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The Top 30 Most Popular Cats on the Internet in 2024

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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The Top 30 Most Popular Cats on the Internet in 2024

According to The International Cat Association (TICA), there are 73 recognized cat breeds (pedigree and hybrid), and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognizes 45 of those breeds as pedigree. We’ll go into the difference between pedigree and hybrid later in this article, but the burning question is what are the most popular types of cats on the internet?

Our curious kitties here at Catster investigated and determined the top 30 most popular cats on the internet based on Instagram hashtag volume, TikTok hashtag views, and Google search volume.

We also wanted to answer the following:

  • Who are the reigning cat kings, queens, and pet influencers of the social media sphere?
  • Are long-haired breeds more popular than short-haired breeds?
  • What’s the difference between pedigree and hybrid cat breeds, and does that influence internet popularity?
  • What are polydactyl cats, and how popular are they on the internet?
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Disclaimer: This data was collected between the 5th and the 27th of July 2023. Social media accounts and hashtags change daily. The purpose of this study is to give a broad overview of people’s online interests in cats in this time period. This data shouldn’t represent or be accepted as real-life information. This is based on social media hashtag usage and post impressions only, both of which are relative, capricious, and not necessarily indicative of collective wisdom.’Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google’ is only an estimate from Ahrefs and not necessarily 100% accurate.


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The 30 Most Popular Cats on the Internet:

1. The Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat lying on the sofa
Image Credit: ShotPrime Studio, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 9,400,000 (9.4M)
TikTok # Views: 3,700,000,000 (3.7B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 550,000

The number one most popular cat on the internet is the Maine Coon, with an astounding number of people looking for this cat! It’s easy to see why, as this feline’s personality matches its size.

And it isn’t just the internet where the Maine Coon reigns in popularity; this breed was ranked second in popularity by the CFA in their “Most Popular Breeds of 2022” list based on how many of each breed are registered.

Often referred to as the “dogs of the cat world” because of their affectionate, loving natures, Maine Coons are a wonderful addition to the home of anyone looking for a Velcro kitty!

2. The Bengal

bengal cat walking
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 5,700,000 (5.7M)
TikTok # Views: 3,000,000,000 (3B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 223,000

The next feline on the list might surprise you, but with their leopard spots and wild looks, it isn’t difficult to understand why people love searching for information about the Bengal.

These hybrid kitties are stunning in their resemblance to their wild counterparts and, interestingly enough, are also often said to behave more like dogs than cats—just like the Maine Coon.

Active, playful, and intelligent, this feline can be a handful, but if you’re the type that enjoys a bit of chaos in your home, you’ll adore the Bengal. Be forewarned they love to talk, though!

3. The British Shorthair

fat Blue British Shorthair cat
Image Credit: truenos86, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 11,400,000 (11.4M)
TikTok # Views: 5,000,000,000 (5B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 107,000

Formerly known as the “British Blue”, the British Shorthair also appears on the CFA’s list of most popular cat breeds in 2022, coming in at #6. People love looking up these kitties online.

These felines are particularly popular with families due to their gentle and laid-back temperaments that go well with children of all ages. Sweet and patient (except when picked up, an act they don’t enjoy), British Shorthairs don’t reach their adult size till about the age of 3 years, so you’ll get to have a kitten around a bit longer.

With their big eyes and chubby cheeks, this breed will surely be popular for years to come!

4. The Ragdoll

Ragdoll cat
Image credit: madeinitaly4k, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 9,000,000 (8M)
TikTok # Views: 1,300,000,000 (1.3B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 162,000

Honestly, who doesn’t love the Ragdoll? This breed has come in at the top spot for the past four years on the CFA’s list of most popular cat breeds, so it seems there’s no one who doesn’t, whether online or off!

It’s not surprising considering how affectionate these large, floppy cats are; it makes sense people search for the breed online so much. And like the top two on our list of most popular kitties on the internet, this breed is also much like a canine in nature. Between their incredibly inquisitive nature and love of being cuddled, the Ragdoll makes an excellent pet for nearly everyone!

5. The Siamese

a seal point siamese cat in brown background
Image Credit: Altsva, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 3,900,000 (3.9M)
TikTok # Views: 994,300,000 (994.3M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 208,000

The Siamese cat might be best known from the cartoon “The Lady & the Tramp”, but the breed has become quite popular, particularly on TikTok.

The breed is beautiful and equally intelligent, making them exceptional pets to have, and though the breed was portrayed in “The Lady & the Tramp” as troublemakers, Siamese cats are actually sociable and affectionate.

Siamese are also quite active and have a fondness for playing, so there will be no end to the fun with one of these cats in your home. And because they’re so vocal, you’ll always know when your Siamese wants something!

6. The Sphynx

sphynx cat sitting on the windowsill
Image Credit: marinakarpenko, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 3,800,000 (3.8M)
TikTok # Views: 3,600,000,000 (3.6B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 145,000

The Sphynx is easily one of the most recognizable felines, considering its hairless status. And the breed isn’t only popular on the internet; they came in 9th on the CFA’s most popular breeds of 2022 list!

Though the idea of a cat with no hair might seem odd, this breed is just as cuddly, friendly, and cute as all the kitty breeds with fur coats. Owning one of these cats means your pet can’t go outside since they don’t have hair to protect them from the elements, though.

Sphynxes are also on the needier side, so they don’t make the best pet for those who aren’t home a majority of the time. This breed is pretty much the definition of a Velcro kitty!

7. The Persian

Portrait of a beautiful persian cat
Image Credit: Irina oxilixo Danilova, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 5,700,000 (5.7M)
TikTok # Views: 1,200,000,000 (1.2B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 149,000

The Persian cat has long been a favorite of cat lovers everywhere, which is to be expected considering their long, fluffy coats and adorableness.

