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10 Best Cat Trees in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

tabby maine coon kitten standing on cat furniture platform_Nils Jacobi_shutterstock

10 Best Cat Trees in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

tabby maine coon kitten standing on cat furniture platform_Nils Jacobi_shutterstock Cat trees are a multi-purpose toy for your fluffy feline. They are typically quite large, sometimes massive. However, cat trees are often worth the amount of space required for them in your home because they can be used for so many different purposes, namely, entertaining your cat.

Cat trees can be useful for scratching, the ever-long naps that your cats take, and climbing for brief moments of exercise. These activities powerfully appeal to a cat’s instincts, and they won’t have a problem figuring out how to engage with their new toy.

These toys also redirect your pet’s attention away from other, more precious pieces of furniture or fabric. Keep your cat interested in spending more time on their new resting place by placing it in prime real estate, like in front of a window. These prowlers tend to love passing birds.

If this sounds like the perfect solution to issues that you might have had with your cat, check out these top 10 cat trees this year. Don’t know what you are looking for in a cat tree? Check out the buyer’s guide and figure out which product is perfect for you.

Cat ball divider 1A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2024

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree
  • Large variety of areas and toys
  • Designed for the safety of your cat
  • For homes with more than one cat
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Trixie Altea Cat Tree Trixie Altea Cat Tree
  • Best value product
  • Small enough for an initial investment
  • Durable sisal scratching posts
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    On2Pets Modern Cat Tree On2Pets Modern Cat Tree
  • Easy assembly
  • Tall design
  • Tree-like features
  • Go Pet Club Cat Tree Go Pet Club Cat Tree
  • Space for more than one cat
  • Many different items and areas
  • Faux fur covering
  • Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Tree Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Tree
  • Easy assembly and adjustment
  • Plenty of space to play and rest
  • Tall, slim shape
  • The 10 Best Cat Trees

    1.  Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree — Best Overall 1Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    From Frisco comes a cat tree that is more than just a cat tree: It is essentially a cat palace. In all of its 72 inches of palatial furry fun, this cat tree is covered in faux fur. If you have a color pattern in your home, you can choose from one of six different color patterns: cream, grey, brown, black, blue, or cheetah print.

    Included in this stellar example of a cat tree are 10 scratching posts fully wrapped in sisal to give them extra durability. There are two ramps that the cat can use to climb up, which also double as scratching boards.

    This cat tree is a perfect choice for people with more than one cat. There are two separate cat apartments for hiding and playing in, with a plush fabric covering the inside.

    Other than that, at various levels, there are seven flat resting areas and multiple dangling toys and ropes placed strategically to engage your climbing kitty. They are made to release with excess pressure, so your kitty is always safe.

    To conclude, we think this is the overall best cat tree/best cat condo this year.

    • A large variety of areas and toys
    • Designed for the safety of your cat
    • Made for homes with more than one cat
    • Massive size requires a large amount of space

    2.  Trixie Altea Faux Fleece Cat Tree — Best Value 2Trixie Altea 46-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

    Cats are finicky animals. You might not want to invest in a massive cat tree if you don’t know if your kitty will enjoy it. That is where this cat tree from Trixie Altea comes in because it is the best cat tree for the money.

    Trixie Altea cat tree stands at only 46 inches, which is still tall enough for cats to climb on and enjoy without taking up all the visual space in the room. It has a ball that dangles down from the top. Although there isn’t enough room for a cat apartment, it does have three flat surfaces to rest on.

    The four scratching posts are all durable sisal and encourage your fluffy friend to avoid the couches and upholstery. The plush fabric keeps it comfortable for long cat naps.

    • Small enough for an initial investment
    • Best value product
    • Durable sisal scratching posts to distract cats
    • Smaller and less interesting items than other products

    3.  On2Pets Large Square Modern Cat Tree — Premium Choice 3On2Pets 60-in Large Square Modern Cat Tree

    What is a cat tree if it doesn’t look like an actual tree? This premium product from On2Pets gives your indoor felines the chance to feel what it would have been like to prowl through the jungle.

    The large size of their luxury cat tree is designed for both comfort and entertainment. It measures 60 inches from bottom to top. This tree offers hours of delight, from the plush and grass-like green base to the scratching post trunks.

