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Pusheen’s Halloween Costumes for Lazy Kitties

Six simple ideas from the famed Internet cartoon cat.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 22nd 2012

We love our darling Pusheen! Just by being a cute bouncy kitty, Pusheen gives us insight into how to live life to the fullest (hint: it involves a lot of pizza, cupcakes, and cuteness).

While we know a few dogs who are into Halloween (after all, what does a dog love more than attention, treats, attention, treats … and more attention and more treats?). Cats, however, are not so into amusing us — in fact, they see us as their sources of entertainment — and anyway, cats are already always dressed for Halloween. It’s just not that big of a deal to them.

Which is why Pusheen is here to offer us some lazy cat Halloween costume ideas, all of which involve minimal effort and are pretty much just an extension of their natural cat-ness.

For starters, this mummy costume. It’s easy: Simply apply a fresh roll of toilet paper to your toilet-paper holder and leave the bathroom door ajar. Kitty will take care of the rest.

Ghost kitty is an even easier costume — just leave a freshly washed basket of laundry out. Bam. Done.

This needs no explanation — it’s Maru’s default costume.

Historical costume.

This one operates much the same as the ghost costume.

Monster … or cat. Same difference.

Images via Pusheen’s Tumblr