Meet Lola, aka Foofy, the Fluffy Cat Who’s a Star on Instagram


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When I bumped into Maia Veron at CatCon, we got to talking about her adorable 8-year-old blue point Himalayan cat, Lola. Of course, this too-funny “Kawaii Princess” has her own Instagram page (@the_foofy) with 20,000 followers, where you can indulge in photos of her and her Persian brother, Starman.

Maia first shared Lola with the world on Tumblr but moved to Instagram in November 2014, which Maia said, “turned out to be the perfect medium for sharing Lola’s unique voice and personality.”


Why create the_foofy?

“Lola is a constant source of happiness and entertainment for me with her funny face and fluffy shape,” Maia shared. “I wanted to make other people happy and share her ridiculous cuteness with the world.”

Of course, I had to find out, what does “the foofy” mean? Turns out Foofy is just one of Lola’s many nicknames. One of her friends popped out with “You is a foofy foof!” when he met her, and it stuck.


Maia and Lola share a love of anime, Japanese fashion, and pop music, which is why Lola’s Instagram photos are decorated with the popular Japanese app Line Camera. This is also how Lola got one of her other nicknames, Kawaii Princess.


Lola doesn’t just hang out and pose for the camera.

“Aside from leaping into my bed from her cat tree and giving me a heart attack,” said Maia, “Lola enjoys showing her new little brother Starman who’s boss, sitting on my desk and staring intensely until I obey her mental commands, and scrolling through Milo’s Instagram.”

Who is Milo? He’s Lola’s “one and only love of her life.” (@lucablu_ on Instagram).


Not only did Lola meet Milo through her Instagram page, but she’s also gotten a lot of cat toys in the mail. As for Maia, thanks to @the_foofy, “I have made lots of new friends and fully embraces my lifelong cat obsession.”

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