    There are three separate perches based throughout the canopy. These supply your pet with areas to hide in and take naps. Upon delivery, it is easy to assemble it with no tools required.

    • Tree-like features make it more of an attractive addition to your home
    • Tall design with multiple perches for multiple pets
    • Easy assembly
    • Cats can chew the leaves, which are not entirely safe if swallowed
    • Higher price for a premium product

    4.  Go Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree 4Go Pet Club 62-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    The Faux Fur Cat Tree from Go Pet Club stands at 62 inches of fun. They call a Cat Condo because of how many interests and areas it has, spoiling any feline prince or princess. You can also select it to come in various colors if you want it to suit the surrounding area better.

    For your cat or cats, since this attractive cat tree condo offers plenty of space, there are many things to do. Each object is lined in fluffy, soft faux fur except for the six scratching posts, which have durable sisal wrapped around the outside.

    Included in the design of this cat tree is a ladder from the ground to the first floor. Hanging under this is a canopy hammock for your cat to nap in. They can also get to it by a hole in the bottom. There is a cat apartment and a dangling rope or a balcony perch hanging from this floor.

    Otherwise, your cat can move on up to a relatively clear perch or a cylindrical rest or watch everything from the height of the final 62-inch-high perch.

    • Many different items and areas to explore
    • Space for more than one cat
    • Faux fur covering is highly appealing for a resting cat

    5.  Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree 5Cat Craft Floor-to-Ceiling Carpet Cat Tree

    If you have a kitty who likes to reach for the stars, then get them a floor-to-ceiling cat tree. This tree is one of the more basic products than those with dangling toys, hidey perches, and cat apartments, but it satisfies more cats’ needs.

    The tall cat tree is constructed with four perches placed at various levels and angles to make the entire thing easy to climb. The central pole from which they are based is wrapped in a machine-wound carpet to give them a durable place to take out their claws. It gives them plenty of exercise to get up and down and great vantage points to spy from.

    The entire tower is 7.5 feet, but it is easy to adjust to whatever height the ceiling is in the room that you set it up in. The platforms give any kitty enough room to lounge while providing them with a scratch-and-play toy.

    • Easy assembly and adjustment
    • Tall, slim shape can seem more innocuous
    • Plenty of space to play and rest
    • More basic in design and may seem less engaging

    6.  Armarkat Faux Fur Cat Tree 6Armarkat 65-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, Beige

    Armarkat Faux Fur Cat Tree is another option for you to invest in a toy that offers all sorts of allure for your kitties. It stands at 65 inches tall and has many levels and fun areas to play and rest.

    There are four flat pedestal areas for cats to climb up and sit on while they make their way to the top. Under one of the lower layers hangs a cat hammock, a perfect place for resting and napping.

    If they climb up from here, they will come to the largest tier, with a cat apartment hanging from the next level. Climb up there, and there is a dangling ball to bat around, or your cat can sit at the very top for a view of the entire room.

    Throughout the structure, there are nine scratching posts covered in faux fur and sisal rope. The maximum weight that the structure can hold is 50 pounds.

    • Many different tiers to hold multiple cats at once
    • Numerous scratching posts to distract them from the furniture
    • Holds plenty of weight for even larger breeds
    • Top tier is too small for some large spaces

    7.  EliteField Faux Fur Cat Tree 7EliteField 38-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo, BrownBeige

    This is a smaller addition to the home for one or two cats that want more lowkey fun than on some of the taller, more varied products. This cat tree only stands at 38 inches tall and is covered in a comfortable brown and beige faux fur mix.

    There are only two tiers that spring up from the base to give it multi-leveled fun and texture. In between the bottom and the first layer is a floating cat apartment. For a little more allure, a fluffy toy ball hangs from the top tier.

    There are four scratching posts covered in a sisal material throughout this nice cat tree. Assembly is easy. The lower height increases accessibility to older cats that need encouragement in getting their exercise and increasing their mobility. Although it is relatively straightforward, the assembly instructions can be difficult to follow.