Still popular today—coming in at #7 on our list and #5 on CFA’s most popular cat breeds of 2022 list—the Persian is one of the calmer felines around, so if you’re looking for a pet who isn’t too mischievous, this is the cat for you.

Along with their calm natures, you get affection, playfulness, and a non-demanding temperament, making this breed a delight to have in the home. The Persian is an inside-only cat, though, and requires a lot of grooming!

8. The Scottish Fold

a tabby scottish fold cat lying on the couch
Image Credit: Alexander Sobol, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 7,800,000 (7.8M)
TikTok # Views: 3,000,000,000 (3B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 104,000

Coming in at #8 on both our list and CFA’s most popular breeds of 2022 list is the Scottish Fold! This cat breed is known for their folded ears and the appearance those ears give them that is similar to that of an owl.

This is a rarer feline, so it can be challenging to find one to adopt, which might be why people admire them on the internet as much as they do. Scottish Folds make wonderful pets, though, as they are quite calm and friendly. The breed is also fond of cuddling and enjoys being playful (just not too often).

The Scottish Fold is rather intelligent, so though they don’t need a ton of physical activity, they do require plenty of mental stimulation to keep themselves entertained.

9. The Munchkin

calico munchkin cat on black background
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 3,000,000 (3M)
TikTok # Views: 1,100,000,000 (1.1B)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 153,000

The Munchkin cat is an adorable itty, bitty kitty with legs that are shorter than the norm. They are also a newer breed, so they haven’t been around all that long, and are a breed that is a bit controversial.

Why the controversy? Because of their shorter legs (which come about due to a genetic mutation), they are more prone to health issues, such as back problems; some people believe that because of these issues, they shouldn’t be bred, while others argue they’re no less healthy than other cats.

Despite the controversy surrounding them, you’ll find the Munchkin an intelligent, curious, and friendly feline that’s a blast to have in the home. They can get a bit needy if you don’t pay them enough attention, though, so be prepared to give yours plenty of love!

10. The Siberian

siberian cat lying on the couch
Image Credit: Marie Charouzova, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 2,200,000 (2.2M)
TikTok # Views: 790,100,000 (790.1M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 95,000

The Siberian cat (or Siberian Forest Cat) came in at #10 on both our list and the CFA’s list of the most popular cat breeds of 2022! Though a rarer breed in the U.S., this feline is becoming more popular with allergy sufferers as its coat (despite the length) is low-shedding, which might be part of the reason the breed is searched so much.

Known for being affectionate, loyal, and athletic, this cat breed makes a fabulous pet for any cat lover and prefers it when their owners are home rather than away. The Siberian requires regular grooming to care for its triple coat of fur, so be prepared to have a few brushing sessions each week with this feline!

11. The Russian Blue

Grey little cat breed Russian Blue Cat
Image Credit: Review News, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 3,200,000 (3.2M)
TikTok # Views: 324,600,000 (324.6M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 63,000

The Russian Blue has a gorgeous double coat that comes in blue, gray, and silver, making this one stunning feline, so it makes sense people are on the internet admiring them. That double coat can also make these kitties appear larger than they are; the Russian Blue is actually on the smaller side but has so much fur that they look bigger.

Though these cats can be relatively shy at first, once they warm up to you, you’ll find yourself with a playful and affectionate cat that will enjoy your attention but also be perfectly fine when you’re away at work. The breed can become bored quite easily, though, due to their high intelligence, so be sure you offer plenty of mental stimulation!

12. The Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat walking outdoor
Image Credit: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 2,000,000 (2M)
TikTok # Views: 254,500,000 (254.5M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 124,000

These exceptionally large and chunky kitties are absolutely lovely in both appearance and personality. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a muscular breed with a particular fondness for climbing, so you’ll find them on just about any tall surface they can reach.

The breed is also playful and friendly, so these cats can get along with pretty much anyone in the household, whether human or animal. And as smart felines, Norwegian Forest Cats are eager to learn new things and have adventures with their owners, so they’re tons of fun to have around!

13. The Savannah Cat

savannah cat in front of a cat tree
Image Credit: AJR_photo, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 432,000
TikTok # Views: 768,700,000 (768.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 151,000

This is another hybrid feline, like the Bengal, that resulted from breeding between domestic cats and the serval, a wild cat from Africa. Though a newer breed, they’ve swiftly gained popularity, at least partially due to the fact they retain many of their wilder instincts.

The Savannah Cat comes in generations, so the more serval in yours, the less domesticated it will be; keep that in mind when choosing one, as a cat with more wild instincts will be a bit more challenging to raise! You’ll find the breed extremely loyal to their favorite people and incredibly fond of playing; this is definitely an active cat breed.

The breed can also learn all sorts of tricks, so you should have no trouble training a Savannah Cat to do anything from walking on a leash to learning to play fetch.

14. The Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat with a wavy coat looks at the camera with a window in the background
Image Credit: Heather Raithby Doyle, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 1,100,000 (1.1M)
TikTok # Views: 330,400,000 (330.4M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 38,000

Though it’s #14 on our list, the Devon Rex came in  3rd on CFA’s list of most popular cat breeds of 2022 and appears to be quite popular on TikTok, especially. You can easily recognize this breed as their large batwing ears give them a pixie-ish look, while their large eyes are enormously expressive!

The breed is also smaller, only weighing 8 pounds or less when fully grown. Don’t let their size fool you, though! The Devon Rex is intelligent, mischievous, feisty, and active, so you might find yourself with a bit of a troublemaker on your hands. This kitty will learn to open cabinets and more!

