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How to Cat Proof Windows With 9 Simple Tips

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team


How to Cat Proof Windows With 9 Simple Tips

Most cats love windows. However, it is possible for cats to love windows a bit too much. This can result in your cat escaping or even falling through a window!

Most windows are pretty cat-proof as they are. However, some cats are particularly fond of escaping. In these cases, you may need to cat-proof your windows a little bit more. Other times, your window may not have a screen at all, calling for some serious safety precautions to be taken.

Here are 9 steps to help cat-proof your windows. You don’t have to do all these steps. Sometimes, one or two will do. Other times, you may need to do several to prevent your cat from escaping.

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The 9 Simple Tips to Cat Proof Windows

1. Install Window Guards or Grills

The easiest way to cat-proof your window is to install window guards or grills. These provide a barrier between the inside of your house and the outside, preventing your cat from going through the window. You can also use window screens, which let in fresh air while keeping everything clearly separated.

It also prevents bugs from coming inside, while preventing cats from going outside.

Window Grill
Image Credit: Ritanuka Ghosh, Unsplash

2. Keep Windows Closed

When you aren’t home, it’s important to keep your window closed. This is the simplest way to keep your cat inside, especially when you aren’t around to supervise. While screens and barriers are pretty strong, they aren’t a match for a very determined cat (or dog who really wants to get your cat).

It’s vital that you only let your cat access the window when you’re around to supervise.

3. Use Window Treatments

Sheer curtains or blinds can help deter your cat from jumping or scratching at the window. However, they still allow light in, allowing you to enjoy your window.

That said, it’s completely possible for your feline to destroy these coverings, especially if they’re very determined and energetic. Plenty of cat owners have come home to their cats climbing their blinds or curtains. Therefore, we only recommend these as a secondary option, and you should observe how your cat reacts.

If your cat only wants to climb the curtains, it’s probably best to leave them off (otherwise, they may pull the curtains down or the rod out of the wall, damaging your wall).

Image Credit: Iuliia Pilipeichenko, Shutterstock

4. Apply Double-sided Tape

Cats dislike how tape feels on their paws. Therefore, you can apply double-sided tape to the window sill to deter your cat from jumping on it. One side of the tape attaches to the window sill, and the other sticky side will stick to your cat’s paws when they jump on it. The tape isn’t strong enough to hurt your feline, but they likely won’t like how it feels. Often, this is enough to keep your feline from jumping on the window sill. However, some cats will develop a strategy of trying to jump “over” the window sill. If you don’t have any barriers, they may jump straight out the window.

Like many of the strategies on this list, make sure you observe how your cat reacts the first few times.

5. Create a Cat-Friendly Space

Sometimes, your cat may just be bored and looking for something to do. In this case, provide your cat with alternative solutions to play on. If your cat is jumping up on the window sill, think vertical. Add a scratching post, perches, and other climbing surfaces away from the window to keep them entertained elsewhere.

You may also want to add puzzle toys to keep their mind busy, which may make looking out the window less entertaining. Adding playtime can help keep your cat’s interest elsewhere, too.

6. Redirect Your Cat’s Attention

Sometimes, our cats become so obsessive with the window that their attention may need to be turned elsewhere. Redirecting your cat’s attention all the time can be challenging and exhausting, especially when you aren’t home. However, you can redirect your cat’s attention when you are home and available.

Over time, shifting their attention elsewhere can make them less interested in the window.

Use toys or treats to redirect their attention to you. Be careful not to overuse treats, though. If your cat eats a few treats and then runs back to the window, it’s probably best not to continuously feed them treats. However, you can use treats to teach your cat easy tricks, which can keep them distracted for longer.

7. Trim Your Cat’s Claws

We also recommend regularly trimming your cat’s claws to help prevent them from damaging window screens. Almost all the methods we mentioned can be overcome if a cat has sharp enough claws. A cat can tear through a window screen with enough time and effort. Even if they don’t claw all the way through it, enough scratching can damage its integrity, increasing the chance that your cat will fall out of it!

Therefore, we recommend keeping your cat’s nails well-trimmed. You can do this yourself at home or have your vet do it.

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8. Supervise Your Cat

While we do recommend cat-proofing your window the best you can, we recommend supervising your cat whenever the windows are open, too. Don’t let your cat scratch or jump at the windows. Over time, this can damage the integrity of the cat-proofing device you’re using and lead to your cat falling out of the window.

Sometimes, you don’t need to completely take the window away from your cat. Instead, when possible, teach your cat how to act properly around windows.

9. Install a Window Perch

Some cats like looking out windows but are a bit too big for the window sill. They may push against the window screen or other barrier when sitting on the sill, slowly wearing it down over time. In this case, you should install a window perch and encourage your cat to use it. Preferably, your cat should not be pushing on the window screen when sitting.

Window perches can be installed directly alongside the window. Alternatively, you can also place a small cat tree near the window, allowing them to sit on it while they look outside.

No matter what option you pick, having somewhere your cat can sit beside the window sill is both safer and more comfortable.

Image Credit: TalyaPhoto_Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

Cats love windows. They provide a view of the outside world, including the neighborhood birds. However, windows can also be dangerous. Even if the window isn’t high, your cat could potentially become lost if they end up on the wrong side of it. If the window is on a second story or higher, your cat can easily become injured from the fall.

Therefore, cat-proofing your windows is highly recommended. When paired with supervision, using barriers like window screens can help prevent your feline from falling through the window.

We recommend implementing several of the tips above, but you do not have to do all of them. Even just taking two or three steps can help keep your cat safe.

Featured Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

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