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5 Beautiful Toyger Cat Colors (With Pictures)

Written by: Brooke Bundy

Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

rear of a Toyger cat lying on the grass

5 Beautiful Toyger Cat Colors (With Pictures)

With a rusty apricot body lashed with dark, thick stripes, the Toyger cat looks like a tiger from the jungle but belongs in your living room. The Toyger is a newer breed that originated in the 1980s when someone crossed a domestic Bengal cat with a domestic shorthair tabby cat. In case your local laws prohibit pet ownership of wild animals, it should relieve you to learn that there’s no actual “wild” blood in a Toyger cat (unless, of course, you count the wild ancient ancestry shared by all domestic cat breeds). This gentle tabby is the perfect pet if you want an animal that loves to make friends with people and other cats in your household. Despite their untamed appearance, they tend to embody a suitable combination of relaxed and extroverted personalities that pairs them well with families.

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The 5 Beautiful Colors in the Toyger Cat

Unlike the Russian Blue or the Turkish Angora, all Toyger cat coats are patterned. However, no two patterns are the same. One thing that sets the Toyger apart from the domestic shorthair tabby is that their stripes are set in a random pattern that may be unique to the individual cat, as opposed to the tabby whose stripes are usually placed in more rigid lines. The Toyger may share the tabby’s “M ” on their forehead since they are technically a tabby mix. However, their facial markings differ from the tabby’s because they form a characteristic circular swirl pattern instead of horizontal lines.

Here are the three coat colors that Toygers can come in, as well as two colors that help make their beautiful pattern: 

1. Orange

orange toyger cat
Image Credit: stockelements, Shutterstock


Giving them the true appearance of miniature tigers, orange is one of the most common Toyger cat colors. The orange hues that form the base color of their fur pattern are more muted than the orange tabby, and often have rosy or tan hues. The orange coloring is best described as a deep orange, and the stripes are a darker brown or black in color.

2. Brown

Toyger cat outdoors
Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

While brown coloring is rare in cats, brown is actually a very common base coat color for Toygers. The brown coloring is often lighter. Then, depending on genetics, a Toyger may have darker brown stripes on their body, legs, and tail. These broken or branded stripes are bold and exotic, breaking away at random as opposed to forming the clearly structured stripes as seen on tabby cats and other domestic cat breeds.

3. Reddish Brown

Toyger cat on a tree
Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

Reddish brown is the third coat color that is common in Toygers and is sort of a combination of the orange and brown coloration. Again, this is a base coat color and a reddish brown Toyger will have darker brown or black stripes on top of the base coat.

4. Black

black Toyger Cat
Image Credit: Nataliia Pyzhova,Shutterstock

Although Toygers don’t have a black base coat, many of them do have black stripes, instead of brown stripes like we typically think of when we picture an orange tabby. The black stripes are essential for their tiger-like appearance, and the tip of the tail is usually black as well. The stripes can also be a very dark brown, depending on genetics.

5. White

White Toyger Cat
Image Credit: AquaPisces_Shutterstock

White is another color that isn’t seen as a Toyger’s base color (also white tigers are gorgeous, and we’re sure a white Toyger would be as well!). The belly, throat, and chin of a Toyger cat may have traces of white. But the amount of white on a Toyger will vary and depend on genetics.

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All About the Toyger Cat

Their pattern alone hearkens to an actual tiger, but that’s not all. Even their body shape resembles a wild cat. At 7–15 pounds, the Toyger is only a medium-sized feline, but they’re equipped with a muscular frame. Their brawny shoulders bunch between their shoulder blades and their bellies sway relatively low compared to most domestic cats. Their skeletal system is characterized by big bones and a long back. If you catch this cat slinking around your neighborhood, you may have to do a double take and check the news to make sure there hasn’t been an escape from your local zoo.

Fortunately, unlike tigers, Toygers are relatively easy to train and like to go on leashed walks. While they can be laidback when tired, the Toyger loves the thrill of the hunt and may go through a couple rounds of walks and zoomies before they’re ready to settle down for a nap.

Since they look like an exotic cat, you may wonder if a Toyger is a rare breed. A purebred Toyger is sometimes hard to find since they’re a newer breed, but you can find a TICA-registered breeder here. It always helps to check animal rescues and shelters first, however, because there are many pets that need homes. Buying a cat from a reputable breeder can cost a small fortune, and there may be a new friend waiting for you at your local shelter.

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Orange, reddish brown, brown, black, and white grace the beautiful Toyger’s bold coat. While their pattern and body shape certainly give an exotic impression, the Toyger is a completely domesticated breed that won’t eat your sofa (or you). If you want to adopt one of these gentle felines, check the list of TICA-registered breeders, or scout out your local shelter or cat rescue to see if you get lucky.

Featured Image Credit: Kutikova Ekaterina, Shutterstock

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