15. The American Shorthair

Image Credit: studiogala, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 1,900,000 (1.9M)
TikTok # Views: 72,400,000 (72.4M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 48,000

We’re mid-way through our list of the most popular cats on the internet, with the American Shorthair coming in at #15! People especially like this feline on TikTok, where the breed has garnered over 72 million views, and considering the varieties of colors and patterns their coats come in (particularly silver), it’s easy to see why.

Despite its size, this medium-sized breed is one powerful kitty with a penchant for wanting their people’s attention. Friendly, cuddly, and incredibly adaptable, the American Shorthair makes a fabulous pet, especially in multi-pet households!

16. The Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair cat sitting on the grass
Image Credit: Elena Masiutkina, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 388,000
TikTok # Views: 268,600,000 (268.6M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 62,000

The Oriental Shorthair might be a bit less popular on Instagram, but there’s no denying its popularity on TikTok. This breed looks similar to the Siamese (and for good reason because the two breeds are related), but the Oriental Shorthair comes in more colors than the Siamese.

These felines are highly inquisitive and a bit mischievous, so they will get into anything and everything in your home; between this and their dislike of being left alone, you’ll want to be home more often with this cat lest you find things in your house destroyed. They’re also quite vocal, so you’ll always know when they want something!

These cats are also known for being affectionate and friendly and make wonderful pets for families.

17. The Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat
Image Credit: Pandora Pictures, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 1,200,000 (1.2M)
TikTok # Views: 103,800,000 (103.8M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 21,000

The Abyssinian may get searched more on TikTok than Google and Instagram, but it’s still being looked up a lot on all these sites. Considering their unique look and often silly personalities, that isn’t a shocker!

These felines tend to have the best traits of felines—amusing, social, curious, and clever—so they’re definitely a breed to be reckoned with! Between the breed’s curious nature and inability to sit still for too long, you’ll find yourself with a cat that’s forever into everything, but that also means these felines can keep themselves occupied when needed.

And because the Abyssinian is so intelligent, they’re highly trainable, and who doesn’t enjoy a feline that does tricks?

18. The Cornish Rex

cornish rex sitting on bed
Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 487,000
TikTok # Views: 98,100,000 (98.1M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 29,000

The Cornish Rex is viewed quite a lot on TikTok, possibly because of the breed’s strikingly unique look. Between the breed’s large ears and uncommon coat (they only have down hair), the Cornish Rex is one amazingly adorable feline. Add in their social butterfly natures (a friendliness that includes humans and other animals), and it’s easy to see why the breed is so popular.

These kitties are outgoing and playful and form strong bonds with their families; they adore being the center of your attention and will want love all the time. This is one cat that will give you endless amounts of joy for their entire life!

19. The Turkish Angora

White Turkish Angora
Image Credit: Aymara Herrera, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 475,000
TikTok # Views: 70,700,000 (70.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 39,000

The Turkish Angora breed is a bit less well-known in the U.S., which could explain why it’s searched for online less often than other breeds, but chances are you’ve probably seen a picture of one of these beautiful felines before.

Often referred to as the “Border Collie of the cat world”, the Turkish Angora is possibly the only domestic cat breed to be kept and bred at a zoo. With a long, flowing coat being the breed’s defining characteristic, you can expect plenty of time spent brushing this cat. You can also expect an incredibly friendly feline who absolutely loves to play.

However, the breed is a bit delicate, so playtime should involve gentler activities rather than jumping from great heights and wrestling around!

20. The Himalayan

Himalayan cat lying on the floor
Image Credit: MULTI ILHMA ANUGRIYA, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 701,000
TikTok # Views: 35,400,000 (35.4M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 56,000

The Himalayan may not have made CFA’s list of most popular cat breeds of 2022, but it’s still a relatively popular cat, both online and off. With over 35 million views on TikTok, these incredibly fluffy felines are particularly popular online, and considering their cuteness, that isn’t a surprise.

Besides being adorably fluffy, the Himalayan is known for being chill and laidback, with a calm and gentle demeanor that lends itself well to quieter households. This breed is definitely a lap cat; while they will play, they’re fairly low-energy and prefer laying about with their favored people.

However, one important thing to know about the Himalayan is that it is prone to health issues, like breathing problems and excessive tearing, due to the breed’s flatter face.

21. The British Longhair

british longhair cat sitting on black background
Image Credit: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 809,000
TikTok # Views: 271,700,000 (271.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 9400

The British Longhair is less popular online than the British Shorthair (especially on Google), but quite a few people are still seeking this breed out. The British Longhair is quite similar to the British Shorthair, with the most significant difference being (of course) the Longhair’s lovely longhaired coat.

If you’re looking for a feline that is affectionate and snuggly while also being reasonably independent, this is the breed for you. British Longhairs adore the companionship of humans, but they’re also perfectly fine on their own, doing their own thing (at least for part of the day).

These kitties are generally laid back and friendly, making them a perfect fit for both homes with kids and multi-pet households. You will have to do a fair amount of brushing with that coat, though!

22. The Manx

red manx cat
Image Credit: Konovalov Yevhenii, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 162,000
TikTok # Views: 81,700,000 (81.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 52,000

The Manx is a breed that has been around for a long while, so perhaps that is why people look up to this feline less than some other breeds. However, the Manx breed is still quite popular on the internet (especially on TikTok).

Best known for being tailless (or having short stubs for tails), the Manx is a very playful and active kitty, so you can expect lots of running around and leaping if you have one in your home. The breed is also super friendly (more so with people they know than strangers) and definitely a Velcro kitty that will follow you around as you go about your day.

