon it will be winter!

My bout with the fleas seems to be over and my fur is growing back in. I had an allergic reaction to da flea bites and that caused me to pull some of my nice Orange Julius fur out :( But the good news is that I'm getting fluffy again! Mom says now I just need to grow my tail feathers back in. What a silly mom!! Why does she say these weird things? As IF I had feathers!

Oh, and last week mom found some funny little things on Pixie's rump. Mom suspected.....worms :o and she was right!! Guess Pix got icky worms from ingesting the fleas. So she had to give not only Pixie a pill but ALL of us got the stupid wormie pill. Ugh! Thanks a lot Pix!!

But now we all seem healthy again and mom says PHEW!

I gotta go, time to snuggle with mom.
Hugs to everyone,


I'm gonna have baby birdies!!!!

April 22nd 2013 8:06 pm
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Yup, its true!! The little wren that made its nest in our garage now has some eggs in there. Does this make me a daddy? MOL! I overheard mom on the phone with dad tonight discussing it. They both seem to be a little upset about this development. How strange!

I think its cause for celebration!! Let's have a pawty! Break out the chicken wings....ummm...maybe that is in poor taste. OOOOH taste! Imagine delicate birdies.... (Julius drools) Ok, so maybe THAT is why mom isn't thrilled about the baby birdies. I did hear her say all their cheep-ing is going to drive us bonkers. And I stand by the back door and meow as it is. Mom thinks she'll have to keep a water bottle close by just to make sure none of us kitties get any ideas. Boy, moms know how to ruin all our fun, don't they?

Well, I gotta go rest up. That bird wakes me up purrty darn early with all its birdy music!

Hugs to you all!


The babies and other visitors

May 14th 2013 8:58 pm
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Its been a very busy spring so far. The baby wrens have hatched and mama wren has been busy feeding them. Us kitties have been busy hanging out by the back door, listening to the bird chirps!

And this week mom & dad are pet sitting 2 dogs and 1 cat. Its that nasty old black cat that they watched before. She seems to hate me and I hate her! Mom says we need Jackson Galaxy to do a cat intervention! We've mostly just been hissing at each other, but today she chased me down the basement and I had to hide to avoid giving her the ol' smacky paw! I sure hope she's gone soon.

Thanks to all my pals who sent gifties!! Sorry I didn't get to send out my own but mom has had her hands full lately and didn't have time to type for me.

Hugs to you all!


The babies have flown the coop!

May 21st 2013 6:10 pm
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Hi friends! Before I go to far into my diary entry, I just want to take a second and offer some pop for my dear friend Tully (827576)who has been in the hospital fighting a bacterial infection. Please send him your purrs for a speedy recovery!!

Last week was a hectic week for my mom. She was pet-sitting 2 dogs & 1 cat which means we had 9 animals in our house....yowza! That was a lot. The black cat kept chasing me every time I tried to meow to mom. How rude! Couldn't she tell I was trying to have a conversation w/my mom?? And to back me into a corner of the basement! What a bully! (Julius' mom here - she was a 16 year old, skinny, declawed cat so it shocked up that Julius would run from her. Especially when HE is the ruler of our house.) So anyway, those pets finally left on Sunday but then mom brought out that scary vacuum monster and used it for hours! Sheesh!

The worst part of this is my baby birds in the garage fledged and I missed it!! So now my birdies have left and I never got to see it cause I was hiding, errrr, napping, in the back bedroom. Shucks!

Hope everyone has a great week. I'm excited cause mom has a 3 day weekend coming up and that means lots of Julius time!!!


Summer 2013

July 30th 2013 5:13 pm
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Hi everyone! Its been too long since I've been on Catster!!! I've missed all my friends so very much. Mom has not been giving me enough time on the computer. Jeez!

I want to thank everyone for all the gifties you've sent us for our gotcha days and holidays. We sure do love getting all those special messages!! I'm sorry we haven't reciprocated lately, there's only one person to blame - MOM! (again, when will she learn its all about US??)

Our summer has been good so far...we've enjoyed the open windows and summer breezes and then really enjoyed the closed windows and AC breezes during a week long heat wave MOL! I'm happy to say that for the most part we are all healthy and doing well. Unfortunately one of those dogs must have brought in a flea and we all got 'em. :( I started chewing my tail and pulled out most of my tail feathers (as mom calls them) on the underside of my tail. Its growing back now but mom says I look ridiculous. What's a boy to do?

Oh and I have earned a new nickname around the house..... Mom always says that Dad's closet is a disaster. She hates to even look in it because its so messy and overflowing. But to us kitties it is a fun adventure! Mom can't even find us when we go in there (yes, it truly is that bad - Mom feels the need to say that her closet is color coordinated & neat as a pin!) Anyway, one night the pawrents were looking for me and they couldn't find me. Then they remembered Dad's closet so they opened the sliding doors and called for me. Sure enough, out I climbed with my fur a little disheveled. So Dad said "oh, here comes Indiana Jones now" and mom said, "No, its Indiana Julius and the CLOSET of Doom!!"
MOL! So now they've been calling me "Indy" Do your pawrents have silly nicknames for all of you????

Hope everyone is having a blast this summer!

Hugs & headbonks,

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