7 of My Kitty New Year’s Resolutions


I’m not gonna lie, I like to think I’m a pretty good cat mom. I feed my feline family a delicious and nutritious diet, I have health insurance for all three of my kitties, and I give them all the love and cuddles they can stand. There’s certainly a lot more I do for them, too. But there are always ways I can do better. Here are a few of them.


Take more photos

Someone once said that you should take lots of photos of your cat friends and save them all, because even the bad photos will bring back good memories once the cats have passed away. I firmly believe that. I still love looking at all the photos of my beloved Siouxsie, even the ones that are a total motion blur.

Tara was on my desk this morning chattering at birds.
Tara was on my desk this morning chattering at birds.

Continue to help Tara be braver

My beautiful Tara has come so far in the past year, and I’m so impressed with her courage and adaptability to her new forever home. In fact, today she was sitting on my desk chattering at the birds outside! But I’d love to see her be good friends with Thomas and Bella and spend most of her time out in the living room rather than under the couch. Maybe she’ll even come and sleep on the bed with the rest of us.

Even bad photos can bring good memories after you've had to say goodbye.
Even bad photos can bring good memories after you’ve had to say goodbye.

Test Bella’s blood glucose more often

My Belladonna is a diabetic kitty who’s been in remission for almost four years. But even so, it’s still a good idea to check blood glucose every once in a while to make sure the remission is holding and avoid potential complications of the recurrence of diabetes. I test her once every few months, but I should probably test her more like once a month.

I kind of hate to admit it, but my Thomas is becoming an old man.
I kind of hate to admit it, but my Thomas is becoming an old man.

Be extra-present for Thomas

Thomas was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease. At this stage, the average life expectancy after diagnosis is two years. I don’t know if he’ll live longer than that or not — or even if he might not make it the full two years. The lesson I learned with my Siouxsie as she aged is that every day is a blessing, and it’s critical to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually present as well as physically present. I’ll carry that lesson forward to my old man-cat, too.

Thank you for cleaning my toilet!
“Thank you for cleaning my toilet!”

Clean the litter boxes more often

I hate to admit this, but I sometimes forget to clean my cats’ litter boxes every day. They’re exceedingly tolerant of this infraction, but I don’t want them to have to “tolerate” their bathroom.

Lots of good memories...
Lots of good memories…

Allow more feline therapy

I have a chronic illness that results in occasional widespread pain and fatigue. My cats seem to know when this is happening, and they do their very best to comfort me. They seem to know everywhere to go in order to apply dry heat, but sometimes I can’t stop moving long enough to let them do their job. It’s time for that to end, not just for my sake but for theirs as well.

Tara in her new favorite place: Sitting on my chest.
Tara in her new favorite place: Sitting on my chest.

Give them more catnip parties

My cats get so goofy on catnip that it’s a pleasure to watch them. I do give them catnip on special occasions, but why shouldn’t “special occasions” be once a week, right?

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions about what you’re going to do for your cats? Please share them in the comments!

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