And because the Manx is an amazing hunter, you’ll often find them on farms as mousers, so if you have a problem with mice in your home, this is the breed for you!

23. The Scottish Straight

scottish straight cat lying on the couch
Image Credit: Tatjana_Ver, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 1,200,000 (1.2M)
TikTok # Views: 302,200,000 (302.2M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 2200

The Scottish Straight definitely isn’t being searched that often on Google, but it certainly is elsewhere! You might be less familiar with the Scottish Straight; this cat is nearly identical to the Scottish Fold except, you guessed it, their ears aren’t folded! Besides the ears, the two breeds look the same, with big, round eyes and a rounded face and body.

The Scottish Straight and the Scottish Fold are also similar in temperament, so the Scottish Straight is just as friendly, calm, and gentle as the Scottish Fold. This breed enjoys a relaxed, laidback life, along with a desire for plenty of attention and affection from their humans.

24. The Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair cat sitting on the couch
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 2,200,000 (2.2M)
TikTok # Views: 85,700,000 (85.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 2,900

The Exotic Shorthair may not experience a lot of popularity on Google, but the same can’t be said for elsewhere. Not only are people looking up this breed left and right on Instagram and TikTok, but the Exotic came in at #4 on the CFA’s list of most popular cat breeds of 2022!

You’d be correct if you think this feline looks like a Persian. The Exotic Shorthair is bred to meet the standards of a Persian, with the exception of the coat, which is short and thick. This makes grooming the Exotic easier than the Persian, which is helpful for those without a lot of time on their hands.

Another excellent aspect of this breed is their loyalty to their humans; you can expect to find an Exotic Shorthair following you around your home, watching everything you do!

25. The Birman

birman cat standing on white background
Image Credit: Borkin Vadim, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 691,000
TikTok # Views: 363,00,000 (363M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 17,000

The Birman is a more popular search on Google than the Exotic Shorthair, which isn’t surprising given their similarity to the Siamese. In fact, this is the breed you want if you like the look of the Siamese but prefer felines with longer coats (who are less vocal!).

The Birman breed is an absolute delight to have in your home; these kitties are quiet, happy, and laidback, with a desire for human attention and affection. The Birman will befriend anyone who comes along, whether human or animal.

Despite their enjoyment of companionship, though, the breed is perfectly fine left to their own devices, so you don’t have to worry about this cat while you’re away from home.

26. The Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 200,000
TikTok # Views: 46,600,000 (46.6M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 37,000

The Egyptian Mau may be a bit of a rarer breed in the home, but they’re pretty popular on the internet. The breed is one of the only domesticated felines to have spots, and their coats are often beautiful colors, so these kitties are quite stunning. They’re also a vocal breed that isn’t afraid to tell you what they think about anything!

The Egyptian Mau enjoys interacting with their family, but they’re not necessarily the calmest felines around. While only semi-active, they do get playful, love to hunt, and have a mischievous streak that can lead to minor accidents, such as things knocked off shelves. This breed is also fearless, so expect your Egyptian Mau to end up in all sorts of predicaments!

27. The Somali

a blue somali cat
Image Credit: Nataliya Kuznetsova, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 327,000
TikTok # Views: 40,200,000 (40.2M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 28,000

The Somali may be a bit less popular than its cousin, the Abyssinian, but the breed still enjoys a lot of popularity on the internet, particularly on TikTok. Known as the “Fox Cat” partly because of their bushy tails, the Somali is one of the most beautiful felines around.

Not only do they have lovely longhair coats, but they come in a handful of striking colors. And if you’re looking for a cat that will keep another cat in your home busy all day (or one that will keep you busy as well), look no further. The Somali is incredibly active, loves to play, is highly inquisitive, enjoys exploring, and has a fantastic sense of humor. There will never be a dull moment with the Somali around!

28. The Burmese

burmese cat in gray background
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 343,000
TikTok # Views: 24,000,000 (24M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 40,000

The Burmese breed is known for staying kitten-like and playful well into their adult years, which might be why they enjoy such popularity on the internet. Though quite friendly with a love of interacting with people, this breed is also highly independent and will run around the home doing their own thing when they want instead of listening to you.

They’re still somewhat dependent on the love and attention of their families, though, so it isn’t uncommon for the Burmese to experience separation anxiety.

The Burmese is a vocal kitty, but they have such a soft voice that their vocality shouldn’t be a bother. If active and playful is what you’re seeking in a feline, then the Burmese is the breed for you!

29. The Nebelung

nebelung cat sitting on grass
Image Credit: Therese Elaine, Shutterstock
Instagram # Volume: 265,000
TikTok # Views: 104,700,000 (104.7M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 13,000

Though we’re near the end of our list of the 30 most popular cat breeds on the internet, you’ll notice the Nebelung is still searched quite often, especially on TikTok.

A distant relative to the Russian Blue, this feline breed is a challenge to find, as they’re a rarer breed. And if you’re wondering where the name of this cat comes from, well, it comes from the German music drama “The Ring of the Nibelung”! It’s not only the name of this cat that’s fascinating, though.

The Nebelung breed is known for having exceptionally long lifespans (often over 15 years), as well as for being hopelessly devoted to their humans. Only mildly active, this breed is affectionate and gentle, preferring to shadow their people rather than get into mischief.

30. The Bombay

Image Credit: Ton van de Blaak, Pixabay
Instagram # Volume: 228,000
TikTok # Views: 16,100,000 (16.1M)
Monthly Organic Search Volume on Google: 78,000

The Bombay cat may be last on our list of most popular cats on the internet, but that doesn’t mean it lacks views and searches! This breed is still very popular on all sites, possibly because Bombay cats are all black (and black felines hold a lot of mystery and superstition).

