Get to Know a Cat Guy: A Man in Uniform and His Rescue Cats


Everyone loves a man in uniform, so how about a man in uniform with cats?! Be still, our cat-lady hearts!

Meet Tracy Glenn, a dashing young police officer and daddy to two rescue princesses named Leia and Josie. When he’s not out protecting and serving us humans, he’s at home serving his kitties like any good cat guy would do.

We wanted to know more (and we know you do, too!), so we sat down for an interview with him!

Catster: So Tracy, tell us: When did you first realize you were a cat guy?

Tracy: I’m a cat guy?! LOL. It first hit me after I dropped half my paycheck on two Himalayan kitties in 1998. My mom always loved cats and everything in the living room was cat decor. I was brain-washed at an early age, I guess.

You say “brainwashed,” we say “raised well.” We think your mom passed along a great thing! So tell us about the kitties you have now.

Our cats names are Leia and Josie. Leia was named after Princess Leia [from Star Wars], and Josie came about from Josie and the Pussycats. Both were rescued. Leia’s mom lived in the wild in Oklahoma and Josie was abandoned by her previous owners. Both are the sweetest cats, and I’m sure it’s because they are grateful to be in a nice comfy home now.

Yay for rescues! Leia and Josie ended up in the right place, it sounds like. So with two cats romping around all the time, are you constantly covered in cat hair … and do you wear it proud on your police uniform as kind of a “cat guy badge”?

Since the cats love to sleep at the foot of the bed, I have to be careful not to lay clothes down on the bed while I’m getting dressed — the cat hair stands out on the dark blue uniform! But as much as I love my girls, I prefer to use a lint roller than sport cat hair around. :)

Understandable. I have no fewer than three lint rollers myself at home and a closet full of dark-colored clothes. No shame in not wearing fur as an accessory. Have you ever gotten the chance to save any felines in need in your line of duty?

Well, one night while I was working, I saw a house fire. I got the residents out and the home owner said her cats were still inside. I ran inside and I searched for a couple minutes, but was unsuccessful finding them. I stayed there looking until the ceiling started to fall around me and I had to give up my search. Luckily, the little furry fellas made it out and showed up a couple days later! A neighbor took them in until they were returned to the family.

Whew! What an amazing story. Thank you for risking your life for kitties! Sounds like it was a pretty close call there. Have your feline friends ever really gotten you in trouble?

Yes! When I was in high school, my mom’s cat, Ginger, ran off. My mom was heartbroken. One night, though, I heard Ginger outside around midnight and saw her a few houses down. I spent about three hours trying to catch her. When I returned, my parents were awake and looking for me. And I was grounded because they didn’t believe my story. They thought I had slipped over to my girlfriend’s house!

Like the great Will Smith once said, “Parents just don’t understand.” Hopefully Ginger made it home and was grounded, too! And hopefully your kitties now are a little better behaved. Speaking of your cats, what are some of your favorite pet names for your cats? We know no cat could ever have only one name.

Leia is Leilo and Josie is Jojo or just “Fat.”

Well, I’m sure Josie appreciates that one. Please tell her that we don’t think she’s fat -ÔÇô she’s just fluffy. Have Leia and Fat ÔÇô- oops, we mean JOJO! ÔÇô- ever gone along with you in the patrol car? Or do they prefer to just perform their duties in the litterbox?

The cats don’t step foot outside. They get stressed out after even just a short car ride. But Leia is an attention hog, and if you are on the laptop she is on the keyboard. If you lay paperwork out in front of you, it instantly becomes a kitty bed. Nothing is more important than giving her attention! She is so cute, though, it’s hard to resist.

We totally get that. Most of our readers are probably dodging a cat in front of the computer screen or mobile phone to read this right now! Next question: Do you have any kitty-themed items in your wardrobe?

Ummmm, no! The cat hair uniform is enough for me.

Fair enough. You get bonus points for the uniform anyway. All of this said, you seem pretty down to earth  do you think cat guys could ever be as crazy as cat ladies?

Absolutely! I’m not, but they can be. I have a close friend who is in his 30s and has at least 5 cats. He is obsessed. His Facebook status was “Married” to his favorite cat “Stella” for over a year. I guess his current girlfriend finally caused that divorce!

Shall we place bets on how many people go change their Facebook statuses after reading this? Because I’m thinking about it already!

Are you a cat guy? Would you like to be featured in our weekly series? If so, email me at with a little bit about you and your kitties and why you think you’re a cat guy. We’d love to hear from you!

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