Our Top 10 Cat Movie Moments


We love cats. We like to hang out with them, feed them treats, and cuddle them as much as they let us. But, what do we do when our cats don’t want to hang out anymore?

You know, that time of day when cat decides to go to that nook in the closet in which he plans to nap. You are not to enter, and if you do decide to disturb cat’s peace and quiet, he will only saunter off to another dark corner — leaving you heartbroken.

No need to worry, there is a cure for this heartbreak and loneliness: movies. But not just any movies — ones about cats, or rather, featuring cats. Not just any old cats, but cats who have made movie or television history in their own right. We’ve decide to compile clips of our favorite cat moments in film and television for you to enjoy.

10. Oliver and Company: When Jenny and Oliver sing “You and Me” together

We decided to go for this 1988 Disney classic solely for the precious moment when Jenny and Oliver sing “You and Me” to a montage of their newfound friendship. It’s a heartbreaking scene, that only makes you root more for Oliver to be safely returned to Jenny once he’s taken away.

9. Figaro in “Figaro And Cleo”

“Figaro and Cleo” is a Disney short that features Pinocchio‘s little Figaro getting into all sorts of trouble. It’s also an interesting look at the older, more controversial Disney shorts that used to run. It’s an overall adorable cartoon of Figaro desperately trying to get something to eat (specifically Cleo). Cat owners can relate to this short, because they know that when the cat gets hungry, he will stop at nothing for a snack.

8. The Aristocats’ “Scales and Arpeggios”

This scene is almost too cute to handle. A kitten is singing about her scales and arpeggios, while one paints and the other one plays piano. How could anyone not be obsessed with that? For Catster, the Aristocats’ kittens are a dream come true. If only our cats would start playing the piano.

7. When Milo and Otis first meet in Milo & Otis

Here is the clip explaining how Milo and Otis first met in the film, which is a total cult classic. The story of a cat and dog who become best friends, and who have to fight the elements to survive in this adventure-packed movie, is just too good. This opening scene is also too precious to handle, as we watch the kitten and the puppy first meet.

6. The official music video for “Smelly Cat”

It wasn’t until very recently that we became aquatinted with the official music video for “Smelly Cat.” Although I don’t believe the smelly cat that Phoebe Buffay sings about ever makes an official cameo on the hit ’90s sitcom Friends, we feel that we know the cat personally after hearing Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” so many times. Also, this video is just too fantastically cheesy, with all the right ’90s wardrobe and effects, to pass up.

5. Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and his entire existence

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is the ultimate cat — sassy, bold, and sometimes rude; he is truly the kind of talking cat we would love to have. We couldn’t just pick one specific moment, because there are so many wonderful “Salemisms,” we could go on for hours. Whether he is driving a stylish red convertible or being cheeky with the witches in the household, he never ceases to be entertaining.

4. The Mr. Tinkles dinner scene in Cats & Dogs

Mr. Tinkles has to be the most underrated cat in movie history. His character is the best — the name, the maniacal laugh, and the true evil passion to take over the world make him the greatest villain in animal movie history. This dinner scene in particular gives you all you need to know about Mr Tinkles — that despite being really evil he is still a very cute, fluffy kitty cat.

3. When Jake from The Cat from Outer Space explains that he is from outer space

Jake is a cat from outer space. He can talk though his collar and is infinitely smarter than humans. This needs no more explanation. He is a cat. FROM OUTER SPACE.

2. When Sassy from Homeward Bound shows Chance how it’s done

We absolutely adore Sassy over here at Catster. She’s just so sassy! This is one of the best scenes in Homeward Bound, in which Sassy shows Chance why “cats rule and dogs drool.” She’s also incredibly cute when she does it.

1. Professor McGonagall in the opening scenes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Okay, so Professor McGonagall is a human, but arguably she is also a cat! Literally something that we wish we could just go ahead and decide to do on the regular. We love Professor McGonagall because not only is she smart, brave, and the coolest witch (next to Hermione, of course), she is also a cat. This opening scene only proves how awesome she is. Look how flawlessly she transforms!

I hope our top 10 cat movie moments make the day go by easier as you wait until your cat wants to hang out again. Until then, what are some of your favorite kitty-cat movie moments? Let us know in the comments!

Top image by Sarah Joy

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