Bombays are one of the most affectionate cats around, not only with people but with other animals in the home; in fact, they’re big fans of burrowing under the covers for a snuggle! The breed is also highly athletic and loves to have fun, so you can expect plenty of playtime with this kitty.

The Bombay makes an excellent addition to practically any household!

Honorable Mention: The Tabby

The Tabby may not experience the same popularity on the internet that many of the felines on this list do, but the popularity it does enjoy is nothing to be sneezed at! Searching #tabby on Instagram gives you 6,000,000 (6M) hits while looking up #tabbycat gives you 7,000,000 (7M) hits. So, let’s hear it for one of the most popular offline felines in the world!

3 cat face divider

Top 40 Cat Accounts and Cat Influencers On Instagram

Excited Cats_Top 3 Most popular cats on instagram_Infographic
You are free to use this image but we do require you to link back to for credit

Now that you’re up to date on the most popular cat breeds on the internet, who are the most famous cats? Cats can be influencers, too, and there is a plethora of “catfluencers” out there who are highly popular. Here are the top 40 cat accounts and cat influencers on Instagram, just to give you a taste of how cats rule the internet!

1. @nala_cat

  • Followers: 4,500,000 (4.5M)

Remember how Tabbies were an honorable mention above? Well, meet the most popular feline on Instagram (and Guinness World Record holder for a cat account with the most Instagram followers!), Nala the Tabby! Yep, the most popular cat on Instagram is a Tabby, and an exceptionally adorable one. Not only does Nala have an Instagram where you can find 7100 posts of her doing everything from wearing shark hats to eating toilet paper, but this kitty also has a food brand and book!

2. @realgrumpycat

  • Followers: 2,600,000 (2.6M)

Who could forget Grumpy Cat? While this sweet kitty, unfortunately, passed in 2019, there’s no denying the impact Grumpy Cat had on the internet. First appearing in 2012, this adorably grumpy-looking cat instantly became an internet meme. And though they are no longer with us, their Instagram account (and its many followers) lives on in honor of Grumpy Cat, as does this feline’s website.

3. @iamlilbub

  • Followers: 2,500,000 (2.5M)

Bub is, unfortunately, another popular internet kitty who is no longer with us, but this feline certainly made an impact while she was alive. Born with several genetic anomalies that made her a “perma-kitten” (or cat that would always be kitten-sized) and a polydactyl cat (a cat with extra toes), Bub accomplished a lot in her short life. According to her website, this cute feline authored a book, hosted a talk show, starred in a documentary, and most importantly, created Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA, a fund for pets with special needs.

Bub’s family chose to turn that fund into a non-profit organization to continue this itty bitty kitty’s legacy.

4. @dontstopmeowing

  • Followers: 2,400,000 (2.4M)

This cat account on Instagram actually features a handful of felines—Skye, Kai, Chase, and Millie. You can find these cats spoofing the “Mission Impossible” movies, enjoying playtime, and curling up with mom for naps on their Instagram. You’ll also find the four on a host of other social media sites, like TikTok and YouTube. With 2.4 million followers on Instagram, these are some of the most popular kitties around!

5. @smoothiethecat

  • Followers: 2,300,000 (2.3M)

Smoothie, aka the “Queen of Fluff”, has been on an extended social media break for a while now, but it’s easy to see why this feline retains so much popularity despite being offline. Smoothie is a gorgeous kitty with big green eyes and a long orange and cream coat. Queen of Fluff, indeed! In fact, Smoothie was the cover model of Modern Cats in 2018. Hopefully, Smoothie will begin updating again soon, but until then, you can enjoy 2,073 beautiful pictures of this fluffy cat.

6. @thatlittlepuff

  • Followers: 2,200,000 (2.2M)

You might not have realized you need a chef cat in your life, but once you see Puff’s Instagram, you’ll see just how much you do. This adorable feline is known for their “cooking” videos and life hacks and even participated in the Grimace Shake TikTok trend not long ago! Watch Puff make a mini pineapple pizza or some toast, and enjoy the adorableness and hilarity of this cooking kitty!

7. @venustwofacecat

  • Followers: 2,200,000 (2.2M)

If Two-Face is your favorite Batman villain, you’ll adore Venus, the two-face kitty. This cute feline’s face is black on one side and orange on the other, so you can see why this utterly unique cat is so popular! You’ll also find other animals on Venus’s Instagram—Halo, Roo, Ginger, and Tater Tot—so you get all sorts of pet fun. Venus had stopped posting for a bit, but it looks like they’re getting back into the swing of things, so head over to their Instagram to see the latest.

8. @white_coffee_cat

  • Followers: 2,200,000 (2.2M)

Coffee, aka Mr. White, is an 8-year-old cancer survivor who’s almost too adorable for words. Between the photoshoots and super cute videos on Coffee’s Instagram page, it’s easy to see why he’s such a popular cat. You can also occasionally find Goosie, Coffee’s sibling, on his Instagram (Goosie is the orange and cream version of Coffee). Also, Coffee appears to be a fan of bow ties and neckerchiefs, so be prepared for the overwhelming cuteness!

9. @sukiicat

  • Followers: 1,800,000 (1.8M)

Suki looks like a cross between a tiger and leopard (but in domestic kitty size) who explores nature with their bud (and rescue pup) Killua. That means not only do you get awesome pictures of this cat and dog duo but also pictures of superb scenery! These pets have explored the wilds everywhere, from Mexico to Europe, and with 1052 Instagram posts, there’s lots to see here. Have fun adventuring with this kitty and doggo duo!

