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10 Cats With Mustaches in Honor of Movember (With Pictures)

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


10 Cats With Mustaches in Honor of Movember (With Pictures)

“Movember” is an important annual campaign that promotes the growth of mustaches to support men’s health. It takes place throughout the month of November each year, which is how the name came about. The goal is to raise awareness about serious health issues that can affect men, such as testicular and prostate cancer, mental health, and suicidal thinking. The campaign also aims to raise funds in support of initiatives and programs that work to address men’s health issues. In honor of Movember, enjoy these 10 cats with “mustaches”!

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The 10 Cats With Mustaches

1. A Black and White Cutie

Image Credit: Hannamariah, Shutterstock

This adorable little tuxedo cat has a noticeably white mustache that stands out on their dark face. While the mustache is white, it doesn’t make them look old due to their bright eyes and youthful overall appearance. It looks almost as if you can twist the ends of the mustache to make them stick out more!

2. The Luxurious Look

moustache cat
Image Credit: Love Meow

This handsome cat enjoys the ability to look luxurious and sophisticated without the need for accessories or special “hairdos.” The way that the mustache curls upward at the ends makes it seem like the white coloring is drawn or painted on. The smokey coat that surrounds the mustache offers an eye-catching, fanciful effect.

3. A Tuxedo Cat With Wisdom

Image Credit: Ludibarrs, Shutterstock

Black cats are sleek and beautiful as-is, but with a white chest and paws, they take on a more playful vibe. When you add in a curled mustache that stands out, all that’s needed is a pair of glasses to make a tuxedo cat look wise and experienced. A perfect example is this kitty with wise-looking eyes.

4. A Dramatic Mustache

black and white persian cat lying on the floor
Image Credit: toanne14, Shutterstock

This furry kitty was obviously born to sport a mustache! It seems to grow with the whiskers, making them look like part of the ‘stache. While the mustache alone would create contrast, the whiskers add to the dramatic look.

5. A Goofy ‘Stache

Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

This cat seems to know that their mustache looks a bit silly, as evidenced by the way that they are sticking out their tongue at the picture taker. It seems like they are used to being gawked at and are quite over it! Or maybe they were just interrupted from a nap. Either way, their perceived irritability just seems to add to the “goofy” look of their ‘stache.

6. A Sophisticated Feline Mustache

Image credit: eszterheltai, Shutterstock

This smokey gray cat has a nice white mustache that looks like it’s carefully manicured, giving them a sophisticated look that complements their short, well-kept fur. The white whiskers offer a sense of softness that makes you want to give the furry feline a big squeeze.

7. Black on White

Image Credit: Shaun Norton, Shutterstock

This mighty kitty happens to have a beautiful white coat on their face and chest, with the exception of a cute little black mustache above their mouth. Those big, bright green eyes and small, short ears help create an endearing persona that is hard to deny. That long chest hair looks like it would be wonderfully cuddly on a cold night!

8. A Half-Finished Mustache

Image Credit: Kseniya-Bogdanova, Shutterstock

For such a big, chubby cat, you would think that this feline’s mustache would be more prevalent. Instead, it looks like the ‘stache stopped “growing” once it reached the lips. It even looks like one side is longer than the other.

9. A Mustache and an Eye Patch

Image Credit: Jaletan, Shutterstock

What better way for a cute white cat to stand out than to sport a stark black mustache and eye patch? This cutie is sure to attract plenty of attention when they head out to see the groomer or veterinarian. This cat’s mustache contrasts so well with their mouth that their lips can clearly be seen.

10. A Kitten With an Impressive ‘Stache

Image Credit: Vishnevskiy Vasily, Shutterstock

This small kitten seems to have been in a hurry to get their mustache ready for Movember! Those little piercing eyes give this fuzzball an inquisitive look, but the tiny mustache makes them seem like nothing but a bustling bundle of fun and joy. This baby looks like they are ready to put their mustache (and themselves) to sleep for the night.

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These cats with mustaches can help remind us of what Movember is all about. While the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a cat with a mustache might be a costume, the truth is that many cats out there naturally sport a “mustache” that helps them stand out from the crowd!

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Featured Image Credit: Vladimir Gudvin, Shutterstock

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