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How to Travel With a Cat: 14 Vet Approved Tips & Tricks

Written by: Lorre Luther

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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How to Travel With a Cat: 14 Vet Approved Tips & Tricks


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Traveling with a cat can be rewarding, but it requires thorough planning. Whether you’re getting ready to drive a short distance and hang out with family or fly somewhere for a relaxing vacation, there are a few factors to consider when traveling with your cat.

Make sure to start the planning process early, particularly if you’re traveling internationally or are going to stay in a hotel during any part of your journey. Below, you’ll find 14 tips and tricks to make your journey with your cat successful.

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The 14 Tips to Travel with a Cat

1. Invest in a Good Carrier

Cats should always be restrained when riding in cars, and airports require them to stay in their carriers at all times (except during the security screening process). Airlines have several rules and regulations regarding traveling with pets, including guidelines regarding the size of carriers.

Make sure the carrier you use meets the airline’s regulations and requirements. If you’re driving, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the size of your cat’s mobile palace. Carriers should be sturdy, well-ventilated, secure, and easy to clean. Plastic carriers are usually the best options.

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2. Give Your Cat Time to Get Used to Their Carrier

Because cats spend so much time in their carriers when traveling, they must feel comfortable in them. Consider leaving your cat’s carrier out so they can get used to it before your trip.

Letting your cat have dinner in their carrier a few times may encourage them to develop positive associations with their traveling home.

3. Invest in a Good Harness and Leash

If you visit a rest stop during a road trip, your cat should be harnessed and leashed when they’re away from their carrier to ensure they can’t run off and get lost if they become scared.

Make sure the harness you choose fits properly, and give your cat time to get used to wearing it so they’re ready to do so when you hit the road.

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4. Practice Everything

No matter how you’re traveling, your cat must be comfortable entering and exiting the carrier. If you’re flying, you’ll need to take them out of their carrier during the security screening process in the airport.

You can practice taking your cat out of the carrier when you’re around other people to make them more comfortable during the security check. If you plan on driving, consider taking your cat for a few practice rides to get them used to spending time in the car. Make sure to reward them for their cooperation!

5. Ask Your Veterinarian for Advice

Some easily stressed cats may benefit from medication to help them stay mellow while traveling. However, sedation isn’t suitable for all cats, and most airlines won’t transport pets who have been tranquilized or sedated.

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6. Have Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Pack a bag with cleaning supplies and plan to have it close at hand while you’re underway in case your cat has an accident and you need to do a bit of on-the-fly cleaning. It’s best to pack paper towels or cleaning wipes, gloves, and baggies for disposal.

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7. Pack Toys and Blankets

Take a few of your cat’s favorite toys and a well-loved blanket that smells like home to keep them comfortable while away from their territory. Putting a favorite blanket in your cat’s carrier may make being on the road less stressful.

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8. Consider Portable Litter Boxes

If you’re traveling by car, pack a litter box with some of your cat’s regular litter. Plastic poop bags and a scoop are also essential. If you’re staying at a hotel, check their pet policies thoroughly.

Most hotels that accept cats don’t provide litter boxes and litter. Collapsible litter boxes are ideal for shorter trips and can be folded down and packed.

9. Pack Food, Water, Treats, and Medication

If you’re traveling by car, bring enough of your cat’s regular food to keep them happy while you’re away from home. It’s also helpful (and usually mandatory) to pack food and water for your cat while flying, but some cats may be too nervous to eat until you land.

If your cat takes medication, pack enough to last them for your entire trip, and consider putting it in your carry-on luggage to ensure you have access to it even if your checked luggage takes a detour.

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Image Credit: Monika Wisniewska, Shutterstock

10. Consider Pheromones

Commercial synthetic feline pheromone products may help some cats stay calm while underway by reducing stress and creating a sense of safety and well-being. They’re available in sprays and wipes, so your cat can enjoy the benefits of calming pheromones while you’re on the road.

11. Check Your Cat’s Microchip Registration

Ensure that the registry where your cat’s microchip is registered has the right contact information. Losing your cat when you’re out of town is a nightmare, but an up-to-date microchip can significantly improve the chances of their return.

12. Collect Your Cat’s Medical Information

It’s vital to collect your cat’s medical information before you plan to leave and make sure you have a way to access it while you’re on the road in case they require veterinary care while you’re away from home.

Ensure you have all the documentation and certificates your cat needs to travel, including their vaccination status. Remember that the requirements vary based on where you’re headed and how you plan to travel.

13. Double Check Your Reservations

If you plan on staying in a hotel at your destination, contact the property ahead of time to ensure pets are permitted and get information about the rules and requirements that may apply. Don’t forget to inquire about the availability of litter boxes and food and water bowls.

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14. Invest in Physical ID Tags

It’s best to attach an ID tag with your name and contact information to your cat’s collar. It will make it easy for people to reach out to you if your cat gets loose and makes a run for it.

Microchips are helpful, but lost cats need to be taken to shelters or veterinarians with scanners for their chips to be read. ID tags make the reunification process far more efficient; if your cat runs off, anyone who finds them can simply give you a call.



Traveling with cats can be stress-free with a bit of planning and preparation. Make sure to get started before you hit the road with your cat, particularly if you’re thinking about flying or staying in a hotel. Also, don’t forget to invest in an appropriate carrier and give your cat lots of time to get used to it.

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