10. @cobythecat

  • Followers: 1,800,000 (1.8M)

Coby is an 8-year-old silver-shaded British Shorthair with a love of food and vogueing. You’ll find Coby in all manner of outfits (and hairstyles) on his Instagram and can learn all about his adoration of food on his website (he is currently on a diet but requests treats anyway). He’s a champion of the food puzzle and looks fabulous in glasses, so why not become a fan? Also, check out the fan art of Coby; it’s incredible!

11. @hosico_cat

  • Followers: 1,800,000 (1.8M)

If you were curious about what a Scottish Straight looks like, check out Hosico! This Scottish Straight is adorably chunky and sweet as can be. You can check out this feline winding yarn, getting their pulse checked, and generally being cute and lazy on their Instagram. Hosico recently celebrated a birthday with all his online fans, so check out their happy birthday video when you stop by!

12. @monkeycatluna

  • Followers: 1,200,000 (1.2M)

Meet Luna, the “CEO of Nose Scrunches”! This black and white kitty is undoubtedly a comedian and a fan of scrunching her nose up while she talks away to her humans. Luna also makes the most hilarious faces in photos, so be prepared to laugh! And this feline is so popular on the internet that she has her own store where you can purchase t-shirts and more with her silly face on them!

13. @fumeancat

  • Followers: 1,000,000 (1M)

Huang Ama might not consider themselves a cat, but they’re definitely living their best feline life. Not only are they Instagram famous, but they’ve also got their own comic and even stickers! Check out Ama’s Instagram to learn more about their comics and see them being cute in boxes and hanging out at bookstores!

14. @waffles_the_cat

  • Followers: 853,000

Waffles is one of the cutest cats around and a Forbes Top 10 Influencer! This cutie has an apparent love of dressing up, so you can find them in everything from a Christmas tree outfit to a Spiderman costume (have we mentioned how cute this cat is?). Waffles also has a little “brother”, a very large pup named Strider, that is sometimes featured on the cat’s Instagram. Check out Waffles in all their costumed glory!

15. @suzume0513

  • Followers: 827,000

Suzume was an abandoned cat who got adopted and has some of the biggest, prettiest eyes we’ve seen. Not only does this feline have a ton of followers on Instagram, but he has a blog on Ameba where he’s an official top blogger. You can find 3,353 pictures of him being cute as a button on Instagram and read all about his daily life on Ameba. His Instagram also features another cat almost identical to Suzume, so you get double the adorableness!

16. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

  • Followers: 724,000

We know we’ve said this before, but really Hamilton might be one of the cutest kitties ever. What makes this feline so adorable? His mustache! Yep, Hamilton has a handlebar mustache that gives him a dignified look, so it’s no wonder he has as many fans as he does on Instagram. Hamilton seems to be a big fan of laying on his back and stretching out and has a fondness for Taylor Swift (so if you’re a Swiftie, you’ll love this cat!).

Check out his Instagram to enjoy his adventures and meet a few of his animal friends!

17. @coleandmarmalade

  • Followers: 686,000

This feline duo could not look any different if they tried; Cole is black, while Marmalade is orange and white. You’ll also find their siblings, Jugg and Zig Zag (two torties), featured on their Instagram page. These felines aren’t just Instagram famous, though; Marmalade was on the cover of Modern Cat magazine in 2015, while the other three kitties were featured on the inside.

The cats’ Instagram features them sleeping, snuggling, eating, and more!

18. @monty_happiness

  • Followers: 652,000

Meet Monty and his sibling, Molly! This internet-famous kitty and his sibling (who has her own Instagram) both have a chromosome abnormality that makes them lack nose bridges, giving them an adorably unique look. This chromosomal abnormality is so rare it doesn’t even have a name, but it certainly doesn’t keep Monty or Molly from leading their fullest, happiest kitty lives.

Monty lives in Denmark with his humans and enjoys snuggles, looking out the window, and walking on his leash. Check out his adventures on Instagram, view fan art of Monty, and more!

19. @pudgethecat

  • Followers: 633,000

Pudge is a female cat influencer whose mustache is more awesome than yours. And yes, she is a little pudgy. She’s also got two different colored sides on her face (though not entirely as Venus, the two-face cat, did). Her mustache gives her a very dignified look, especially when she’s dressed up in full queen regalia (this is one fashionable kitty that has lots of photoshoots). Pudge turned 13 last month, so go wish her a belated happy birthday!


  • Followers: 592,000

Halfway through our list of the top 40 cats on the internet, we have Maple. Maple is a golden British Shorthair that has been viral on a variety of platforms besides Instagram, like Facebook and Weibo. Maple has even been a meme! He has two British Shorthair companions, Lily and Dahlia (white and black, respectively), though they don’t really feature on his Instagram often.

But Maple is just the right amount of adorable British Shorthair for his Instagram—whether he’s playing on the computer or dressing up in cute outfits, you’ll absolutely fall in love!

21. @hello_luna_rose

  • Followers: 550,000

Luna Rose, or Baby Loon, is—according to her bio—a food expert. Most of her Instagram account is simply videos and pictures of her being absolutely adorable, though. Whether she’s curled up in a bundle of blankets, playing, or making silly faces, it’s not difficult to see why this feline is so popular online. Luna has a lot of fans, and with 1,895 Instagram posts to view, you’ll quickly become a fan of hers, too!

22. @justmangobrown

  • Followers: 519,000

Mango Brown is a Bengal kitty and simply the cutest! They and their cat dad post all sorts of things on Instagram, like pictures with tiny humans, adventures in travel, playtime, snuggles, and more. There are even a few of Mango Brown all dressed up! So, if you’ve never seen a Bengal before, this is your chance. Swing by Instagram to check out Mango Brown and his dad’s daily adventures.

