Devonshire Rex Cats

These very intelligent cats are very playful and active. They are very giving of affection, and love a lot of attention. They require virtually no grooming because of their short coats. Some people find the Devon Rex are less likely to trigger allergies.

Devonshire Rex

Devonshire Rex Pictures

  • Devonshire Rex cat named Han
  • Devonshire Rex cat named The Peeper - Rest in Peace
  • Devonshire Rex cat named Mr. Toughie
  • Devonshire Rex cat named Petunia
  • Devonshire Rex cat named Figaro
  • Devonshire Rex cat named Jupiter
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Quick Facts

  • 8 – 10 pounds | male
    5 – 8 pounds | female

Ideal Human Companions

    • People who want an indoor-only cat
    • Families with children
    • Families with other pets
    • Singles with other pets

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Trademark Traits

    • Short, curly coat
    • Active and playful
    • Very affectionate
    • Highly intelligent

Things You Should Know

Devon Rex do best when kept as indoor-only cats.

This breed needs plenty of attention and affection.

Devon Rex are very intelligent and active, so become easily bored.

Devonshire Rex History

The Devon Rex is the result of an accidental mating that took place in England between a feral curly coated male and a straight-haired female. One of the kittens was born with curly hair. He was adopted by a cat fancier named Beryl Cox, and named Kirlee.

Kirlee was bred to Cornish Rex females in an attempt to get more curly-coated kittens, but the resulting offspring all had straight coats. Breeders determined the genetic mutation that caused Kirlee’s unique coat was different from the gene that causes the curly coat of the Cornish Rex.

The new breed was called the Devon Rex because Kirlee was born in Devon, England. Some of these cats were imported to the U.S., and were soon recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association in 1972. The International Cat Fanciers Association (TICA) recognized the breed in 1979, and the Cat Fanciers Association accepted them for registration in 1983.

The Look of a Devonshire Rex

The Devon Rex is known for its curly coat, which comes in all colors and patterns. Its body is slender but muscular. The head has a slight wedge shape, and the ears are large.

These cats are medium in size, and have a pixie-like appearance.

Talk About Devonshire Rexs 

Clever, clever cats!

Devons are so much fun! We have two girls from the same litter. They give me butterflies every day just because of the hilarious things they do and just looking at their pixie faces makes me smile. They are very inquisitive and very smart. We have child locks on our cupboards and bi-fold door locks on our closets (they've mastered them both). We have left them a few cupboards to explore and explore they will!

One of our Devons likes to play fetch. The other can be found perched on a shoulder or if you're leaning over too long you might find either monkey jumping on your back! They are affectionate and need to be into what you are doing all the time. When company comes over, expect them to be the life of the party. Hide? No way! They want to know what's going on and get every last ounce of attention they can, explore your guest's purses, etc. Talkative? YES! They talk all day long. If you are in a room they want to be in, you will hear about it. If you say it is bedtime, but they don't want to move, you will hear about it. Our fetcher also says she's ready to play like a dog would after each throw of a milk ring. They are great fun. We can not remember what our lives were like before these curly little creatures full of personality came and stole our hearts.

~Andrea C., owner of two Devons

Cats that love fetch and asparagus!

Low maintenance with pixie personalities, that's the Devon Rex. Mine is now almost 15 and still has that adorable personality that the breed is known for. She can be quite social, but it's on her terms. When she's up for some petting and attention, she's all over me, but when she's ready to sleep she wants to be left alone. Unless it's cold that is, and then she's all about getting under the covers and snuggling.

Like a lot of her breed, fetch has always been a favorite game with our Devon, and she started playing as a tiny kitten. She also loves asparagus, another Devon favorite. She has a very quite voice, it's all chirps, cheeps, squeaks, and chortles. Sometimes she will "meow" without any sound at all. She just opens and closes her mouth like she's meowing, but nothing comes out.

My Devon has a thick wavy coat, but there's not much shedding. I love my Devon to pieces and would definitely get another one. It's a delightful breed and mine is a real sweetheart.

~Donna D., owner of a Devon Rex

A cat that will love you back

I was lucky enough to adopt a Devon Rex. The previous owners surrendered him to a kill shelter due to allergies. He is the most affectionate and fun-loving cat I have ever had. He smooches on the lips and then takes off for more adventures. He makes me laugh even when I feel down. I recommend this breed if you want a interactive pet.

~Chris, owner of a Devon Rex