We Interview Kylo Ren, the Cat Who Looks Like Adam Driver


If you’re a cat person on the Internet, you’ve probably heard of Kylo Ren (or Catlo Ren), the Balinese cat who bears an eerie resemblance to the Star Wars character, a similarity brought to the world’s attention by writer Marci Robin on Twitter. Neither Kylo nor Marci realized they were going to set off a viral superstorm, and we’re pleased to announce that Kylo has made his way to his forever home — and we landed an exclusive interview for our Catster readers.
Balinese cat Kylo Ren looking supremely smug.

Catster: Thanks for speaking with us, Kylo Ren! You must be pretty overwhelmed by your new celebrity. How are you settling in at your new home?

Kylo Ren: This place is pretty sweet so far. We’re talking two beds and total couch control. I mean, I live a real you-can-pet-me-with-both-hands lifestyle, and right now this place averages about four hands petting per one me.

Now that I’m living the free-range lifestyle, I try to keep busy. I usually wake up around 2 a.m. to knock the old Yoda mouse around and drag any stray belts out into the hall. If a face is available, I like to climb on top of it. By 7:30, someone should be feeding me, but my management staff can get a little sloppy with my scheduling if I don’t stick a paw in one of their faces or attack some toes.

If I’m not rolled up like a Danish and asleep on a bed, I like to sprawl across two laps with my legs sticking out like a weirdo. I like talking, too. Sometimes my management staff will explain that I’m being unreasonable about something like needing to watch them pee or not having enough gravy on my food and we really have to sit around and have a pow-wow. Usually this means I meow loud enough for the neighbors to hear until I get what I want or someone rubs my ears and I go into a “love coma.”

Kylo Ren and Family
Emily McCombs and Erik Leavitt hold Kylo Ren.

We understand that you met your new staffers at the Monmouth County SPCA after their friend Marci Robin posted a picture of you. Wow much can you tell us about your past life? How much time did you spend at the shelter? Any people you want to give a special shout-out to?

Well, much like my namesake, I have a grandiose backstory with famous bloodlines, lies, and betrayal. A lifetime ago I was a show cat, but I’ve always had trouble sharing the limelight with my four-legged friends, and that’s made me a hard fit for both the stage and the home front. I came to the shelter with a bunch of my housemates from a former breeder and lived with a family where I loved the homeowners but couldn’t play second banana to their other pets.

But the folks at Monmouth County SPCA are miracle workers. They got me back on my feet, worked through my issues, and helped me become the love bug that I am today. I’d really like to blow a few kisses to Nurse_jeni and her daughter — you two were my rocks, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you.

Your staffer Emily tells us you’re doing a foster-to-adopt program thanks to some dental issues that need to be followed up (we hate dentists too, so our teeth are twanging in sympathy). What has that process been like for you?

No one likes the dentist, but the good people at the SPCA have done their best to take care of my infection. Right now I have to force down some liquid meds twice a day (a tail-curling process, I assure you), but assuming all goes well with my February checkup, my chompers should be as good as new.

Kylo Ren the Cat smiling at the camera.

You know by now that cats are big on the Internet (and good job at recruiting people to manage your new virality!). How are you feeling about your newfound fame?

Well, I haven’t forgotten the little people, if that’s what you mean.

I’m happy that I’ve delighted so many people, even if that fame comes from standing on the backs of Sith Lord giants. I’m a fan of attention (some have even called me a drama queen), so as long as this means that people tell me that I’m a handsome boy and scratch my head while I purr, I’m happy to have my 15 minutes.

You probably have some friends back at the shelter that you’d love to see sprung from jail. Is there anyone else looking for a forever home that you think could use a little extra attention?

Shout-out to Batman and Bumblebee, those behemoth bundles of love, and my friend Billy the Kitty has a quite dashing mustache. Much love. They almost all got adopted by my management staff that day. Some of my friends at the shelter, like Boots, have had pretty hard lives, and really need a special person to help them land on their feet. (Something we cats are known for.) But all the tail-waggers down at Monmouth could use a loving family, or at least a visit. While all you readers are sitting at work dream adopting pets on Instagram, you should at least stop by for some cheesecake furfriend photos.

Monmouth did me a real solid, and even now that I’m adopted they’re still checking in with me and helping me out, so anything that would help those superstars out is a step in the right direction. I’ve heard they’re having some financial issues, so if you want to feel like an honorary cat, you ought to slip a few dollars in their donation jar. I promise I saw a cat who looked just like Morgan Freeman down there, and if the cash starts flowing in, I’ll promise to name names.

You can follow Kylo Ren on his Instagram account, and his staffer Emily McCombs can be spotted on Twitter. Both of them would like to remind you to adopt, don’t shop! You might not find an Internet celebrity in your local shelter, but chances are high that there’s a kitty looking for a forever home who wants to go home with you.

All photos courtesy Kylo Ren.

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About the author: s.e. smith is a cat-owned writer, editor, and agitator living in Northern California with felines Loki and Leila. While not mediating cat fights, s.e. writes about a variety of subjects all over the Internet, in addition to enjoying reading like a fiend and baking like an angel. Follow smith on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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