23. @lilbunnysueroux

  • Followers: 472,000

Meet Roux, who was born without her two front legs. This cutie’s bio calls her a “cat-bunny-kangaroo-T.Rex” because of the lack of those legs, but those missing legs certainly don’t hinder this feline from living a full, happy life. Roux’s 472,000 fans all think she’s simply the most precious, and we couldn’t agree more. Plus, Roux has her very own t-shirt with a picture of her and the words “Nub Hug”! This is one adorable kitty who seems to have a love of making ridiculous faces at the camera.

24. @smushball

  • Followers: 462,000

Smushball, aka Nugget, unfortunately, passed away last year due to her non-regenerative anemia, but her Instagram lives on in loving memory. Smushball was a sassy little floofball with a face similar to Grumpy Cat’s, so she took hilarious pictures. You can find her glaring at the camera in all sorts of poses and a few costumes on her Instagram. She’s definitely missed by all of her followers!

25. @loki_kitteh

  • Followers: 461,000

Loki, the Goddess of Mischief, appears to be a bit cranky in most of her photos, but that’s only because her little fangs are always sticking out of her mouth, giving her a vampiric look. In fact, that evil vampire vibe is why she went viral in the first place! Unfortunately, this is another Insta-famous feline who has passed away. The good news is that her owner still posts adorable photos of Loki, and many of Loki’s 461,000 followers still leave loving comments.

26. @rover_thecat

  • Followers: 410,000

Rover is a gorgeous black cat that puts on runway shows on Instagram. You can watch Rover sashay down the mini-runway in furs, capes, and more (and each show is a delight!). Rover also does mini-fashion shoots with his “outfits”, so you can enjoy this feline all dressed up in different settings. This is one cat that definitely brings happiness and positivity into the lives of their 410,000 followers!

27. @rokuthecat

  • Followers: 434,000

Roku is a big silver kitty with “aerodynamic” ears and what appears to be seven or more siblings. Roku’s dad is a professional photographer, so all the photos of this feline on Instagram are simply amazing. Whether Roku is striking a pose on her own or with one of her furry companions, they always look fabulous. (It doesn’t hurt that Roku’s adorableness factor is off the charts!)

28. @albertbabycat

  • Followers: 401,000

Albert has this black patch right over his nose that gives him an incredibly unique look and short, little legs, so it’s no wonder he’s got so many fans on Instagram. He’s also on the floofier side, so it all adds up to one extra cute kitty. Albert’s bio labels him the “realest”, so you’ll find this feline in a variety of cat activities and poses on his account. Every once in a while, a cute little white kitty will also pop up with him!

29. @pitterpatterfurryfeet

  • Followers: 344,000

This Instagram account features four felines—Greyson, Charlie, Finnegan, and Alice—and Oliver, the Havanese. All of the animals, cats and dogs alike, are simply lovely and take fabulous photos. You’ll find them dressed up in some, snuggling in others, or out for walks and playing. There are even some extra adorable videos of these kitties grooming each other and enjoying snacks. It’s easy to see why these fantastic felines have a plethora of fans!

30. @millathecat

  • Followers: 327,000

Milla is a Scottish Fold who’s a fan of pop culture, basket sitting, and (of course) food. You’ll also find special appearances by Kubrick and Winona on her Instagram account. No matter if Milla is alone or playing with others in her photos, she’s one beautiful kitty who seems to be having a grand time in life. She turned 11 last year, but age hasn’t slowed her down!

31. @superhirocat

  • Followers: 316,000

Hiro is a Scottish Fold who, according to their bio, has “been a legend since birth”. Unfortunately, this kitty hasn’t updated their Instagram in a couple of years, but there are still 541 posts of this beautiful cat for all his many current fans (and new ones) to enjoy. Whether Hiro is pondering the deeper questions of life like “Who am I?” or just lazing about, you’ll love all the photos of this cute cat!

32. @utamaruru

  • Followers: 308,000

This Instagram features several floofy kitties from Japan—Utamaru, Ohana, Tsumugi, Komachi, Shishimaru, and Mutta. The last four are the children of the first two, and the cuteness of all these cats combined is almost overwhelming, so it’s no wonder they have so many fans! There are 2,067 photos of these floofballs playing piano, investigating cameras, playing with their toys, hiding from guests, and more, so you’re sure to find something (or many things) to love about these felines.

33. @macchacat

  • Followers: 299,000

Maccha Cat is known for their short tail (it isn’t bobbed, just shorter than average). This feline seems to enjoy sticking their face in shoes, sitting in boxes, and sprawling out wherever they can (at least if their Instagram is any indication). With 1,535 posts of this kitty being cute and 299,000 followers, this is one popular online cat!

34. @snoooopybabe

  • Followers: 260,000

This tiny feline has a penchant for dressing up, so there are tons of excellent photos of them in sweaters, ruffles, neckerchiefs, and more on their Instagram. While this cat hasn’t posted in a few years, there are 476 posts of them being adorable that you can check out (we highly recommend the ones of them in hats and bows!). With their vague teddy bear look, it’s easy to see how snooooopybabe has 260,000 followers!

35. @princessmonstertruck

  • Followers: 256,000

Princess Monster Truck was found on the streets of New York and, despite the name, does not seem to be a fan of monster trucks. She has an extra cute underbite that gives her a bit of a cranky look in all her photos (at least in earlier photos; she has since had to have most of her teeth removed). She’s still a phenomenal beauty, though, with her fluffy black fur!

