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Are There More Cats or Dogs in the US? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Melissa Gunter

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Are There More Cats or Dogs in the US? Facts & FAQ

It’s an argument for the ages. Cats vs dogs. Are you a cat person or are you a dog person? While many of us have come to realize we’re simply animal people, there are a few out there who have a preference one way or the other. Dogs can bound their way into our hearts with their loyalty and love easily. Cats, as loving as they are, make us adore them with their feisty natures and independence.

But which one dominates? Are there more cats or dogs in the US? Unfortunately for dog lovers out there, as they say in the 2001 movie Cats & Dogs, cats rule and dogs drool.

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Households Owning Animals

Here’s where things get a bit confusing. The American Veterinary Medical Association states there are more households in the US with dogs as family members. This would instantly make you think that dogs are more popular. That isn’t the case, however. 36.5% of households have a pet dog. 30.4% of households have pet cats.

Still, there is a difference of nearly 5 million when it comes to the number of cats in those homes compared to dogs. According to their research, 75 million domestic house cats have families in the United States while 70 million dogs snuggle on the couch each night. Oddly enough, this number doesn’t even take into consideration feral cats. When those cats are added in, cat numbers are truly staggering.

Why Do Cats Rule?

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The answer to this question is quite simple. It’s all about the size. It’s much easier for a home to fit several cats inside than it is to fit dogs. If you’re an animal lover and feel the need to have more than one pet, the size of your home plays a huge factor. A large Golden Retriever or Husky may make a great best friend, but adding more to the mix can be difficult.

Cats are more compact, take up less space, and in most situations, require less training and time. This is why so many households, including small homes and apartments, choose to bring them in as their chosen pet.

The Logistics of It All

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Image Credit By: everydoghasastory, Shutterstock

If you’re still in doubt when it comes to cats vs dogs, it can be broken down for you. Just like there are cat people and dog people in the world, there are cat states and dog states in the US. You’ll find that cats are more popular in the Upper Midwestern and Northeast states.

Dogs, as you’d expect, seem to be the most popular in the Southern areas of the country except for Florida. Cats are slightly more favored than K9s in the Sunshine State. According to a report by 24/7 Wall Street, Vermont is the leading state when it comes to the number of cats calling the area home with at least 44.6% of homes in the state having a cat.

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Final Thoughts

While cats may be the most popular pet in the US, that doesn’t mean that dogs don’t have a special place in our hearts. No matter which pet you bring home, cat, dog, fish, or bird, always make sure they are given the best care possible to make their lives happier. By doing this, you and your family will have a friend for life.

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