I Can’t Do Anything Without My Cats’ Help — I Mean, Who Can?


Anyone with cats knows they’ll never go to the bathroom alone again or read the newspaper or magazine without a cat on top of it, but besides those regular cat things, don’t you love all the related cat behavior — how your kitties just like to “help” with the things you do around the house? It seems they’re always in the middle of whatever is going on!

Last week, a friend of mine painted her house ÔÇô and her cat. Not on purpose, of course, but she was doing something and he had to be in the middle of it (the ever-present cat, you know), and so he ended up matching the wall a little bit.

And that’s what got me thinking about all the things I do that my cats help with. We laugh and say they’re “helping” (we all do, right?), but do you ever wonder if they really think they’re helping? Do they know how annoying they are sometimes? Or are the oblivious to being in the way?

My first instinct is, "Oh they know. They know." But then after a few more thoughts, I’m not so sure.

Like Mac up there, he was just checking out my friend’s work, I’m sure, snoopervising the operation. He didn’t know he was in the way, he was just helping!

My two cats help me all the time also. The best is I’ve run into, by far, is when I’m trying to put something from IKEA together. Yes, sometimes you really do need a supervisor for those things (simple assembly, my butt!), but not the kind who is in the way of every hammer, screw and plastic screw-cover-thingy. And unless they ever learn to read, I don’t need them on the instruction sheet either.

Another big helping time? Making the bed. Maybe, possibly, perhaps they think they are smoothing out the wrinkles by jumping on the bed and sliding across the sheets as you’re trying to tuck them in the corners, but really? I’ve fully made the bed many times with a cat in it ÔÇô which was actually very helpful for the next chore ÔǪ because they weren’t available to help with it!

Big on the helper-time list is when I’m cleaning out junk drawers or the closet to donate some old clothes. Suddenly there’s a fresh pile of stuff that needs to be managed, and my kitty is just the right cat for the job! Can someone please tell me how I’m supposed to put garbage in that bag … with the project supervisor planted comfortably on top of it?

Also, putting away groceries. Thanks, kitties, I really appreciate your inspecting all the bags and making sure I didn’t forget anything, but where I could have really used you was helping carry all this junk in from the car. Yes, your cat food is there, but it was a heavy haul!

One of my cats helps me drink water. I pour a glass and set it either on the coffee table or nightstand, and he generally likes to head on over and stick his head in the glass and take a sip or two. Isn’t that nice of him? I mean, seriously, who can drink a whole glass of water by themselves anyway, right?

Perhaps they think they’re helping keep the laundry warm by lying on the fresh, clean clothes, right out of the dryer? No need for a towel warmer here! I have a warm cat more than willing to do the job.

Of course they help me type on the keyboard and would love to help me eat my dinners. And naturally, there’s no way you can even dream of waking up without the assisted cat-paw alarm clock, but where do we find the kind of cats that like to ride the Roomba vacuums to help clean or something more useful like that?

Now that … That would be some kitty help I’d love to find! Someone bring me a Roomba Cat!

Do your kitties help you around the house? Let us know what they do!

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