36. @beautynthebean

  • Followers: 239,000

Beauty and the Bean, aka Lily and the Bean, are two rescued cats. Lily is the quieter one, a white kitty with one blue eye and one green, while Bean is an orange feline who’s a bit of a drama king (there’s a whole poem about their relationship on Instagram!). Bean seems to feature a bit more on the duo’s Instagram than Lily, mostly in cute little Reels. Take a look at their account and follow these fabulous felines’ adventures with the rest of their 239,000 fans!

37. @the.dark_lord

  • Followers: 208,000

The Dark Lord is the “darkest Sphynx on the internet” (though he seems less dark and more adorable the more you go through his Instagram). Possibly the cutest thing about this cat is the way he often sits or stands on just his back two feet (the second cutest thing is him getting a bath while wearing a bath cap). If you have a love of Sphynxes, this is definitely the kitty for you, so go forth and follow The Dark Lord!

38. @samhaseyebrows

  • Followers: 218,000

As you probably guessed from the name of this Instagram account, Sam is a cat with eyebrows. This white kitty has two black areas on his head and face, right over the eyes, that make him look like he has eyebrows when you’re looking him in the face, and it’s amazing. You can follow Sam and his eyebrows while they take naps, enjoy great food, and play the guitar on his account!

39. @littlebittyoctober

  • Followers: 117,000

October is an itty bitty black Persian intent on taking over the world (and we believe she can manage it!). October definitely falls into the category of “derpcat”, with a host of Instagram pics where she’s making hilarious faces. There are also some fabulous videos of her when she was a kitten and little more than a cotton ball. We suggest getting right over to Instagram to become a follower today!

40. @grumpy_kitzia

  • Followers: 114,000

And our final top cat Instagram account belongs to Kitzia, the Grumpiest Florida Cat! This is definitely one grumpy-looking feline, but they have one of the cutest angry faces we’ve ever seen. Kitzie might look like they’re plotting chaos and destruction in all their photos (and quite possibly, that’s precisely what they’re doing), but it makes their Instagram pictures all the more adorable!

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Longhair vs Shorthair Popularity

Excited Cats_Longhair cat VS shorthair cat popularity
You are free to use this image but we do require you to link back to for credit

So, who’s more popular online—longhair or shorthair felines? In general, shorthairs win the popularity contest, possibly because shorthair kitties are more commonly found, as the longhair gene is recessive and the shorthair one is dominant. Plus, let’s face it—as much as we love fluffy cats, those with short hair are definitely easier to groom! And long-haired kitties tend to shed more often than short-haired ones (again, all that fur!).

What does that all mean online? According to the search volume of hashtags on Instagram, #domesticlonghair was searched a total of 132,000 times, while #domesticshorthair had a search volume of 584,000. There’s a big difference there! Of course, there were other hashtags often searched on Instagram for both felines, which you can see below, but shorthair felines win hands down.

Polydactyl Cat Popularity

Excited Cats_Regular cat paws VS polydactyl cat paws
You are free to use this image but we do require you to link back to for credit

You might not be familiar with polydactyl cats, so what exactly are they? These are felines born with a physical anomaly that causes them to have more toes than is usual. These kitties can have six or even more toes on their feet! So, how popular are they on Instagram?

Pretty popular; the hashtag #polydactylcat has a search volume of 397,000 on this social media platform! That’s a lot of searches for these cute cats with extra toes.

Pedigree vs Hybrid Breeds

Then there are pedigree and hybrid cat breeds being looked at online. Which of these is more often sought out?

First, you should know the difference between the two. A pedigree cat breed is one that has a family tree that can be traced (as would be the case of felines that come from breeders). A hybrid cat breed is one that is either a byproduct of breeding two different domestic breeds or a domestic and wild cat breed. Hybrid cat breeds are more common than pedigree (at least the byproducts of two different domestic breeds; domestic and wild cat mixes are not yet that common).

But which of these is more popular online? Though hybrid breeds are more common, pedigree breeds are more popular online! When it came to Instagram, #pedigreecat was searched 83,700 times, while #hybridcat only had a search volume of 46,800. #pedigreecats also came out on top with 24,600 searches versus #hybridcats with 13,700. And #purebredcat had a search volume of 10,500, but #mixedbreedcat had a higher search volume of 15,200.

Both are searched fairly often, but pedigrees win out!

One Final Note

If all these beautiful, silly felines have inspired you to get a cat of your own, you have a lot to consider. Besides deciding what kind of cat you want, you should think about how you’ll get that kitty.

If you’re going with a pedigree cat of some kind, you’ll have to go through a breeder, but you should ensure that you’re working with a responsible and ethical breeder. There are a number of kitten mills out there that don’t do the work of breeding responsibly, which can result in sick felines and more. Feline associations, such as The International Cat Association (TICA), often have listings with breeders who are registered; local vets may also have recommendations.

If you aren’t worried about whether a potential cat is a pedigree, consider adopting rather than shopping! Check out your local shelter, where you can likely find a variety of mixed-breed cats (and, occasionally, even a pedigree one). If you have a lot of strays in your area, you might think about adopting one of them. Plenty of felines in the world don’t have homes, and if you adopt one, you’ll save a life!

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There is no shortage of cats on the internet; from the earliest meme days, felines have always enjoyed popularity online. Some breeds are more searched than others, as evidenced by the top 30 cat breeds that are popular on the internet, but people seem to just love felines in general. There’s also no small number of internet-famous kitties. From the well-known Grumpy Cat to Puff the Chef Kitty, there are a plethora of cats online that have way more Instagram followers than any of us!

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