Catster Quiz: What Is Your Cat’s New Year’s Resolution?


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Take this quiz and see if your cat is driven to finally catch that red dot or if he’d simply like to be more “helpful” around the house in 2017.

1. What’s your cat up to while you’re decorating for your big New Year’s Eve party?

a. Sampling the imported cheeses on the kitchen counter
b. Stealing the festive streamers
c. Lying on top of the party favors (so they don’t go anywhere)
d. Staring at you, hoping for a little holiday cat treat

2. It’s nearly midnight on New Year’s Eve. Where’s kitty?

a. Watching the Times Square ball drop and blocking your view of the TV while doing it
b. Ringing in the New Year by racing around the house, batting a jingle ball
c. “Cleaning” dishes of leftovers on the buffet table
d. Looking at you because your rustling bag of chips sounds like a bag of cat treats

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3. Ahh, a relaxing New Year’s Day, and you’re curled up on the sofa, reading a book. Your cat joins you by:

a. Hijacking the book and making it into a bed
b. Playing with your feet when they move underneath the blanket
c. “Testing” your glass of water to make sure it’s safe
d. Walking into the living room carrying a stolen, chewed-up bag of treats

4. The time has come to take down the Christmas tree and put away the decorations. How does your kitty react to such an activity?

a. Lies under the tree, feeling the living history of his forest-dwelling ancestors
b. Bats the ornaments off the tree and across the room
c. Lies inside the decoration storage tub, ready to direct your organization
d. Looks under the tree skirt for stray treats

5. How does your cat behave when, during half time of a New Year’s Day bowl game, you walk into the kitchen for a snack?

a. Flops and melts into the floor like one of Dali’s clocks, hoping you’ll notice the artistry of his movements — and unbearable cuteness
b. Jumps at your sweatpants’ dangling drawstring as you cross the room
c. Races ahead to help you choose a snack
d. He’s already in the kitchen, standing beside the treat cabinet and staring at you

6. You can’t hold it any longer — you have to run to the bathroom. What’s your cat’s response?

a. Sits on the other side of the door, delivering his best operatic aria
b. Playfully slides his paw underneath the door
c. Frantically paws at the door, in disbelief that you could go to the bathroom without his help
d. Waits for you outside the door and then races ahead to the kitchen, where he wants — you guessed it — treats.

Mostly A’s: Expand appreciation of culture

Your cat already expresses his love of the arts by showing his over-the-top dramatic nature. Give that cat an Oscar! This year he plans to practice his “singing” voice more often, especially while traveling in the car.

Your cat probably won’t want you interfering with part of his resolution fulfillment, but he’ll secretly thank you if you make car rides less stressful. Try leaving the carrier out in the main living area of your home for a few days prior to the ride. This should make the carrier feel more familiar and less of an “enemy.”

Mostly B’s: Finally catch the red dot

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Your cat’s active and always looking for new ways to play. Yes, this is the year your playful kitty will catch that pesky red dot, and she’s willing to put in the time to achieve that goal!

Playful cats with lots of energy can sometimes find bursts just when we’re trying to drift off to Snoozeville. A solution to save your sleep and help your cat reach her New Year’s goal is to engage in some serious playtime before you hit the sack. Get that cat good and tired so she doesn’t have the energy to race across the bed when you turn off the light.

Mostly C’s: Be even more “helpful”

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Your kitty wants to be the center of attention and is always ready to jump in and “help.” This kitty looks forward to a year of more opportunities to lend a paw and keep herself entertained. Providing your “helpful” one with fun alternatives to sitting in the middle of your project is a great way to stay on task and allow your cat to believe he’s helping, or at least redirect him. Wrapping gifts is an activity that’s a serious cat magnet. Provide a gift bag or box just for kitty so he can “assist” in the process, and you can redirect him out of your gift-wrapping road.

Mostly D’s: Eat more treats

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Your cat has a one-track mind that dead-ends at the bag of cat treats. Her goal, like every year, is to find new and interesting (as well as time-proven) methods to securing more of these tasty tidbits.

Cat treats are just that: treats. Although most cats would eat a pile of them at any given opportunity, it doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice. You can still offer your cat the occasional treat, but try tossing it across the room so she has to run a bit to grab it, or buy/make a treat puzzle to give her a challenge. Perhaps your kitty’s revised resolution will be to solve the treat puzzle!

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