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Why Do People Like Cats? 15 Interesting Reasons

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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Why Do People Like Cats? 15 Interesting Reasons

Ever wonder why people like cats so much? There are obvious reasons: cats are the cutest animals ever to grace the planet (especially when they’re kittens), they have adorable toe beans, and kitties are excellent snugglers. But are there other reasons our feline friends are so popular?

Of course, there are! There are tons of reasons that people like cats other than simply the cuteness factor. Some people love how chill and low-maintenance felines are, while others enjoy how amusing they can be. Here are 15 of the most interesting reasons that people like cats!

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Top 15 Interesting Reasons Why People Like Cats

1.  Cats Are Low Maintenance (Sort of!)

One reason cats make such popular and beloved pets is that they’re so low maintenance (when compared to dogs). Kitties don’t have to go out for daily walks. They sleep roughly 15 hours a day. Cats are pretty happy-go-lucky as long as you feed them on time and give them pets when they want them. Plus, our feline companions are pretty chill in general. They’re perfectly content whether lying on the sofa while you binge-watch an entire season of the newest K-drama or “helping” you wash dishes. However, they still need to be fed high-quality food, have their litter changed daily, and go to scheduled vet visits. After all, they are animals, not house plants!

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Image Credit: Piqsels

2. Cheaper to Own Than Dogs

Cats are cheaper to own in the long run than dogs. For one, canines tend to require more stuff up front—like crates and leashes. In fact, average upfront costs for dogs are $1,050 to $4,480, while it’s only $695 to $3,100 for felines. Plus, vet care and pet insurance for cats tend to be much cheaper than that for dogs. Then there’s the fact that kitties are smaller than a lot (but not all) dogs, which means they require less food. And cats are fairly self-sufficient, so if you’re away for most of the day, you probably don’t need a pet sitter to stop by.

3. Easy to Please

Another reason to love felines is that they are so easy to please. As long as they have food, water, and a clean litter box, kitties are generally happy. Throw in lots of pets and cuddles when they want it, and some toys, cat towers, and scratching posts, and you’ll have the happiest cat on your hands! Plus, cats don’t need a lot of fancy stuff; you can toss them a hair tie and watch them have the time of their lives.

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Image Credit: AnnaGorbenko, Shutterstock

4. Have Fun With the Most Random Items

And speaking of fun with hair ties, our kitty friends will adore the strangest, most random of items, which is just one more reason to like them! Have an empty box? Your cat will play with that for hours. Piece of yarn? Instant fun. A bouncy spring? Your cat’s new favorite toy. A mirror? Sit back and watch the hilarity. Felines can have fun with practically anything!

5. Free Pest Control

If you live in the woods or on a farm, you might find yourself in a house full of mice (especially in the winter). Even if you live in a city, you’ll probably have to deal with mice (or rats) every once in a while. But if you have a cat, you don’t have to do anything about it (other than clean up the mess your pet leaves behind after taking care of the problem). And the same goes for other pests, too. If a bug gets into your home, a cat will stalk that until it’s been caught (and likely eaten). Felines have even been known to deal with snakes on occasion!

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Image by: Stefan_Sutka, Shutterstock

6. Seemingly Indestructible

We all know the saying about cats having nine lives, and sometimes that seems very apt. Felines are naturally curious creatures, so they tend to get themselves in trouble, whether it’s by getting stuck up a tree, squeezing into a small space, or jumping on something they shouldn’t. Whatever they do, though, our cats have a knack for safely getting out of it. But remember that cats are not immortal! Making sure there is nothing in your home that could harm a cat is essential!

7. Can Live a Long Time

If you adopt a cat, you can expect that cat to be around for a very long time; some felines can live up to 20 years! The average lifespan of a kitty is 13–17 years, though (which is still quite a long time). The longest-living cat was one named Crème Puff, who lived 38 years! So, make sure you’re ready for that sort of commitment before getting a kitty. Yes, it’s a nice long time to bask in cuddles and play, but on the flip side, it also means quite a bit of time feeding and caring for your pet.

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Image Credit: Oleg Ivanov, Unsplash

8. Oxytocin Fix

Yet another reason people like cats is because of the oxytocin hit they create. Did you know that petting your cat can release oxytocin (aka the love hormone)? It can! And oxytocin plays a role in many of our behaviors, from building trust to bonding with infants and more. So, give your cat lots of pets and bask in the love!

9. Good for Your Health

Those with kitties don’t just experience more oxytocin; they also experience better health. Interacting with felines means lower blood pressure, less stress, less anxiety and depression, reduced risk of heart attack, and more serotonin and dopamine. We’re not saying that your cat is magic (though we aren’t not saying that either), and you’ll never get sick. But overall, cat owners experience much better health than those without kitties in the home.

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Image Credit: Magui RF, Shutterstock

10. Independent Thinkers

People are also fond of cats because they’re independent thinkers. Dogs are fabulous, and we love them, but they’re more followers. Felines, though, will do what they want when they want, with no regard for you or anyone else. And sometimes you just really appreciate a cat’s independent thinking, do-it-themselves attitude, and sass!

11. Make the Best Alarm Clocks

Ugh, who wants to wake up to a blaring alarm clock? Not us! We find it much better to wake up to kitty kisses on the nose or gentle pats on the face. Our cats make the absolute best alarm clocks, not only because they equal a gentler awakening (most of the time anyway), but because kitties will make sure you get up at the same time every day to feed them breakfast.

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Image Credit: Simone Hogan, Shutterstock

12. Practically Royalty

Cats have been around for a long time—roughly 10,000 years or so—which means they have a rich and storied history. That also means that, at times, felines have been treated like royalty. In particular, ancient Egyptians considered cats to be aspects of deities and symbols of protection and divinity. The richest ancient Egyptians would dress their cats up in fine jewels and feed them directly from their own plate, treating them as royal beings. And while cats might no longer be seen as symbols of protection or related to deities in most places, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat your favorite feline as the king or queen it considers itself to be!

13. Fun to Dress Up

Yes, you can dress up pups, too, but dressing up kitties is extra fun. Not only can they pull off any look you give them, but chances are your cat will do so with a grumpy look on its face. Plus, a cat in clothing is even more adorable than a cat without, so what’s not to love? Just watch out for those sharp claws when putting your pet into that fuzzy sweater!

cat wearing yellow hoodie goes camping
Image Credit: Surapong, Shutterstock

14. Can Be Hilarious

Felines are hilarious, no matter what they’re up to. Whether it’s zooming around the house for crazy cat time, experiencing a jump scare while walking in front of a mirror, or running away from that banana peel, there’s no denying cats are funny. That’s one of the reasons cat videos are so wildly popular (honestly, would YouTube have even survived without cat videos?). Having a kitty means constant laughter and fun!

15. Make the Most Excellent Memes

It’s not just videos that cats can make popular, but memes as well. Whether it’s the iconic “I Can Has Cheezburger” meme or the famous Grumpy Cat, felines have a history of being part of the most humorous and well-loved memes on the internet. Chances are you’ll be able to catch your cat doing something meme-worthy one day, so capture that moment, post it online, and watch your feline go viral!

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Felines are adorable, funny, independent, make you healthier, and so much more. If you haven’t gotten a cat yet, these are just 15 of the several reasons you’ll find yourself falling in love with any cat you find. So, what are you waiting for? Time to adopt a cat, stat!

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