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11 DIY Cat Window Perches You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Patricia Dickson

Last Updated on May 1, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

fat calico cat sleeping in the window perch

11 DIY Cat Window Perches You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Cats love to laze in the warm sun, and for indoor cats, it can sometimes be difficult for them to find a suitable sunny spot. Cats are also highly observant and curious creatures, and they love to spend their time gazing out of a window at the world outside and absorbing the sights and smells.

Windowsills are not really comfortable for your feline, and a simple window perch can be an excellent place for your cat to hang out. Best of all, making a window perch at home is simple and inexpensive. This small addition will make a massive impact on the well-being of your feline. We scoured the internet to find innovative, inexpensive, and simple designs to help you make your very own DIY cat perch!

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The 11 DIY Cat Window Perches

1. Easy cat window perch by Martha Stewart

DIY cat window perch
Image Credit: Marthastewart

This simple DIY cat perch is easy and inexpensive to make, consisting of just a piece of thick plywood, screws, and a chain. The perch is easy to install on any window, and you can custom fit the perch to fit your cat’s preferred spot. The perch can then easily be stored against the window when not in use.

2. Hanging window basket by Hymnsandverses

DIY cat window perch
Image Credit: Hymnsandverses

We love the idea of taking discarded items in the home and turning them into feline furniture. If you have any wicker baskets lying around (if not, they are easy to find), they can easily be turned into an attractive and functional window perch that your cat will love. Best of all, it is free!

3. Window perch pipe by Hgtv

DIY cat window perch
Image Credit: Hgtv

We love this simple and unique pipe perch. It has a unique design that gives your cat privacy if they’d like, as well as a view out into the world. All you need is a simple cardboard concrete form, which is inexpensive to buy, a short length of PVC piping, and soft carpeting to cover it with. You can attach it to the window with suction cups or screws in the wall for a more secure perch.

4. Cat hammock by Aaron Fixes Stuff

This simple cat hammock is designed for walls but can be easily adapted to windows. It consists of two lengths of PVC pipe attached to the wall on either side of your window that are wrapped with rope or carpeting. You can then sew cloth to hang like a hammock or even attach a piece of wooden plywood shelving for a more solid option.

5. Easy DIY Cat Perch by hometalk

window cat perch
Image Credit: hometalk

The Easy DIY Cat Perch is simple to construct. All it takes is a repurposed serving tray and shelf brackets. You should be able to fit this perch into almost any window, and your cat can have a favorite window without getting on your table or counters to get there. Don’t forget to add a pretty cushion and a hanging toy filled with catnip; your furry friend will appreciate it.

6. DIY Window Bed by Cat Games

What cat wouldn’t love this DIY window bed that’s free, simple, and easy to build? If you’ve owned a cat for a while, you know that window beds are expensive. With this DIY bed, you only need a PVC pipe, a few accessories, and the patience to complete the job.

This is the perfect perch for your cat to view the outdoors and a great place to lay in the sun and take a much-needed nap.

7. DIY Cat Window Perch by byBrittanyGoldwyn

Image credit: by Brittany Goldwyn

This DIY Cat Window Perch is perfect for your dog to lounge around in the sun all day. It is an easy build for a DIYer who wants to spend the time to make the perch perfect for their feline pals. All you need is scrap wood, a few other materials, and a window big enough for the perch to be securely placed in, and your Tabby will be soaking up the sun in no time.

8. Laundry Basket Hanging Cat Bed by cuteness

Laudry basket cat bed
Image Credit: cuteness

If you’re on a budget, but your cat won’t stop climbing into your windows to see outside or sleep in the sun, this Laundry Basket Hanging Cat Bed may do the trick. All you need is a good-sized wicker laundry basket and a window tension rod. The construction is simple, but ensure the basket is secure before letting your cat climb inside to nap.

9. Easy Window Shelf for Cats by Instructables

Easy window shelf for cats
Image Credit: Instructables

The Easy Window Shelf for Cats is the perfect space for not one but two of your cats to watch the birds outside or curl up to sleep in the sunlight. This one is a bit more difficult to pull off than others on our list, but it just takes particle board, angle brackets, and a few tools to build.

This project is best for DIYers with power tool experience, but you can always ask a friend to help. The result will make you and your feline pals happy and content.

10. Window Catio/Cat Patio by Instructables

Window catio
Image Credit: Instructables

One of the more creative perches on our list has to go to the Window Catio/Cat Patio. For many of us living in big cities, there is little to no outdoor time for our feline friends. With the Window Catio, you can change that.

You can install this in a window where an air conditioner would normally go. However, ensure it’s secure and sturdy before letting your cats inside. Your cats will love sitting on their patio to get a fresh breeze and enjoy the world outside.

11. Glass Mounted Cat Perch by Instructables

Glass mounted hanging cat bed DIY plan
Image credit: Instructables

This Glass Mounted Cat Perch is a hanging cat bed mounted in the window that takes a bit more skill than some of the other DIY perches on our list. While it will take more work than other projects, the results are well worth it when your cat can sleep in the sun all day. You’ll need a few materials that you can easily pick up at the hardware store for this plan.

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Final Thoughts

There is a wide variety of DIY cat perches, from simple designs to complex catios. However, most commercial perches are expensive, and some may not match the interior design of your home. Thankfully, we found several DIY plans online that are inexpensive and relatively easy to construct. No matter which perch you decide to make, your cat will thank you and adore their new window to the world.

Featured Image Credit: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock

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