Graveskull the Persian: Her Face Is Basically an Antidepressant


She’s known on Facebook and Instagram for her badass name and curious calico face. Graveskull the Persian is a feisty expert at lounging, cuddling (at least when she’s in the mood), and yoga – yes, you read that right. Now three years old, Graveskull has lived with her “meowmie” Karin Ahlin since being adopted as a kitten.

“It was love at first sight,” Ahlin says of the moment she met her furry friend.

Ahlin has captured Graveskull’s “loving but sassy” personality on social media, giving the cat’s thousands of followers plenty to coo about each day before dissolving into a happy puddle of rapidly firing endorphins. This cat’s face is basically an antidepressant. I’m not a doctor or anything, but try to look at her without smiling. If you need more of her in your life, here are five ways to win Graveskull’s love.

1. Don’t waste money on toys


Remember that time you bought your cat a brand new bed, but she still slept on the crumpled pile of newspapers by the litter box? Or how about that time you dropped $25 on a fancy electronic toy that was supposed to entertain your kitty for hours, but it was more like five minutes? What about that gigantic scratching post that sits unused next to the television while shredded fabric dangles from your recliner? Graveskull can relate.


“She has a lot of personality: She chirps instead of meows (most of the time), gives amazing back rubs, and is a great workout partner,” Ahlin says. “She also does typical cat things like ignores expensive toys and plays with crinkled up paper and strings. She can switch from enjoying being cuddled to biting in just three seconds (that sass).”

2. Practice yoga regularly


The first time I saw Graveskull, she was perched comfortably on Ahlin’s back (in a video) making biscuits while Ahlin flowed in and out of various yoga poses. I’m pretty sure I shrieked and immediately shared the video with everyone I knew — especially because if one of my cats interrupts me during yoga, he’s usually biting my toes. Apparently Graveskull has been an awesome workout buddy since she was a kitten.

“This started when she was less than a year old,” Ahlin says. “She is a curious girl and was probably wondering about what I was doing. Many people wonder why someone would video themselves whilst practicing yoga — I do it sometimes in order to look at my alignment or to try out new things. It is purr-fect when my little teacher Graveskull decides to help me.”

3. Give her a tough (yet funny) name


One reason Ahlin suspects Graveskull has been feeling the love on social media? The cat has a badass name, with a really funny origin.

“My husband and I decided on the name Graveskull even before we got her,” Ahlin says. “We thought it was both a hilarious and badass name at the same time. I used to watch He-Man (the cartoon) growing up and I thought for over 20 years that He-Man’s castle was called Graveskull instead of its real name, Grayskull. My husband thought this was so funny, and therefore we concluded to name our first cat together Graveskull.”

4. Be a wickedly adorable Boston Terrier


Graveskull is an only cat, but she spends plenty of time acting out shenanigans, hijinks, and tomfoolery with her canine brother, Señor Taco, an insanely cute Boston Terrier. In typical feline fashion, Graveskull enjoys playing unannounced games of hide and seek with her older brother.


“She likes to lurk behind furniture to jump out to try and scare him,” Ahlin says. “Otherwise they enjoy napping together and sharing treats.”

5. Feed her treats by hand


Like many Persians, Graveskull sometimes looks like she has a perma-sneer — but don’t you dare tell this little lady to smile. Instead, consider settling down for a snuggle — or perhaps feeding her some of her favorite white fish treats by hand.


“I think that the bummed out faces (resting bitch faces) are just too adorable on Persians and the exotics,” Ahlin says. “You just want to love them even more!”

All photos courtesy of Karin Ahlin. For more, follow Graveskull on Facebook and Instagram.

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