    • Large enough for bigger cat breeds
    • Offers a ball and cat condo even with fewer tiers
    • Covered in a soft faux fur
    • Shorter and less varied than similar products
    • Confusing instructions

    8.  MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower Faux Fur Cat Tree 8MidWest Feline Nuvo Tower 50.5-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

    This Faux Fur Cat Tree from MidWest uses a multi-tier design to make it comfortable for multiple cats to use simultaneously. There are five tiers throughout the entire tree, including the ground level. Five scratching posts are included as well, wrapped in durable sisal that tempts your cat to flex their clawing instincts.

    There are two color patterns currently available, including a “Black Floral” and “Tan Diamond.” On the bottom, or ground, tier, there is a large, circular cat apartment. The inside is lined with plush faux fur to make it a prime place for a nap.

    Other than the bottom apartment, two sticks dangle puff toy balls. The top tier stands at 50 inches and is partially protected with a low-rise wall around the top. However, it is reported to be more unstable on top when adult cats play.

    Assembly is easy, and the cat tree should come with all of the building tools required. Replacement parts are not currently available for the product.

    • Five tiers to hold multiple cats at once
    • Several pieces of allure like toys and a cat apartment
    • Unstable top tier for adult cats
    • No replacement parts currently available

    9.  Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree 9Vesper High Base 47.8-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo

    The Vesper High Base Modern Cat Tree is an excellent choice for those who want a cat tree that will fit in better in most interiors. It is mostly made from a neutral wood and twine sisal scratching posts.

    There are either three tiers or four, depending on if you count the base on the inside of the floating cat condo. Hanging from the bottom of the top level is a rope with three puffballs. Most of the product is wood. However, there is faux fur inside the condo, on the first and second tiers, and across the entirety of the top tier.

    This product is relatively more expensive than many of the similar products on this list. The material and shape mostly contribute to the higher expense. There are multiple colors to choose from as well.

    • Varying color and pattern choices
    • Plenty of allure for a playful cat
    • More expensive than most similar products
    • Top tier perch is not that stable
    • Wooden base and tiers not as comfortable as faux fur

    10. PetFusion Wall Mounted Cat Tree 10PetFusion 76.8-in Wall Mounted Cat Tree

    Consider a wall-mounted cat tree fixture if you do not have much space on the ground in your home. It can rest on the ground but becomes markedly more stable by being fixed to the wall. Two large scratching posts leading up to the multi-leveled perches, wrapped in durable sisal.

    There are three tiers throughout the product, including the ground tier, middle, and top perches. Both of the above-ground stories have circular holes that your cat can climb through.

    The tiers are partially made from wood and have a partly extended layer of faux fur to make them softer for napping. These can be unfastened via Velcro to wash them periodically. There have been numerous complaints about the quality of the wooden material.

    • Tall with multileveled tiers
    • Wall mounting makes it more stable from top to bottom
    • Not much varying allure
    • Complaints about the quality of the wood

    cat + line divider

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Tree

    Cat trees are a relatively straightforward buy. If you want to inspire your lazy pet to climb and play around, a cat tree can be the perfect option. There are several considerations to take in before making your purchase.

    Size and Number of Tiers

    Consider how much room you have in the interior of your home. The base of a cat tree is often not large, so focus on the vertical aspect. If you have multiple cats, having several larger levels that extend upward will allow them the chance to sleep all at the same time.

    Interesting Additions

    Keeping a cat engaged is one of the greatest trials when investing in any toy. If they like to bat around puffballs, get a cat tree with dangling toys. If they enjoy climbing in and around boxes, perhaps find one with a mostly enclosed cat condo or apartment.


    Sisal and faux fur are the most common materials used to layer and make each tier more comfortable and durable. Sometimes, the stories can be constructed from wood, but your kitty might not find these as engaging.

    cat paw dividerConclusion

    If you are trying to give your cat a place that feels like their own within the living space, then a cat tree is the way to go. Invest in the best with the Frisco Faux Cat Tree.

    Has your kitty proven more difficult to please than most? Then, take less of a risk by getting a less expensive cat tree in the Trixie Altea Faux Fleece Cat Tree. It is also a smaller toy and thus won’t impede on your home’s space as much.

    All cats need some fun in their lazy lives. Getting them a cat tree not only provides this but can also reduce their desire to tear up your furniture.

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